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Know More About Your Computer

Know more about your computer.
Ctrl+A - Select All
Ctrl+B - Bold
Ctrl+C - Copy 
Ctrl+D - Fill Down
Ctrl+F - Find
Ctrl+G - Goto
Ctrl+H - Replace
Ctrl+I - Italic
Ctrl+K - Insert Hyperlink
Ctrl+N - New Workbook
Ctrl+O - Open
Ctrl+P - Print
Ctrl+R - Fill Right
Ctrl+S - Save
Ctrl+U - Underline
Ctrl+V - Paste
Ctrl W - Close
Ctrl+X - Cut
Ctrl+Y - Repeat
Ctrl+Z - Undo
F1 - Help
F2 - Edit
F3 - Paste Name
F4 - Repeat last action
F4 - While typing a formula, switch between absolute/relative refs
F5 - Goto
F6 - Next Pane
F7 - Spell check
F8 - Extend mode
F9 - Recalculate all workbooks
F10 - Activate Menu bar
F11 - New Chart
F12 - Save As
Ctrl+: - Insert Current Time
Ctrl+; - Insert Current Date
Ctrl+" - Copy Value from Cell Above
Ctrl+' - Copy Formula from Cell Above
Shift - Hold down shift for additional functions in Excel's menu
Shift+F1 - What's This?
Shift+F2 - Edit cell comment
Shift+F3 - Paste function into formula
Shift+F4 - Find Next
Shift+F5 - Find
Shift+F6 - Previous Pane
Shift+F8 - Add to selection
Shift+F9 - Calculate active worksheet
Shift+F10 - Display shortcut menu
Shift+F11 - New worksheet
Ctrl+F3 - Define name
Ctrl+F4 - Close
Ctrl+F5 - XL, Restore window size
Ctrl+F6 - Next workbook window
Shift+Ctrl+F6 - Previous workbook window
Ctrl+F7 - Move window
Ctrl+F8 - Resize window
Ctrl+F9 - Minimize workbook
Ctrl+F10 - Maximize or restore window
Ctrl+F11 - Inset 4.0 Macro sheet
Ctrl+F1 - File Open
Alt+F1 - Insert Chart
Alt+F2 - Save As
Alt+F4 - Exit
Alt+Down arrow - Display AutoComplete list
Alt+' - Format Style dialog box
Ctrl+Shift+~ - General format
Ctrl+Shift+! - Comma format
Ctrl+Shift+@ - Time format
Ctrl+Shift+# - Date format
Ctrl+Shift+$ - Currency format
Ctrl+Shift+% - Percent format
Ctrl+Shift+^ - Exponential format
Ctrl+Shift+& - Place outline border around selected cells
Ctrl+Shift+_ - Remove outline border
Ctrl+Shift+* - Select current region
Ctrl++ - Insert
Ctrl+- - Delete
Ctrl+1 - Format cells dialog box
Ctrl+2 - Bold
Ctrl+3 - Italic
Ctrl+4 - Underline
Ctrl+5 - Strikethrough
Ctrl+6 - Show/Hide objects
Ctrl+7 - Show/Hide Standard toolbar
Ctrl+8 - Toggle Outline symbols
Ctrl+9 - Hide rows
Ctrl+0 - Hide columns
Ctrl+Shift+( - Unhide rows
Ctrl+Shift+) - Unhide columns
Alt or F10 - Activate the menu
Ctrl+Tab - In toolbar: next toolbar
Shift+Ctrl+Tab - In toolbar: previous toolbar
Ctrl+Tab - In a workbook: activate next workbook 
Shift+Ctrl+Tab - In a workbook: activate previous workbook
Tab - Next tool
Shift+Tab - Previous tool
Enter - Do the command
Shift+Ctrl+F - Font Drop down List
Shift+Ctrl+F+F - Font tab of Format Cell Dialog box
Shift+Ctrl+P - Point size Drop down List
Ctrl + E - Align center
Ctrl + J - justify
Ctrl + L - align left
Ctrl + R - align right
Alt + Tab - switch applications
Windows + P - Project screen
Windows + E - open file explorer
Windows + D - go to desktop
Windows + M - minimize all windows
Windows + S - search

What type of person are you

*If numbers in Mathematics where given an opportunity to speak I think some where going to accuse zero and one . Because any number that is multiplied by zero gives zero. Zero will bring down numbers to nothing.There are some people in life who are like number zero, if you associate with them no matter how great your value is they will bring you down to zero. How about one. Any number multiplied by one remains unchanged nomatter how big it is. There are people or doctrines in life which are like one in that no matter how they touch your life you remain the same you don't grow, you dont improve you remain at the same level. So here is the twist, what kind of person are you? I pray that God helps us grow and be greater than 1 so that when we touch the lives of others we add value. Sometimes it's difficult to be greater than 1 because you may be tired, or afraid or angry, in that case just stop and pray, ask God to make you greater than 1 in Jesus Christ. Amen*

