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Friday, January 6, 2017

Government Jamb Past Question


Power differs from influence in that it is

A. persuasive while influence is directive

B. coercive while influence is harmful

C. coercive while influence is persuasive

D. arrogant while influence is corruptive


The standing committee of a legislature is one

A. whose member stand while delibrating

B. that has statutory responsibities

C. that perform adhoc functions

D. that has legislators as members.


Where the constitution is supreme,unconstitutional acts of the executive and the the legislature can be checked by the courts through

A. recall

B. judicial review

C. vote of no confidence

D. impeachment.


The central decision-making organ of a confederation is made up of

A. technocrats appointed by the units

B. politicians elected from the confederal constituencies

C. politicians nominated by the government of member states

D. representatives of pressure groups.


Which of the following is true of a parliamentary system of government?

A. clear seperation of government organs.

B. strict operation of bicameral legislature.

C. removal of government by impeachment.

D. adherence to majority rule.

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