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Be Example of How You Want People To Treat You

*Be the Example of how you want people to treat you*

Sometimes ago, I'd a heated disagreement with my neighbor.

He placed his Generator just at the back of my window. There were a lot of smokes getting in and the sound won't just let my baby sleep.

So I approached him. I told him about the hazardous smoke that comes in and that it's possible to find another suitable place just nearby would be okay. He got angry. His wife flared up. I was surprised to his lack of not being able to reason with what I was saying. He insisted on not moving his Gen.

It wasn't convenient each time they put it on.

"You're not considerate. You're not a good person" I told him.

Those words were too much, but I was angry too.

I rang the Landlord. I informed him.
He doesn't stay around. He promised to call him.

Two weeks on, nothing changed. I felt very unhappy. I would always close my window even if the weather is hot. My baby sweats a lot. Then I had no Gen. Nepa wasn't helping too.
So we kept managing.

One Night, it was on Friday. Very late. I perceived an unpleasant smell coming towards my room shortly after the PHCN restored light, so I got out. I traced it.

I realized it was coming from my neighbor's apartment. The one next to mine that we both had a disagreement.

I stood for a minute or thereabout.

"This people are not friendly; let me go back. I said inaudibly.

I returned back. Of course why should I even be surprised that they could allow such an offensive smell come out of their space.

" Dirty people!"

I locked my window.

But the smell persisted even more.

I got worried. I approached their doorstep and knocked with my index finger.

Such one you do so that no one will accuse you of wanting to break down their door.

No reply.
I hit harder and harder. No reply still.

I went straight to the window of their room to whipt through.

No one was home.

I saw a little flame. A plugged Iron faced to the mattress.

I quickly ran to the central switch and put off the light.

I alert another tenant. We have just four apartment. We broke in.

In there was my neighbor's two kids and one of their young relative staying with them all asleep.

We took them out. We subdued the fire. It has just started. But there were smokes in the room already.

At a time, we all collected each other's phone number after one of the tenant's meeting.

I rang my neighbor. No response. And again, still no response. And again, "switched off"

Apparently, he didn't want to speak with me.

The kids said they'd gone to church, which I guessed to be vigil.

I accommodated those kids and the young girl.

Very early next day, He and his wife returned only to find their apartment opened and messy.

He asked one of the neighbors who told him what happened.

He knocked on my door. I opened.
He hugged me.
"E se Daddy Desire!" Meaning Thank you!
And the wife was full of thanks.

That was how he looked for afar away open place to put his generator and he didn't only do that, he asked if I don't mind connecting with him.

Because I have a clear mind after what'd happen, I said "okay"
He gladly gave us light.

And afterwards, there was a time I traveled to Abuja, and my wife wasn't feeling okay. He took her to the hospital and took care of the bills. I was only told after she returned back.
I asked my wife how much the bill was...

I met with him. I made it known that I am very grateful. I offered him the cash. He refused it.

"You are a good man sir. Thank you. ``

In life,
We need to be the example of how we want others to live and should live.
We need to show what we expect back from them.

A lot don't see life the way you see it. The world is so unfriendly and also, people who live in it. But when you have your chance to prove that you are not one of them, Prove it. Because the chance will always come.

Regardless of whatsoever might have happened. Don't take it to the heart.
Put it in your hand. Why?! Because Soon it will slip off and you will forget. That way you won't pay evil with evil.

Try not to hold grudges that will make you not to be merciful so as to help your enemies; when you are the only one who is in the position to.

Yes! They're people who just find joy to frustrate you but don't do likewise.

Nevertheless, be careful not to play Mr righteous because you may greatly regret it. Don't create the chance to prove yourself. Wait for chance.

The chance will come.
They will need your help either directly or indirectly.


Make sure you pay evil with good.

Then you will ascend the plane of human existence.
You will be revered and honored.


An opportunity is a situation in which it is possible for you to do something that you want to do.
A time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.
Exploitable set of circumstances with uncertain outcome, requiring commitment of resources and involving exposure to risk.
Opportunity is everywhere but we miss the chance because we are not sensitive to those opportunities.