Asset versus Liability

*Asset vs Liability* 

One day, the son of a rich man, who was an undergraduate,
approached his father and the following discussion took place.
Son: Dad, may I speak with you?
Dad: Go ahead.
Son: Among all my classmates, I am the only one without a car. It is
Dad: What do you want me to do?
Son: I need a car. I don't want to feel odd.
Dad: Do you have a particular car in mind?
Son: Yes dad (smiling)
Dad: How much?
Son: $1600
Dad: I will give you the money on one condition.
Son: What is the condition?
Dad: You will not use the money to buy a car but invest it. If you
make enough profit from the investment, you can go ahead and buy
the car.
Son. Deal.
Then, the father gave him a cheque of $300. The son cashed the
cheque and invested him in obedience to the verbal agreement that he
had with his father.

Some months later, the father asked the son how he was faring. The
son responded that his business was improving. The father left him.

After some months again, the father asked him about his business
again and the son told him that he is making a lot of profit from the

When it was exactly a year after he gave him the money, the father
asked him to show him how far the business has gone. The son
readily agreed and the following discussion took place.

Dad: From this I can see that you have made a lot of money.
Son: Yes dad/
Dad: Do you still remember our agreement?
Son: Yes
Dad: What is it:
Son: We agreed that I should invest the money and buy the car from
the profit.
Dad: Why have you not bought the car?
Son: I don't need the car again. I want to invest more.
Dad:Good. You have learnt the lessons that I wanted to teach you.
You didn't really need the car, you just wanted to feel among. That
would have placed extra financial obligations on you. It wasn't an
asset then but a liability. Two, it is very important for you to invest in
your future before living like a king.
Son: Thanks dad
Then the father gave him the keys of the latest model of that car.

1. Always invest first before you start living the way you want.
2. What you see as a need now may become a want if you can take a
little time to get over your feelings.
3. Try to be able to distinguish between an asset and a liability so that
what you see as an asset today will not become a liability to you

The difference between the rich and the poor is that the rich look for assets while the poor look for liabilities..... .
Identify yourself
Build yourself
Be yourself...

*Good evening house*

Salary Palavar In Nigeria



Daughter:- Ekule bami, how is everybody in the village ?

Father:- Welcome my daughter, everybody is fine in the village. How was your trip?

Daughter:- My trip was fine sir.

Father:- Who is this gentleman beside you ?

Daughter:- (Smile) Daddy, as we have discussed earlier on phone, he is my fiancée his name is Aremu.

Father: Omo mi (My Son) you're welcome. How is everything?

Fiancée: I am doing fine sir. E se pupo

Father: My daughter, I'm so lucky to have this handsome here as my in-law to be.

Daughter: Thank you baami.

Father: Your fiancée is from which town?

Daughter: (Smile) My fiancée is from Iragbiji town.

Father: Is iragbiji town under Lagos state or which state ?

Daughter: O ti oooo, iragbiji town is under Osun state.

Father: Osun what! OK, which work is he doing?

Daughter: Daddy my husband is a civil servant @ Oshogbo.

Father: (With Annoyance) Civil servant ke ? Rara ooooo. You can not marry him oooooo

Daughter: But daddy why ?

Father: (Facing the husband to be) wo Tunde abi kini oruko re. You can not marry my daughter at all!

Fiancée: Daddy, what is the matter? I love your daughter sir.

Father: wo don't even talk about love.

Fiancée: but..... but....cut in Father : don't but me your state governor is owing 9 - 10 month salary and you're
thinking of marrying my daughter. NO!

Over my **** body. Maa pa omo fun mi ( don't let my daughter die of hunger)

Daughter: (Crying & Weeping) no daddy noooooo.

Father: Wo Iwo ntie, o ti ni oko. Go and
marry from state where they don't owe
workers. Lagos state, Ogun state, Borno state etc. You can even manage Ondo state. They're only owing 6 months
Fiancee: no daddy I work in CBN Osogbo Branch..

Father: henhen sebi am just playing wt u ni to test how truly u love my daughter😆😆😆Lobatan!..............

