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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Teachers Mentoring Class



So many times I have met teachers who claim to have worked in a school or in schools with great brands,  but I tend to wonder if really they've been there. 

As it happened to you too?  Wondering why? The test of your loyalty and teachable spirit is seen when you leave a place of mentoring and coaching, time and situation shows it up if you were loyal or just full of eye service.

I love the story of Prophet Elijah and Elisha,  the heart of that young was in deed for service.

While working in a place if all you care about is making little penny for survival and you join the group of "man must eat " your enthusiasm to learn and grow is affected and you end up with working there but never becoming what the world will admire.

I pity such teachers when they are taken by another school who feels they will be able to deliver because they have worked in a school with a  strong brand.

Grow on the job,  honor your superiors,  walk in the spirit,  yes even in the secular world they call my Holy Spirit the unseen force funny,  but I understand they are guiding against abuse of grace.

Don't just be there let the culture of the system affects you.  Be detailed,  follow  instructions,  obey leading of your leader who is indirectly mentoring you for greater success.

Don't jump out immaturely of a place where you are still learning. Allow grace work through you.

Research when your lesson plan ask you to. Humility is needful for your growth.

You can only give who you are,  you don't really need to beg people,  if you offer solutions and your results can not be denied you will be given the job.

Coach Enitan loves you.

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