Your Time is Precious


```Don't waste your time and energy on the things or people that bring you negativity. 

There are too many positive things out here in the world to experience and very little time to see it all. 

The clock ticks the same for everyone and plays no favoritism. You can't rewind it back and you certainly can't stop it! It's on you! 

Time is your investment. Don't misspend it. Believe the Champion in You. 

What is Leadership

Leadership is simply about influence. Positive willfully influence that is not subjected to frustration, victimization or fear.


Leadership is the act of inspiring subordinates to perform and engage in achieving a goal. It involves establishining  a clear vision, sharing the vision with others, so that they can follow willingly, providing the information, knowledge and methods to realize the vision and coordinating and balancing the conflicting interests of all members and stakeholders.


Bread for the Brethren



1. Reduce Food.
2. Reduce Sleep.
3. Reduce Talks.
4. Reduce Movies.
5. Reduce Sugar.

1. Remove Grudges.
2. Remove Show (Self display).
3. Remove Lust.
4. Remove Darkness.
5. Remove Distractions.

1. Be more Holy.
2. Be more Happy.
3. Be more Honest.
4. Be more Thankful.
5. Be more Simple.

1. Increase Praying.
2. Increase Study (WORD).
3. Increase Exercise.
4. Increase Fasting.
5. Increase Giving.

1. Be Discipline.
2. Be Sober.
3. Be Humble.
4. Be Timely.
5. Be Faithful.
6. Be Positive.
7. Be Ready.
8. Be Sensitive.
9. Be Anointed.
10. Be Peaceful.

1. Always Smile.
2. Always Retreat.
3. Always Remember.
4. Always Practice.
5. Always Learn.

1. Restrict Movement.
2. Receive Counsel.
3. Engage Wisdom.
4. Resist the Devil.
5. Avoid sin.

If there is any reason to share this then do it

Happy Cultural Day

Positive Affirmatives For Pupils

Happy birthday to Akinbami Favour may the lord grant you more knowledge and understanding

Happy birthday to Akinbami Favour may the lord grant you more knowledge and understanding ijn.

As you are a year older today I pray that God Almighty will perfect and renew everything about you. 

Happy birthday 🎂 ⚽ 🍳 🍆 

Long life and prosperity 

God bless your new age 



He sat in court, holding his hand in his head and weeping quietly. Those around him looked at him in pity and those who did not know the reason for this, wondered why a grown man was weeping openly.

For Mr. James Jackson, his life had just crumbled before him like a pack of cards. 

 He who had two sons that were born on the same day, had suddenly become childless.

Two years ago, the first of the twin was brutally murdered, while he was being inducted alongside others as a medical doctor. 

Today, the court sentenced his only surviving son and child to die by the hangman's noose. 

Why? He had pulled the trigger that sent his twin brother and only sibling to his untimely grave. He murdered his own blood in cold blood. 

He had simply walked into the venue of the event, shot into the air to attract attention and walked over to where his brother was sitting.

Whilst the poor twin brother looked at him in shock and confusion, he shot him point blank in the head. The death was instant. 

After committing this heinous act, he surrendered himself to the police. Before his arraignment and throughout the trial, he never denied the offence.

 He only told a story that broke many hearts, but could not justify murder in the eyes of the law.

His brother had been the shining star of the family. Academically, he was brilliant and in the areas of sports, he was a force to reckon with. He excelled in everything he did and was the kind of child every parent prayed for. Despite these qualities, he was quiet and humble. 

The convicted brother on the other hand was an average student, who had no interest in sports. His only area of excellence was drawing and painting. He was an extrovert and a social butterfly.

It did not come as a surprise when the parents doted on the intelligent son and did all they could to make him happy. They were proud of him and flaunted his achievements at every available opportunity.

The convicted brother did not make any fuss but did what he could to please his parents. His drawing skills also earned him awards but the parents were not impressed by this.

After their secondary school education, the intelligent son went on study medicine and the second was offered fine Arts.

One day, they had gone to school as usual but the convicted son came back to pick an item he forgot at home. There was nobody in sight when he walked into the house. However, he heard voices from his father's study. The door was slightly open and he thought he should walk in and greet them. 

That thought died when he saw that his parents were discussing with the family lawyer about drafting his father's will. He stood still to eavesdrop and what he heard shattered his heart to pieces.

His father had 6 choice properties and some pieces of land in the village. His brilliant brother was to get 4, his mother was to get 1 and he was to get 1 - the smallest among the properties.
When the lawyer protested the unfair sharing formula, his father stood his ground and said the convicted brother ought to be happy with the house. He added that the house was to ensure that he had a place to lay his head while engaging in the unprofitable profession of drawings and paintings. His mother supported his father's views.

The young man walked away with one thought in mind: he was going to cause his parents unimaginable pain.

 He pretended all was well, even while planning a revenge mission that was going to affect everyone around him.  

3 years later, he got the perfect opportunity to carry out his plan. Immediately he heard that his brother had passed his final exams and was going to be inducted into the medical profession, he perfected his plan. 

He did not attend the induction exercise on the ground that he was busy. But immediately after the induction exercise and whilst closing speeches were ongoing, he walked into the hall and shot his brother in the head.

The incident took place in the presence of more than a hundred people. Thus there was no means of escape. 

In the course of trial, their mother passed away as a result of heart break and high blood pressure.

Today, he was sentenced to death and their father was left to bear the consequences of their actions.

Children are gifts from God, but they come in different packages- different personalities, behaviours, IQ level etc. 

Learn to accept them the way they are; build up their natural talent, help them acquire skills that will be of use in the future; teach them how to be better persons but never show favouritism. 

Equality, they say is equity.

You cannot sow rivalry and expect peace in your home. There may be a facade of brotherliness but one day, it will crack and the rot beneath will be exposed.

Don't turn your family to a battle field and then blame your enemies, village people or the worst culprit- the devil.

Treat your children equally and teach them to do same.

Do have a wonderful week

Soft Skills That Are Needed By Every Teacher In The Digital Age

Good day colleagues and friends. My name is Mr Bolujo and I am here to rub minds together with you in order to get better in what we do...

And what do we do as teachers....


In other words for us to do what we do better and more effectively we shall be shall be looking at soft skills that are needed by analog teachers to teacher a digital child.

Scheme of work English language Nursery 2

Weeks           Topics
1             Reading a     Recognition of letters of the Alphabet from A to Z

The need to learn and relearn

We just need to learn and relearn

Format for Lesson plan and lesson

Plan Lesson Note for primary School or basic school 
Second Week Lesson Plan Outline – Basic 6
Basic 6
First Term
Lesson Plan for First Week 2
Teacher's Basic Information


Basic Science and Technology (BST) 
Basic Science
Information Technology (Computer Studies)
Physical and Health Education
Cultural and Creative Art
English Studies 
Pre-Vocational studies (PVS)
Home Economic

Religion and National Values 