Jss 1 Basic Science Second term examination


INSTRUCTION: Answer ALL the questions.
Organisms which are able to make their own food are said to be ___________. (a) autotrophic (b) commensal (c) heterotrophic (d) parasitic (e) saprophytic
Malaria is transmitted through the bite of ________mosquito. (a) aedes (b) female anopheles (c) female culex (d) male anopheles (e) male culex
Animals that feed on both plants and animals are called ______.(a) carnivores (b) frugivores (c) herbivores (d) omnivores (e) scavengers
Which of the following illustrates the life cycle of mosquito? (a) Adult---Larva---pupa---egg (b) egg---larva---adult (c) egg---larva---pupa---adult (d) egg---nymph---adult (e) egg---pupa---larva---adult.
Which of the following is not a natural source of water? (a) reservoir (b) river (c) spring (d) stream (e) well
Which of the following is not a member of the nuclear family? A) daughter (b) father (c) mother (d) son (e) uncle
The activities of the cell are controlled by_____. (a) Cell membranes (b) chloroplast (c) cytoplasm (d) nucleus (e) vacuole.
Which of the following is a type of movement? (a) Active movement (b) inactive movement (c) dancing movement (d) standing movement (e) docile movement.
If you fail to keep your hair clean and tidy, which of the following might result? I. Bad odor II. Bushy hair III. Lice in hair IV. Dandruff. (a) I only (b) II only (c) III only (d) IV only (e) I, II, III, and IV.
Which of the following might result from poor hygiene of the teeth? I. toothache II. Tooth decay III. Extracting of bad teeth IV. Falling out of teeth before old age. (a) II only (b) III only (c) I and II only (d) II and III only (e) I, II, III and IV
All these are characteristics of living things EXCEPT________. (a) evaporation (b) excretion (c) growth (d) irritability (e) movement
The ability of living things to respond to stimuli is described as______(a) growth (b) irritability (c) locomotion (d) reproduction (e) respiration
The following are parts of an animal cell EXCEPT________ (a) cell membrane (b) cell wall (c) cytoplasm (d) nucleus (e) vacuole
The process whereby solid changes to liquid is called_______(a) boiling (b) condensation (c) evaporation (d) freezing (e) melting
Which of the following is not a class of vitamin? (a) Vitamin B (b) Vitamin C (c) Vitamin K (d) Vitamin H (e) Vitamin D
Deficiency of Vitamin C causes ________. (a) Bone abnormality (b) shortage of red blood cells (c) scurvy (d) night blindness (e) sterility in animals.
The following are properties of a solid EXCEPT______ (a) definite shape (b) definite mass (c) definite volume (d) particles are closely packed (e) non of the above

Which of the following is a type of food?......(a) baked or boiled (b) fresh or stale (c) local or imported (d) ripe or unripe (e) big or small
The following are stages in the development of housefly EXCEPT_______ (a) adult (b) caterpillar (c) egg (d) maggot (e) pupa
Substances expand when _______energy is supplied. (a) chemical (b) heat (c) kinetic (d) light (e) sound
Which of the following classes of food is best for body building? (a) carbohydrates (b) fats (c) proteins (d) vitamins (e) water
The following factors are necessary for growth EXCEPT (a) occupation (b) disease (c) food (d) heredity (e) rest and exercise
Which of the following insects is NOT a vector of disease (a) butterfly (b) cockroach (c) housefly (d) mosquito (e) tsetse fly
Metals are malleable. This means that metals ______(a) are generally strong and hard (b) are good conductors of electricity (c) can be beaten into thin sheets (d) can be drawn into wires (e) can be painted in different colors
Which of the following is not a food item? (a) milk (b) spinach (c) rice (d) orange (e) alcohol
A disease that is inherited is called ________ (a) hereditary disease (b) a vitamin deficiency disease (c) a poverty illness (d) a hunger disease (e) kwashiorkor disease
Which of the following is a function of vitamins in the human body (a) for providing energy (b) for body building (c) for preserving health (d) none of the above (e) all of the above
Which of the following is a vaccine? (a) DPT (b) OGT (c) RTT (d) OPT (e) DTT
The primary source of the earth�s energy is the ______. (a) food (b) plants (c) sun (d) animals (e) petroleum
The path that ensures balance and continuous flow of Nitrogen from living to non living things is called ________.(a) evaporation (b) water cycle (c) carbon cycle (d) nitrogen cycle (e) condensation
Oxygen is removed from the atmosphere by ______. (a) breathing in(b) breathing out (c) photosynthesis (d) feeding by animals (e) the sun
The human activities that affect the environmental balance include_______, (a) agriculture (b) transportation (c) construction (d) growth of town (e) all of the above
Disease causing organisms can be passed from one person to another through______. I. water II. Food III. Body contact IV. Vectors. (a) IV only (b) I only (c) I and II only (d) III only (e) I, II, III, and IV.
Which of the following is a water borne disease? (a) tuberculosis (b) tetanus (c) cholera (d) malaria (e) cough
Which of the following is/are causes of drug abuse? I. search for excitement II. Curiosity III. Doing what others do IV. The desire to feel like a grown up. (a) II only (b) all of the above (c) III only (d) I and II only (e)I, II and III only.
Which of the following is not a class of drugs? (a) narcotics (b) sedatives (c) stimulants (d) tranquillizers (e) none of the above
The following are diseases caused by virus EXCEPT ________ (a) influenza (b) yellow fever (c) poliomyelitis (d) small pox (e) malaria.
Which of these is not an organ of excretion (a) kidney (b) liver (c) lungs (d) stomach (e) skin

