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Thursday, January 12, 2017

The WH Words

The WH Words are mostly used to ask questions. 

Who: Who is used to ask questions that are referring to people. 
Who is your father? 
Who hors there ? 
Who has not come? 

What : This is used to ask question when we want to know the details about the subject matter that we have been given. Examples are 
What is your name ? 
What is going on there ? 
What is a noun ? 

Where : Where is used to ask question that pertain to location or has to do with whereabout. 
Where are you going ? 
Where is the love ? Where have you been ? 

Why : it is used to ask questions about the purpose of an action that is done 
Why have you done that ? 
Why do you behave the way you do ? 
Why ask why ? 

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