Christian Religious Studies
Civic Education
Islamic Religious Studies
Security Education
Social Studies
Basic Science (BST) 

Meaning of Drugs
Types of Drugs

Information Technology (Computer Studies)
Computer Network 

Meaning of Computer network
Types of Computer Network

Physical and Health Education 
Track Events – Long Distance Races
 800 Metres
1,500 Metres
Technique or Basic Skills

Cultural and Creative Art 
Still Life Drawing
Still Life Objects

English Studies 
Further Practice on Report Making
Reading Comprehension – A Traditional Marriage
Structure – Sentence Building
Grammar – Synonym
Writing – Guided Composition
Dictation – Teaching of New Words
Verbal Aptitude

Binary Number 

Conversion of Base 2 to Base 10
Conversion of Base 10 to Base 2
Addition and Substation of Binary Number
Multiplication of Binary Number

Quantitative Reasoning

Meaning of Agriculture

Home Economic 
Buying and Spending
How to Spend Money Wisely
Advantages of Wise Spending and Buying

Christian Religious Studies 
Paul's Conversion

The Meaning of Conversion
Paul's Proposed Mission to Damascus, Act 9:1-2
What happened to Paul's on the way, Act 9:3-9 – Christ appeared to him
The Conversion, Baptist and Mission of Paul, Act 9:10-19
Importance of Paul's Conversion

Civic Education and 
Reasons for giving National Award
Examples of Selfless Service
Outstanding National Award Recipients

Islamic Religious Studies 
Al-Qur'an – Recitation of Aayat' verse 1-10

Recitation of Arabic Text and Translation of the verses
Explanations of the verses recited

Security Education 
Social Studies 
External Influence on the Nigerian Family Life – The Influence of Working Parents on the Family

Èdè: Ọ̀rọ̀ Orúkọ – Dídá Ọ̀rọ̀ Orúkọ Mọ Nínú Gbólóhùn
Ásà – Ìwà Ọmọlúwàbí ní Ilé Yorùbá
Litireso – A lọ Pípa: Pípa a lọ apá mọ

Online Useful Resources

Dear All,
If you are In need of any book(.pdf) relating to any subject/field or topic?
Go to your browser and type:
You will get access to millions of  books you need, for free.
Unlimited downloads. 

You may browse by title or author, etc.
Currently 274376478 books are available for free and every minute, around 50 new books are added to the database.
All downloads are free😊.

Spread this message....



http://ocw.tufts.edu -Tuft University
http://ocw.upm.es -Univesidad Politechnica, Madrid
http://ocw.usu.edu/ -Utah State University
http://open.umich.edu/ -University of Michigan
http://ocw.nd.edu/ -Nore Dame University


■ About.com (www.about.com)
■ AllTheWeb (www.alltheweb.com)
■ AltaVista (www.altavista.com)
■ Ask Jeeves! (www.askjeeves.com)
■ Excite (www.excite.com)
■ HotBot (www.hotbot.com)
■ LookSmart (www.looksmart.com)
■ Lycos (www.lycos.com)
■ Open Directory (www.dmoz.org)
■ Google (www.google.com)
■ Mamma (www.mamma.com)
■ Webcrawler (www.webcrawler.com)
■ Aol (www.aol.com)
■ Dogpile (www.dogpile.com)
■ 10pht (www.10pht.com)

■ AnyWho (www.anywho.com)
■ InfoSpace (www.infospace.com)
■ Switchboard (www.switchboard.com)
■ WhitePages.com (www.whitepages.com)
■ WhoWhere (www.whowhere.lycos.com)

■ ABC News (www.abcnews.com)
■ CBS News (www.cbsnews.com)
■ CNN (www.cnn.com)
■ Fox News (www.foxnews.com)
■ MSNBC (www.msnbc.com)
■ New York Times (www.nytimes.com)
■ USA Today (www.usatoday.com)

■ CBS SportsLine (www.sportsline.com)
■ CNN/Sports Illustrated (sportsillustrated.cnn.com)
■ ESPN.com (espn.go.com)
■ FOXSports (foxsports.lycos.com)
■ NBC Sports (www.nbcsports.com)
■ The Sporting News (www.sportingnews.com)

■ healthAtoZ.com (www.healthatoz.com)
■ kidsDoctor (www.kidsdoctor.com)
■ MedExplorer (www.medexplorer.com)
■ MedicineNet (www.medicinenet.com)
■ National Library of Medicine
■ Planet Wellness (www.planetwellness.com)
■ WebMD Health (my.webmd.com)

2018 /2019 first term hair styles

Hairstyles For 1st Term 2018 /2019 Academic Year

Basic science teaching in progress.... What are energy giving foods?

Strategy for writing a killer Headline

Spelling drill fir basic 2 pupil age six (6)

1. Lamp
2. Spin 
3. Damp 
5. Camp 
7. Skin 
8. Weed 
9. Block 
10. Pond 
11. Seem 
12. Fond 
13. Bleed 
14. Chop 
15. Seed 
16. Brave 
17. Wave 
18. Just. 
19. Cave 
20. Save 

Requirement For Final Placement of Pupils Into Government Owned Public Secondary Schools

After the pupils must have sat for the placement examination that was held by Lagos state government, then the result is realesed and the head teacher of such private primary school is expected to take the result to Lagos State Primary Education Board (SUBEB) in Maryland where the pupils will be place in a secondary of either first choice or second choice or third choice as the board deem it fit...

However the following notice has been given to all private schools submitting thier pupils names for posting to junior secondary schools in Lagos state to follow the following format 

1.  The original result and photocopy. 

2. CD excel result (with three school of choice) 

3. Brown envelope (big) 

4. Photocopy of6the CD print out (2 copies) 

5. School Name boldly written at the back of the envelop with phone number 

6. This is the format to follow on the CD is as follow 

A. Name of school 

B. Led 

C. School code 

D. Academic Year in which the examination was held eg Year 2018 /2019 list of basic six (6) candidates by UBE by CAS 

E. Sn... 
     Names of candidates.. 
      1st School of choice 
      2nd school of choice 
      3rd school of choice 

F. Summary eg
       Male =  
       Female =

Nursery school suggested subjects

List of subjects that are offered in Nursery classes before the pupils move to primary section

Reading Readiness.
Number Readiness.
Elementary Science
Drawing and Painting.
Social Studies
Story telling
Physical Exercises
Bible Knowledge
Moral Instruction

Suggested List Of Subjects For SS 1 Students

Most students are always confused as to what subjects that should combine in their first year in senior secondary school which is commonly called SS1. 
Well here is a list of recommended subjects combination based on either science class, art class or commercial class. 
Key Subjects

1. English (compulsory to choose and sit for)
2. Mathematics (compulsory to choose and sit for)
3. Yoruba/Hausa/Igbo (one of these is compulsory to choose but not compulsory to sit for)
4. Biology (compulsory to choose but not compulsory to sit for)
5. Economics (compulsory to choose and sit for)

Additional Subjects For Arts
Literature in English, CRK /IRK, History, Government, Music

Additional Subjects For Science
Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Agric Science, Further Maths

Additional Subjects For Commercial
Accounts, Commerce, Government, Further Maths

Ogun State Academic Calendar for Schools for 2018/2019 Academic Year

The Main Elements Of An Ebook

The main elements of an eBook
So you've got the main content figured out. Here are the main elements of an eBook that you shoulder never fail to include.
1. Disclaimer and Copyright Page
Even though you may think you know what you're writing about, some people may interpret what you say differently, or you might even be flat out wrong. In any case, you'll want to cover your butt just in case some wacko decides to sue you for whatever reason.
Your best bet is to hire a lawyer to write something for you, because he or she will know exactly what to cover. Usually, however, it's okay just to say that the information you provide isn't guaranteed to be accurate, or that it's just your opinion and for entertainment purposes, or something like that. I'm not a lawyer, so please use your best judgement
Also, it's always a good thing to include something in regards to any third party companies, websites and people that you mention in your eBook so that you are not held responsible for any of their actions, or vice versa.
This would also be a good spot to include information about copyright and how no one can use any part of your publication without your prior consent. Again, a lawyer will know exactly what to put here, but you'll see similar copy on most other eBooks available.
2. A Preface
The preface is an introduction to the book. It's not an introduction to the core material of your book, but rather an introduction to the book itself.