A plant differs from an animal because a plant_________(a)respires (b) grows (c) moves (d)reproduces (e) makes its food
Which of the following statements is not true? (a) plants depend on oxygen only to make their food (b) respiration includes breathing and chemical breakdown of digested food substances to release energy (c) formation of new body materials indicates growth (d) excretory substances removed by lungs are carbon IV oxide and water vapor. (e) Excess salt and water are removed in sweat.
a. What is personal hygiene? 2mks
b. State three consequences of poor personal hygiene 3mks
c. Name three (3) classes of food and give one example of each 3mks
d. Mention two wildlife conservation centers in Nigeria 2mks

a. i. List 2 characteristics of living things 2mks
ii. State 2 differences between plant and animal cells 4mks
b. i. What is immunization? 2mks
ii. List 2 types of vaccines 2mks

a. State the full meaning of the following
AIDS 3mks
b. List 3 ways HIV/AIDS can be prevented 3mks
c. The process of sorting things into sets or groups is called _________ 2mks
d. List one example each of metals and non-metals 2mks

a. In a tabular form, state three (3) differences between metals
and non metals 6mks
b. Write two uses of both metals and non metals 4mks

a. What is gravitational pull? 2mks
b. Give 2 effects of gravitational force on objects 4mks
c. List two (2) commonly abused drug 2mks
d. What is melting point? 2mks

Relationship between teachers are just as important as relationship with students. When you feel comfortably you share openly

The need to retell Baba Ọpẹ's story

Baba Ope is a Mathematics teacher of a school situated at the heart of University of Ibadan.The name of the school is Abadina Secondary school just within the prestigious University of ibadan ,Oyo state.
In the University, there are two secondary schools- Abadina Secondary school and International secondary school. The former is for children of clerks, technicians and other people living around the University while the latter is for children of professors and senior lecturers.
Baba Ope is a conscientious Mathematics teacher who works selflessly and held free evening tutorial for students daily. Some of the children of the professor got curious and peeps into his class which was usually under a tree in front of Abadina Secondary school from time to time. Eight of the professors' children got interested in Baba Ope's Mathematics lectures and decided to join.
They joined the class and attended the lectures for two years after which they all sat for an external examination. Flabbergastingly, all the children that attended Baba Ope's tutorial came out in flying colours, passed Mathematics outstandingly and got admission into various tertiary institution of learning.
After several years, some of the students he taught under the tree, decided to pay Baba Ope a visit. When they got to his abode, they discovered he was aged. He could not even recognise them any longer. They exchanged pleasantries and memorable pounding .
They were shocked to find out that he was living a good and affluent life style even at his old age. A mansion and the latest model of car(Mercedes Benz) at his time.. They gave him a huge some of money as a token of their appreciation.
The implication of this is that, the passionate teacher will be rewarded on earth before they get to heaven and their biological children might not even have to take care of them as the destinies(learners ), they have nurtured will take good care of them.
Teachers should be passionate, zealous and conscious of their doings. The current classroom parades the future leaders , handle them the way you want to be treated after your retirement ..

Dear God, As the new school term begins, please watch over our kids, keep them safe and surround them with people who encourage them to live for you. Thank You for girl all our teachers, bless them and give them strength. Amen

Dear God, As the new school term begins, please watch over our kids, keep them safe and surround them with people who encourage them to live for you. Thank You for girl all our teachers, bless them and give them strength. Amen 

Touch the wall clock

Take better control of things that really matter to you and stop wishing

I'm not wishing anybody anything for 2018, I am tired of wishing every year:
* For HEALTH: see the doctor regularly, eat well, work out and worry less.
* For MONEY: reduce your sleep to 6 hours a day, watch less of Tv, disengage from wrong associations, increase your work time and Pray always for Divine help.
*For LOVE: be honest and sincere in your relationships.
*For HAPPINESS: follow peace with all men and love your Neighbour as thyself.
*For FINANCES: have a budget for everything you want do, reduce your borrowing anointing in 2018. Don't try to impress anybody while "depressing" yourself in the process.
Your Children School fees, your accommodation and your general lifestyle must be within your income range...
Take more responsibility for your livelihood in 2018 and it will surprise you what God can do. God bless you!


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