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Friday, January 20, 2017

School Security Alert

Copied. Fellow collegues


We have had 3 Incidences of children being kidnapped in our schools
A) Chibok Girls
B) Babington Macauley Students in Ikorodu
C) Turkish International schl

The rate of kidnapping has reached an alarming proportion and we need to be extremely careful.
1) Oil bunkering has been blocked for the boys
2) Unemployment is on the increase.
3) Corruption is getting worse within the politician.
4) Boko Haram we hear have spread to various parts of the country.

There is high recession in the country
An hungry man they say is an angry man

More and more terrible things will be happening as these kidnapers need money to survive and buy ammunitions

Do not let us deceive ourselves there will be more kidnapping than before just for ransome

Our schools need to tighten our security 24 hours
*Our School Gates need to be locked throughout the schl hours.
*All Visitors should be vetted before allowed into the premises.
*Visitors must not be allowed into the premises when the children are on the playground.
* Visitors must no longer be allowed to go into our classroom when classes are in session especially if they are not known to us properly
* It is advisable that CCTV should be a must in our schls.
* Our buses must have trackers
* We should get full information and full sized photographs of bus Attendance and drivers with their refereees
* We must be vigilant of strange cars that are usually parked within our schl premises.
* Well dressed ladies can also be kidnappers.
*Teachers and Members of staff who have suspected funny behaviours
must be immedietely dismissed.

Don't be the next victim as the kidnappers are targeting schls for the rich especially those with boarding house

Pls pass this information to all school owners you know. I have done mine
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