Many authors, especially authors of eBooks that are sold online, ignore the preface. This is a bad move in my opinion. The preface is the perfect opportunity to talk about the intentions of your eBook, and if possible, a story or history behind it. It will help you set the tone and build excitement before people get into the main content.
3. An "About the Author" Page
Similar to the preface, the "About the Author" page is a great way to connect with your readers. It adds a nice personal touch and helps them visualize who they are learning from as they read.
Introduce yourself, talk about some of the things you enjoy in life and your qualifications for writing your eBook. The more the reader knows about you, the more they will see you as their friend, not just "the author".
In most books, you see the "About the Author" page at the end behind the back cover. I recommend placing it in front so people can learn about you right from the start.
4. Links
One of the best parts about writing an eBook is that you can insert links into your content!
If you have a website of your own, placing links within your eBook back to your site is a great way to provide additional information that your eBook may not have room for, and drive traffic back to your site as well.
If you're going to link to a third party website, make sure that it's ok with them first. Usually, people don't mind because you're giving them free traffic, but you never know - some people may get upset that you mentioned them in your eBook without permission. It's better to ask first, just in case.
Here are some ways you can utilize links in your eBook:
?Placing links within the content itself
?A collection of links in a resources section
?Footnoting your content and placing links in the footer of the page
?In the template of your eBook.
5. Helpful Tools and Exercises
It's a really smart idea to add some tools, exercises, and any other helpful things that can help your readers further experience the material in your eBook.
Additional tools will make your eBook look more professional and readers will know that it's a great all-around package that is not just reading material, but "doing" material as well.
Here is a list of a few things like this that you can include in your eBook:
?Practice questions
?Fill-in-the-Blank exercises
?Excel Spreadsheets
NINJA MARKETING TIP: If you're planning on selling your eBook, taking these tools out of the main content of your eBook, and putting them back in as "free bonuses" (with a price value) will add value to the purchase of your eBook for the customer. It works.
6. A Thank You Page
A thank you page at the end of your eBook will serve you three purposes:
• It's a great way to reconnect with your readers one last time before they finish up with your eBook. It's a simple reminder that you are the person who just provided them with the awesome content they just read.
• A thank you page is also a great place to tell your readers what to do next. They just finished your eBook, but why should that be the end of it? What should they do next? Think about taking them back to your website for more content, a place where they can go and tell others about your eBook too, or even an affiliate program! The possibilities are endless.
• Lastly, you should remind your customers that you did spend a lot of time and effort creating your eBook, and you would appreciate it if they would respect you and not share or distribute the eBook to anyone else without your permission. I'll talk more about eBook security later, but many people don't even know that they aren't supposed to share your eBook, so simply asking nicely will help decrease that occurrence. You can even be sly and put in a link to a special email-opt in form that people can use to let others know about your eBook if they wanted to.
7. Eye-Catching, Relevant Images
Supplementing your content with images and graphics will enhance your eBook in multiple ways. They will:
?Help emphasize and reinforce important points that you make
?Make reading your content more interesting and easier to consume
?Increase the professionalism of your eBook (and you as an author)
?Add value to your eBook
?Help people remember certain pieces of content within your eBook (kind of like visual bookmarks)
As you're writing or proof-reading your eBook, think about any charts, graphs, stock photography, screenshots, or even portraits that will help to enhance your eBook.
WARNING: There are a few important points about using images in your guide that I'd like to mention.
1. Don't go overboard. Images are great, but too many can be annoying and make it seem like you're just trying to fill up space.
2. Make sure the images you use are relevant. Irrelevant images detract from your content and leave people confused.
3. Lastly, be sure you're allowed to use the photos you select. I often use images from unsplash.com or pexels.com just to be sure that it's okay.

Le langage dan la classé : Classroom Language

1. Écrive................       Write
2. Levez-vous....... Stand up
3. Entre.......      Come in 
4. Sortez     ....  Go out 
5. Effacez le tableau.... Clean the board / table 
6. Sautez.... Jump 
7. Priez....... Pray 
8. Chantez.... Sing
9. Ouvres..... Open 
10. Fermez.... Close 
11. Croisez vosbraas... Fold your arms 
12.levez vos bras... Raise up your hands 
13. Écoutez.... Listen 
14. Venez.... Come 
15. Asseyez vous...... Sit down 
16. Dansez.... Dance 
17. Répondez.... Answer 
18. Applaudisez... Clap 

Main Contents of An Ebook

1. Disclaimer and Copyright Page
2. A Preface
3. An "About the Author" Page
4. Links
5. Helpful Tools and Exercises
6. A Thank You Page
7. Eye-Catching, Relevant Images

Pupils paying rapt attention during intensive teaching right from day one

Pupils paying rapt attention during intensive teaching right from day one

When a teacher is readily prepared to deliver his or her teaching for the day, there is no need of shouting ᴘᴀʏ ᴀᴛᴛᴇɴᴛɪᴏɴ because the pupils' attention is already bought... 

List of soft skills that are needed by the 21st Century Teacher

1. Responsibility : it is the state or fact of being responsible, answerable or accountable for something within one's power, control, or management. 

2. Healthy choices : These are wise choices that we must make in order to be healthy, wealthy and wise. Health is wealth they use to say. These involved the steps, actions, and strategies one puts in place to achieve an optimum life style and good health. 

3. Civic Duty : We must be responsible and wake up to our social and societal responsibilities like paying our taxes and be law abiding at all times. 

4. Community Service : This may sound odd or rather strange but we must make our communities inhabitable for us. It is what we have made out of our communities that we shall eventually get out of it. 

5. Trust : This is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone to do something. Are we teachers trusted by our students or boss. Are we approachable. Can our students confide in us. Can parents talk to us in confidence about the mental health of a child and we are not going to make a mockery of such sacred information. 

6. Self Esteem : Teacher's reward is in heaven... Hmmmmm. It's okay. Continue to deceive yourself. You better wake up to your responsibilities and impact lives with good values so that you can have your rewards and benefits here on earth and enjoy thereafter when you get to heaven. We you add values to lives then you can negotiate and make a decision on how much you want to earn and thereby increase your earning capacity..... 
Add Values to lives 

7. Develop your listening skills :  This is very crucial for every teacher in the 21st century. There is nothing like a child talks too much. Once a child has something to say then you just have to listen. You need to pay attention to the pupils in order to buy their attention. Listing skill is the ability to pay attention to and effectively interprète what other people are saying. 

