Naija we hail oooo Una no dey fail oooo even when the country they wail lli oooo

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

E. It works, just copy and paste! I am waiting.

Everything in life is detail. I hope you read very carefully, because it's from the heart, I'm going to say that something very good happened soon. I received the message below, and when I was starting to resend it I received great news. I hope it works out for you too!

Psalm 100: 4 God has seen your struggles. God says they're coming to an end. A blessing is coming toward you, if you believe in God please send this message to at least 20 friends. If you refuse to remember, Jesus said: If you deny me among men, I will deny you before the Father. Within four minutes you will receive good news. It works, just copy and paste! I am waiting.
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