8.  Fair sense of justice : A teacher needs not to be bais in his dealing or in her dealing with any student, pupil or child. A teacher needs to maintain a fair and just relation between himself or herself and the pupils. 

9. Humility : This is the quality of being humble. We most be modest and be free from arrogance and pride.... Remember that pride goes before a fall 

10. Leadership : This is the ability to command obedience or influence other people's behaviours. A teacher is not a boss but a leaders that impact knowledge by telling the pupils to do as he does which means that he or she is actively involved in the process. A teacher as a leader is the person that gives direction, guadiance, and direction. 

 11. Self Discipline : This is the will power to control one's actions, impulses, emotions, angers and desires. 

12. Honesty : Honesty is the best policy. Teachers must be honest in all their dealings with their pupils. Teachers are not expected to toy with the pupils' snacks most especially the ones in KG classes or nursery classes. Let teachers exhibit utmost integrity in dealing with pupils and their parents alike. Don't let us falsify academic records for financial gains. 

13. Problem solving skills : That is why we are teachers in the first instance. We should not frown at challenges but rather see opportunities in challenges. We must learn to sharpen our problem solving skills so that we become an asset to ourselves and organization rather than responsibilities. 

14. Tolerance :This the ability to persevere or endure the most annoying and restless and troublesome pupil in the class. It is a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions, beliefs and practices that differ from one's own. We must tolerate all children from all race tribe culture or religion. 

15. Self control : This is the ability to control oneself, in particular one's emotions and desires, especially in difficult situations 

16. Détermination : This is the very strong will power to do what is needed to be done. It is the quality of being resolute ; or that of firmness of purpose. 

17. Learning to Learn : Teachers in the 21st century must be the one that is always ready to read and read and read and learn. They must be able to learn, relearn and unlearn. 

18. Charity :  it is the practice of being benevolent, giving and sharing to aid the poor, ill, or helpless. 

19. Team work : Nobody is an island of knowledge... Teacher's must leverage on the ideas and knowledge of others to drive home whatever points that they are making in order to make learning fun and joy 

20. Digital Literacy : Yes oooooo. You as a 21st century teacher must be digitally and computer literate. You must make use of the of the social media and the internet and online resources to buttress your points and make your lesson. You must have your own blog where you keep your own personal records of events in your schools. After all you are reading this from a blog of a teacher like you.... 

Wake up!!! 

List of subjects

1. Maths
2. English 
3. French 
4. Home Economics 
5. Social Studies 
6. Agric science 
7. Civic Education 
8. Phonics 
9. Basic science 
10. Bible Knowledge 
11. Yorùbá 
12. Creative Art 
13. Quantitative Reasoning 
14. Verbal Reasoning 
15. Vocational Aptitude 
16. Computer 
17. Handwriting 
18. Spelling 

Nigerian Version Of Parenthood

Hmmmm. Nigerian parents: 
Nigerian parents are among the most wicked parents in the world. They give birth to children without adequate, proper and solid plans. They turn children to Almagiri etc.
Instead of some parents to encourage their children to go to school, learn some psychological soft skills that will help to navigate and live a life free from violence and abnormal behaviour. They will tell their children or send them to trade or hand them over to relation that will use them for sex trade or housemaid.
Wicked parents!

The education system is 6-6-4 or 6-6-5 depending on the higher degree you desire to pursue. But some wicked parents will not allow their children to patiently follow that order. They will designed their own to be 4-5-4 or 5-5-4. When the child now reach youth stage, to have patient will now become problem. He or she want to get rich now now now.
He want to drive a car year after his graduation. A car that took his father 15 years to gathered money to buy.
He wants to build house year after his graduation.
Now we have plenty yahoo plus boys in the society and parents keep shouting haaaaa God help us.
Young boys are now driving cars which is obvious that the money is either from dubious act, money rituals or yahoo plus.
 it is better for all the parents to start to adjust before it become worst than the present situation.

Government will not come to your home to train your children.

Every trained child are blessing to the home and nation at large.

Train your child to Live
Train your child to Love
Train your child to exercise patience
Train your child to be builder not destroyer
Nigeria will be great!
God bless Nigeria!!!!!!

For help or assistance or counselling, you can locate a counseling psychologist around you.

Some Parents Are Funny Shaas

Some parents are funny shaaa

The Philosophy About Too Much

1. If you speak too much, you will lie
2. If you think too much,you will be depressed 
3. If you cry too much, you will lose your sight 
4. If you love too much, you will be lost
5. If you care too much,you will be taken for granted 
6.If you play too much, You will not be taken serious often
7.If you trust too much, you will be betrayed 
8.If you work too much, You will die of stress 
9.If you eat too much, You will be obsessed 
10.If you sleep too much, You will be idle
11. If you spend too much, You will have no future
12.If you wear make up too much, You will lose your beauty 
13.If you look too much, You will lose your focus
14.If you pursue life too much, you will lose everything. 
* When you pray too much, You will have everything 
*When you are patients too much, you will have the whole world
*When you invest too much, You will have your future guaranteed 
*When you let go too much, you will have peace of mind 
*When you are careful too much, you will be saved of many evils.

Back To Schools Prayer And Advice

Back to school prayer :
You paid your children's school fees, bought uniforms, shoes, books, bags etc.... 
You will never bus their CASKETS....... Amen 

To all loving, caring and devoted parents that will be paying school fees this week.... 
Please sir and Ma.... Take it easy ooooo. 

You children need you more ALIVE than the school fees 




The admission form is free of charge.

Following are the available Faculties of Studies:

Department of Fornication and Adultery
Department of Masturbation
Department of Pornography
Department of Homosexuality
Department of Lesbianism and Gay
Department of Lusting.

Department of crazy Fashion
Department of Carnivals/Festivals
Department of Pride of Life
Department of Secular Music and Vulgar language.

Department of Occultism
Department of Idolatry
Department of Smoking
Department of Drunkenness
Department of Drug Addiction
Department of Hypocrisy
Department of Fraud/Malpractice.

Department of Hatred, Malice
Department of Anger, Wrath
Department of Murder
Department of Envy, Jealousy
Department of Witchcraft and Sorcery.

Department of Lies
Department of Slander
Department of Backbiting
Department of Gossiping
Department of Tale-bearing
Department of Dishonesty, Forgery & Faking.

Department of spiritual wickedness
Department of Powers and Principalities
Department of Witches and Witchcraft
Department of Marine-Spiritism
Department of Demonology
Department of Household Wickedness
Department of evil Oppression
Department of Obsession, Possession and Depression.

Refusal to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior

Devil Satan,

Although, you might have been offered a provisional admission into the University of Hell, an opportunity for a change of institution to life everlasting, situated in Heaven has been made available by the Saviour of mankind, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Requirements are as follow:

Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior

Believe, He came to this world purposely because of you, died vicariously for your sake to redeem you and to pay the debt you are already owing the University of Hell.

Confess your sins, all your iniquities, all your transgressions, all your shortcomings. Repent and Forsake them all.

Decide to live a holy life henceforth

Keep on looking on to Jesus, as the Author and Finisher of your Faith.

Upon graduation, Revelation 20:10-15 says
And the devil, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Hell and his graduating students would be cast into the lake of fire and brimstone...
And they shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

If you see any reason to give this posting a wide publicity so as to sensitise those who are daily applying for admission into the University of Hell that the end thereof is eternal damnation, please don't hesitate.

God bless you as you share this message.

Teachers! Please be ETHICAL

Teachers! Please be ETHICAL.
Avoid the following like SORE:
1. Tasting/ Eating Early years pupils' food
2. Asking pupils/students for money or gifts
3. Treating pupils/students as rivals
4. Being touchy/ cranky with children
5. Getting late to work. Punctuality is the soul of business
6. Not marking students' notebooks and assignments
7. Borrowing things from pupils/ students
8. Promising your pupils/students and not fulfilling such
9. Being rude to constituted authority
10. Failure to submit school records as at when due
11. Making/Receiving calls in class
12. Using foul language and labelling pupils
13. Absconding from work without proper resignation
14. Absconding with school properties and records.

More to be shared later.

Leverage - The secret of the rich and wealthy.

Good evening my fellow investors and potential investors Today' topic is
Leverage - The secret of the rich and wealthy
In thousands of years,the rich and the wealthy have been using different forms of leverages to climb to the palace of riches and wealth. Nobody brings riches or wealth from Paradise. It is the principle of sowing and reaping that is in operation in leverages.
As Robert Allen said ,without leverage ,you cannot be wealthy. Leverage is two edge sword.The right use of leverage bring riches and wealth while the wrong use of leverage bring poverty and pain.
Leverage .Interesting word. What does it mean?
The root word is lever.Archimedes, the Greek genius who lived about 200 B.C.discovered that with levers and pulleys he could move more huge objects with a small amount of force. He is said to have boasted,"Give me the place to stand,and a lever long enough and l will move the earth."
# leverage is the ability to achieve more with little.
# leverage is earning 1% from the efforts of 100 people than 100% of one's effort.Here you make your 100% faster,simpler and easier.leverage equals speed
#. Leverage is the use of help of other people to achieve greater result which you can't get alone as quick as possible.
# leverage in the financial world means controlling a large amount of wealth with a small amount of money.leverage is the power to control a lot with just a little.
"Poverty is when large efforts produce small results
Wealth is when small efforts produce large results" David George
There are nine basic kinds of leverage:
* OPK - Other people's knowledge.
* OPE- Other people's experience
* OPM- Other people's money
* OPS- Other people's success
* OPF- Other people's failures
* OPI- Other people's ideas
* OPC- Other people's contact
* OPT- Other people's time
* OPW- Other people's work
OPM is the most popular kind of leverage because it is the leverage ,where money is borrowed. This can be good debt or bad debt.It becomes good debt when you use it as the rich and wealthy do.All the types of debt is a leverage.
Robert Allen said," leverage equals speed if you want to create wealth, you need leverage .lots of. It."
To learn more about leverage. Please read these two classic books:
#. Focal Point by Brian Tracy
#. The One Minute Millionaire by Mark victor Hansen and Robert Allen.
See you at the top

Resumption Date: LASG to sanction erring schools

Resumption Date: LASG to sanction erring schools

Deputy Governor of Lagos State and the Superintendent of the Education Sector, Dr. Idiat Oluranti Adebule has reiterated the need for all schools in the State, both private and public, to comply with the School Calendar jointly agreed upon and resume on the 10th of September, 2018.

Speaking at the Education Sectoral meeting on Thursday, Adebule frowned at a situation in which some private schools open a week before or after the agreed date and warned that any school found in breach of the rules will be sanctioned appropriately.

While looking forward to welcoming students, pupils, teaching and non-teaching staff back to school for the Y2018/19 academic session, she said the adoption of a uniform calendar makes for proper planning and ensuring that pupils and students attend school for the number of days required in the term.

The Deputy Governor commended teachers for working tirelessly to prepare the children for leadership, adding that the State Government will rededicate herself to their training, welfare and reward for excellence.

She advised children in the State, whether in public or private schools to devote more time to their studies; shun all vices including internet fraud, hooliganism, rape, examination malpractice, alcoholism and drug abuse.

Adebule also promised that the government of Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode will continue to do everything possible to improve service delivery in the public schools and ensure that private schools also deliver quality services to pupils and students

Lagos state Ministry Of Education School Calendar for 2018 /2019 Academic Year. The Final Draft






TOPIC: Paul Preaches to Different People

A missionary wins souls for Jesus by traveling from place to place preaching the good news about Jesus. God wants us to preach the name of Jesus, like Paul and Barnabas did.


By the end of the lesson, the pupils should have attained the following objectives (cognitive, affective and psychomotor):
name the two major groups of people to whom Paul preached;
discuss the importance of missionary work.

The pupils are required to already have learned in basic Paul's conversion, baptism and mission.

The teacher will teach the lesson with the aid of:
A map showing St. Paul's missionary journeys;
Illustrations of a church and missionaries preaching before a congregation.


Scheme of Work
9 – Years Basic Education Curriculum
Good News Bible
Living as God's Children Book 6
All Relevant Materials






Every Sabbath he reasoned in the synagogue, trying to persuade Jews and Greeks.

When Silas and Timothy came from Macedonia, Paul devoted himself exclusively to preaching, testifying to the Jews that Jesus was the Messiah. When they opposed him and said evil things about him, he protested by shaking the dust from his clothes and saying to them, "If you are lost, you yourselves must take the blame for it! I am not responsible. From now on I will go to the Gentiles." Then Paul left the synagogue and went next door to the house of Titius Justus, a worshiper of God. Crispus, the synagogue leader, and his entire household believed in the Lord; and many of the Corinthians who heard Paul believed and were baptized.

So Paul stayed there for a year and a half, teaching the people the word of God.

When Gallio was made the Roman governor of Achaia, Jews there got together, seized Paul, and took him into court. "This man," they said, "is trying to persuade people to worship God in a way that is against the law!"

Paul was about to speak when Gallio said to the Jews, "If this were a matter of some evil crime or wrong that has been committed, it would be reasonable for me to be patient with you Jews. But since it is an argument about words and names and your own law, you yourselves must settle it. I will not be the judge of such things!" And he drove them out of the court..They all seized Sosthenes, the leader of the synagogue, and beat him in front of the court. But that did not bother Gallio a bit.

Paul stayed on with the believers in Corinth for many days, then left them and sailed off with Priscilla and Aquila for Syria. Before sailing from Cenchreae he had his head shaved because of a vow he had taken


God wants us to preach the name of Jesus, like Paul and Barnabas did.
God want us to help missionaries establish Church everywhere like Paul and Barnabas did.

To deliver the lesson, the teacher adopts the following steps:
To introduce the lesson, the teacher revises the previous lesson. Based on this, he/she asks the pupils some questions;
Mentions groups of people to whom they preached in various towns;
Pupil's Activities – Answering the question.
Discusses the importance of missionary work;
Pupil's Activities – Discussing the importance of missionary work.
Lesson summary on the board;
Pupil's Activities – Note taking.





To conclude the lesson for the week, the teacher revises the entire lesson and links it to the following week's lesson.

Pupils to:

state how Paul and Barnabas were selected by the Holy Spirit;
list four towns where Paul and Barnabas preached;
name the two major groups to whom Paul preached;
discuss the importance of missionary works.
Great Is Thy Faithfulness,








Paul's Conversion


TOPIC: Paul's Conversion
Conversion means changing one religion for another.
By the end of the lesson, the pupils should have attained the following objectives (cognitive, affective and psychomotor):
give reasons for Paul's proposed mission to Damascus;
describe what happened to Paul on the way to Damascus;
explain the importance of Paul's conversion.
The pupils are required to already have learnt in basic 6 – Paul's early life.
The teacher will teach the lesson with the aid of: Bible and relevant pictures.

Questions and answers
Scheme of Work
9 – Years Basic Education Curriculum
Living as God's Children Book 6
All Relevant Materials
Online Information
After killing Stephen, Paul and his friend killed many Christians in Jerusalem. The surviving Christians fled to places like Judea, Samaria and Damascus. In all these places, the Christians told the people about Jesus, the savior of the world. Many believed them and became Christians. Paul obtained permission to arrest the Christians in Damascus. Paul and his friends were very happy, and they made preparations for the journey to Damascus.
To get to Damascus, Paul and his friends rode on horses. As they were talking about how to arrest the Christians on their way to Damascus, something strange happened to Paul. A lightening flashed and blinded Paul on his way to Damascus.
He fell on the ground and heard a voice (of Jesus) calling his Jewish name,
"Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?.
And Paul asked,
" who are you, Lord?.
And Jesus replied,
"I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting, but rise and enter the city and you will be told what to do."
All the friends of Paul became afraid because they heard the voice but saw no one. Paul "now blind" was taken to Damascus and stayed in the house of a man called Judas.
For three days, Paul was in Damascus without eating, but praying all the time. Paul saw Jesus sending somebody to him see again, and to baptize. Jesus appeared to Ananias, one of the Christians in Damascus, He said,"For he (Paul) is a chosen instrument of mine to carry my name before the Gentiles and Kings and sons of Israel."

Jesus told him to go and help Paul regain his sight, and baptism. He laid his hand on Paul, and he regained his sight. He baptized Paul and became a Christian. He then received the Holy Spirit. He took some food and was strong again.

To deliver the lesson, the teacher adopts the following steps:
To introduce the lesson, the teacher revises the previous lesson. Based on this, he/she asks the pupils some questions;
Asks pupils if any of them had been converted from another religion to Christainity or if they had seen or heard of anybody who had been so converted;
Asks pupils if they observed any change(s) in the life of the people so converted;
Pupil's Activities – Participates by answering questions.
Pupil's Activities – Listen and take active part in the classroom discussion.
Summarize the lesson on the board.
Take note.

To conclude the lesson for the week, the teacher revises the entire lesson and links it to the following week's lesson.

Pupils to:
mention two reasons for Paul's mission to Damascus;
describe what happened to Paul on the way to Damascus;
mention at least two importance of Paul's conversion.

Our National Identity

Our National Identity


TOPIC: Our National Identity
Our National Identify our symbols, actions and behavior, behavior, languages and feelings that make use different from other countries.
By the end of the lesson, the pupils should have attained the following objectives (cognitive, affective and psychomotor): describe Nigerian's National Identity.
The pupils are required to already have learnt…
The teacher will teach the lesson with the aid of:
National flag
Coat of Arms
Recorded National, and the pledge
Tape recorder

Questions and answers 
Scheme of Work
9 – Years Basic Education Curriculum
Basic Civic Education Book 6
All Relevant Materials
Online Information

English Version

First Standard 
Arise, O compatriots
Nigeria's call obey
to serve our fatherland
with love and strength and faith.
The labour of our heroes past
shall never be in vain,
to serve with heart and might
one nation bound in freedom
Peace and unity.

Second Standard
Oh God of creation,
direct our noble cause
Guide thou our leaders right
Help our youth the truth to know
In love and honesty to grow
And living just and true
Great lofty heights attain
To build a nation where peace
And justice shall reign

Hausa Version 
Yaku 'yan Nijeriya ku farka;Ku amsa kiran Nijeriya;Domin mu taimaki ƙasarmu ta haihuwa;Don aiki ga ƙasata cikin soyayya da riƙon gaskiya;Domin gudumawar da shuwagabaninmu 'yan kishin ƙasa suka bada;kada ta zama a banza;Muyi aiki da zuciya ɗaya da girmamawa a gareta;Domin ta kasance ƙasa ɗaya mai yanci ga kowa tare da haɗin kai da zaman lafiya.

Igbo Version 
Bilie nu ndi ala anyi

Irubere oku Nigeria isi
Ije ozi ala nna anyi
Na ifunanya na ike na okwukwe,
Olu ndi dike anyi gara aga
Agaghiabu ihe efu,
Ije ozi n' obi n' ike n'okwukwe
Otu ala jikolu onu na nnwere onwe
Udo na ịdị n'otu.
Yoruba Version – first standard 
Dide eyin ara .

Wa je-pe Naijiria,
ka fife sin 'lewa
pelu okun ati 'gbagbo
Ki ise awon akoni wa
ko ma se ja sa-san,
Ka sin tokan-tara
ile tominira wa,
ti alafia so-dokan.

Second standard 
Olorun Eleda

To ipa ona wa
F'ona han asaaju
K'odo wa m'otito
K'ododo at'ife po sii
K'aye won je pipe
So won d'eni giga
K'alafia oun eto le
Joba ni 'le wa
The pledge

The Nigerian pledge is recited immediately after the national anthem: It was written by Professor (Mrs.) Felicia Adebola Adedoyin in 1976.

I pledge to Nigeria my country.
To be faithful, loyal and honest.
To serve Nigeria with all my strength.
To defend her unity, and uphold her honour and glory.
So help me God.


Yoruba Version 
Mo se ileri fun Orile-Ede mi Naijiria,
Lati je olododo, eniti o see f'okan tan
Ati olotito eniyan
Lati sin in pelu gbogbo agbara mi,
Lati sa ipa mi gbogbo fun isokan re
Ati lati gbe e ga fun iyi ati ogo re.
Ki Olorun ran mi l'owo.



National Anthem – This is our special songs that we sing as a Nation. It is divided into standard 1 and 2.
The first standard is a reminder and call to serve our country.
The second standard is our official prayer for the call to serve our country.
The pledge is what is expected our us as we serve our country.
To deliver the lesson, the teacher adopts the following steps:
To introduce the lesson, the teacher revises the previous lesson. Based on this, he/she asks the pupils some questions;
Explains what national identity stands for;
Guides pupils to examine and describe the national identity;
Pupil's Activities – Examine and describe the national identity.

To conclude the lesson for the week, the teacher revises the entire lesson and links it to the following week's lesson.
Pupils to:

describe Nigeria national identity;
mention and explain two values related to our national identity.

Words On Marbles

Dear Parents, Do Not Prevent Your Children From Going Through The Pain of Discipline

*Dear Parents, Do Not Prevent Your Children From Going Through The Pain of Discipline* 

There are things that parents do that make me wonder if they know the implications. 

In my teaching career, I've come to realize that children who are well
brought up produce better results.

What I see these days is training the *"butty"*(aje butter) way which gets me scared of what will happen in the next 10-15 years.

I see eight year olds who don't bother to lay their beds.

I see 10 year olds served by the maid or *"caring mum" on the table and they either don't pack the table or they just dump the plates in the kitchen for the maid or "caring mum" to wash.*

Drivers carry the bags of
children above 5 years and the children call them *"my driver".*

Manual clothe washing is
gradually been replaced by washing machines, yet, the maid or *"caring mum"* will be the one to do the laundry.

Children wake up and go straight to the TV and sleep late watching TV with mum & dad but mum & dad don't allow them read late.

They'll say *"go and sleep".* I see parents play game for hours on their phones, yet wonder why their children don't read and why their results are poor, despite investment in expensive schools.

I see tweenagers and teenagers who can't cook common white rice because there's maid, nanny, cook, *"caring mum"* etc.

I see children who are addicted to cheating in exams, assignments, class work and the parents aren't taking conscious steps to correct it. Instead, some will bribe teachers to make their children first, teach them during external exams or take them to *"miracle centres"* to write their exams.

I see children who talk to their parents and other adults disrespectfully and all the parents say is *"children of nowadays are outspoken".*

Your children's wardrobe is full of clothes but they don't have a single book.

You buy them lots of toys but you didn't buy them books.

I can go on and on.

See, when next you tell your child not to do house chores, study hard etc., have it at the back of your mind that what you're saying is *"don't take responsibility for your life".*

I guess parents don't know that chores and morals are almost directly proportional to academic performance.

Haven't you thought of it that when our forefathers went to farm, fetched water etc., before or after school, the world was a better place?

Haven't you thought of it that our local proverbs which have remained relevant were coined by unlettered men and women? 

A Hausa proverb says, *"Ka so naka, duniya ta 'ki shi...* *" favour your son and the world will reject him..."* (vice-versa)

A Yoruba proverb also says, *"eni anwo ki wooran"*... *"those who make news don't watch news".*

So when you're mentoring your children to be T.V. addicts, you should understand what you're grooming them to be.

*There are TWO PAINS in life and everyone must suffer one; PAIN OF DISCIPLINE or PAIN OF REGRET.*

When you're preventing your children from going through pain of discipline, just understand that you're automatically preparing them for pain of regret.

Some parents feel that their children's careers are secured because of their financial stand.

Now, let's do this analysis;
*1.* You get your children jobs.
*2.* You make them take over your company.
*3.* You set up a business for them.

*1.* If you get them jobs and they have the wrong attitude at work like being late, talking rudely to clients etc which made the company lose a big contract, will they keep them there?
*2.* They take over your company and your company lost within three months an amount that you didn't make in your first five years in business due to their lack of discipline, will you pat them on the head and say I'm proud of you child?
*3.* They run the business shabbily and there's nothing to show for it within few years.

The earlier we stop these
pampering, the better. 

You will give an account to God on them.

Train your child in the way he should go and when he is old, he won't depart from it.

*A concerned Parent.*

Have a good night rest n stay blessed.



As culled and edited from school issues with Mrs Enitan Ayoade.

Dear parent,


So glad school is starting. Many parents can't wait to be in their children's schools for the first time because they are moving to a new class or even a new school, so glad for you,congratulations.

Now these tips will help you in this session

1. Take time to ask questions about the school curriculum and culture. Don't assume you know through what your friends who introduced the school to you told you. Please take time to read the school prospectus given to you and visit the school if you need any clarification.
Be sure of what you are going into.

2. Always remember you are not in that school for social meetings, drop and pick your child. I say this because immediately you allow distractions and side talk get to you in your child's school, prejudice sets in and you won't be able to get the best of the school. It is better you relate directly with the office when in doubt.

3. Give your child's fees and other financial obligations priority,meet your obligations preferably on or by resumption.
Remember the school has bills to pay,it's a business and needs money to run
New sessions or terms are always hard work for schools sorting books, stationeries ,payments to regulators,engaging new personnel and general school renovation. Don't go there to fight that your child is not given the books or driven for school fees when you have not paid ,please show empathy to the school plight too, pay your child's school fees timely.

4. Don't fight your child's teacher. Always be polite and respectful.

5. Don't go into the classrooms at the wrong time,respect boundaries .

6. Avoid too much familiarity with your child's teacher, make the relationship purpose based, it will help you and your child.

7. Help your child with homework and projects. Be responsible enough to demand value for money.Don't do back to sender.

8. Always work on your child's look, a dirty child shows a dirty parent,it speaks volume of who you are as a parent.

9. Punctuality is important,drop and pick your child on time. Taking your child to school or picking your child late is a culture that is destructive in the future. Any man that doesn't respect time can't succeed. African time is one of the reasons for backwardness in Africa.

10. Plan good meal for your child through out the session for health reasons. Don't keep picking snacks from eateries every morning.

11. Have pencils, crayon, erasers, rulers and gum at home. Computer and printers are also recommended for the new age school assignments.

12. Feel free to always go to the school office when the need arises in a respectful and polite manner,your child is watching!

13. Let go of the awards and petty issues and relate well in your child's school. The awards are not the passport to success in real life.

14.Don't get caught up in parents gossip union,the individual academic and general welfare of your child is the main reason why your child is in the school in first place,don't get distracted.

15.Be considerate and respectful ,also being mindful of your actions when dealing with your child's teacher especially in your child's presence,that teacher is somebody's child too!

It's our prayer that the labor of love in our children will not be in vain 

And as our children go back to school ,God will keep them and continue to help them and all of us.


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List of subjects

List of subjects

1. Maths 2. English  3. French  4. Home Economics  5. Social Studies  6. Agric science  7. Civic Education  8. Phonics  9. Basic science  10...
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Dear Parents, Do Not Prevent Your Children From Going Through The Pain of Discipline

*Dear Parents, Do Not Prevent Your Children From Going Through The Pain of Discipline*  There are things that parents do that make me wonder...
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