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Class six

Class six

 Six Past Questions CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                                                     SUBJECT: MATH...
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THIRD TERM PROMOTIONAL EXAMINATION 2019 CLASS: PRIMARY 1 SUBJECT: COMPUTER STUDY NAME: …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………...
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Quantitative Reasoning

Quantitative  Reasoning

CLASS: PRIMARY 5                                             SUBJECT: QUANTITATIVE REASONING




Answer all questions









1.)                                            (2.)                                           (3.)







4.)                                            (5.)










6.)                                                               (7.)


8.)                                                               (9.)


10.) If 7 days make a week, how many days are there in 6 weeks? _______________


11.) If a tree A is 2 times taller than a tree b and tree A is 18m tall. What is the height of tree B? ___________________________________



12.) In a recent number writing, 1 and 100 starts and ends the numbers. If you are to write numbers from 1 to 100, what number will be the first, in the middle and the last?


13.) Write out the distance between point A and point B. If point A is 55km away from point B which is located on 35km.








14.)                                                             (15.)




16.)                                                             (17.)








Operation of addition and subtraction

Samples: Addition




19.)                                    (20.)                                              (21.)







22.)                                                   (23.)           





Samples 14 Λ  5  Λ 8  =  27              20 V  3 V  7  =  10                   34 Λ 15  V  19  =  30


24.) 25  Λ  11 Λ 13  =                                (25.) 120 V                    V  35 = 60            

26.) 60  V 21 V 10  =                                 (27.) 27   Λ  32   Λ  15  =



Further addition, subtraction and multiplication







28.)                                          (29.)                                        (30.)





Class six

 Six Past Questions

CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                                                     SUBJECT: MATHEMATICS



Answer all the questions

1.)   Write 1414041 in words           (a) one billion, fourteen thousand and forty-one

(b) one billion, four hundred and fourteen thousand and forty one 

(c) one million, forty-one and four thousand and forty one


2.)   What is the place value of 9 in 19842 (a) 9 thousands (b) 19 thousands (c) 9 thousandths

3.)   What fraction of 2 minutes is 6 seconds (a) 1/6         (b) 1/10            (c) 1/20

4.)   What is the volume of the box below  (a) (b) 130 (c)

5.)   In a certain class in a certain school; the attendance for a week was 43, 40, 45, 42 and 45. What was the average attendance of the class that week (a) 41 (b) 42 (c) 43


6.)   If 3 tins of garri cost N225; what is the cost of 5 similar cost  (a) N375 (b) N350 (c) N300

7.)   From N35.05, take away N30.99  (a) N500 (b) N416 (c) N400

8.)   What is 40% of N5.00 (a) N2 (b) N200 (c) N20

9.)   Divide 63.07 by 7  (a) 9.01 (b) 9.1 (c) 8.1

10.) If the percentage of boys in basic 6 in IBBS is 30%, what percentage of the pupils are girls (a) 130% (b) 100% (c) 70%


11.) Write in figure: Five thousand, five hundred and five (a) 5005 (b) 5505 (c) 5055

12.) Multiply 25 by 99 (a) 450 (b) 2475 (c) 2599

13.) Divide 0.081 by 0.9 (a) 0.089 (b) 0.89 (c) 1.814

14.) Express ¾ as a decimal (a) 0.3 (b) 0.4 (c) 0.75

15.) The longest part of a circle is called a __________ (a) circumference (b) diameter (c) choral

16.) Express ¼ as a percentage (a) 40% (b) 25% (c) 10%

17.) Express 2618 in roman figures (a) MMDCXIX (b) MMDCXVIII (c) DCCIX

18.) Circle the one that is not a prime number 2, 3, 5, 7, 9        (a) 2 (b) 7 (c) 9

19.) What number, when it is divided by 2 will give 12 as the quotient? (a) 6 (b) 24 (c) 14

20.) Divide 7005 by 5 (a) 15 (b) 1401 (c) 141





Section B: Show all Workings

1.)   What are odd numbers

b.) Add up all the even numbers from 91 to 100

2.)   What is the place value of 9 in 1842.379

b.) Multiply the place value of 8 by the place value of 9 in 18493

3.)   Write out all factors of 32

b.) Express the prime factors of 36 in index form

4.)   Increase 600 by 50%

b.) Decrease 800 by 40%

5.)   What decimal of 20k is N1

b.) Express 200cg as a decimal of 4grammes




Subject : English Grammar

Topic : Synonyms

Reference book : Mastering English by M.O Odiaka

Behavioural Objectives : At the end of the lesson , pupils should be able to

  • define synonyms 
  • write out examples of words with their synonyms 
  • write out or say the synonyms of words that are underlined in sentences 

Content :     What is a synonym ?
                        A synonym is a word that is used to show that some words have the same meaning but different meaning . A synonym is a word that has the similar meaning to the word that is underlined in a sentence . Synonyms are words that are similar in meaning with different spellings and pronunciations .


Well known

Write out the synonyms of these words

1.       Profit

2.       Hind

3.       Active

4.       Purchase

5.       Neat

6.       Weak

7.       Stop

8.       Thin

9.       Distance

10.   New


Management Tips For Pupils

How you prepare your child now will determine his performance at the end of this term. How? Don't just buy books for him, let him read it. Don't just buy new uniform, train him to be neat with it. Don't just buy him wristwatch, teach him time management. Don't just take him to school, ask his teacher how he is performing. Don't just pay school fees, let him know that there are other children who want such opportunity but did not have it. Don't just flog him when he offended you, let him know why you flogged him and correct him in love. Don't just help him with his assignments, ensure that he understands it. Don't think all these things are enough, you need to commit him into God's hands to crown your efforts with success. Don't think studying alone will guarantee success, tell him to always commit his ways unto God. He should pray before and after studying. It's only God that can bless him with the right knowledge and understanding required.

May your efforts never be in vain. Your investment upon your children will yield positive results. May God bless you with all what you need to take good care of your children and family. Happy Resumption!





1.) Computers can be used in the office to _______ letters. (a) play (b) type (c) draw

2.) Mallam Ali uses the computer to _____ and ____ goods

(a) fight and steal (b) jump and play (c) buy and sell

3.) The keyboard is used for __________ (a) Pressing (b) Typing (c) Playing

4.) ___________ makes use of computers in the supermarket

(a) marketers (b) cashiers (c) superman

5.) A ______ is an electronic machine that can do many things. (a) computer (b) man (c) pencil

6.) We can use our computers for addition and ___________

(a) subtraction (b) jumping (c) sleeping

7.) Radio and television are examples of machine (a) True (b) False

8.) The computer system makes our work easier and _______ (a) slower (b) faster (c) dull

9.) A _________ is a pointing device. (a) keyboard (b) Mouse (c) Monitor

10.) A joystick is used to ________________________________________________

11.) The ______ looks like a typewriter. (a) Mouse (b) Fan (c) Keyboard

12.) Computers can be found in all these places except ____________

(a) banks (b) toilet (c) offices

13.) The brain of the computer is inside the _________ (a) VDU (b) UPS (c) system unit

14.) The following are parts of computer except _______________

(a) Mouse (b) Keyboard (c) Basket

15.) The monitor looks like a __________ (a) Fan (b) Television (c) DVD

16.) ________ is a machine that works like a computer (a) Ball (b) Box (c) Phone

17.) One of the following does not work like a computer. (a) Television (b) Calculator (c) Book

18.) The computer has _________ main parts (a) 3 (b) 6 (c) 4

19.) The ______ looks like a typewriter. (a) Mouse (b) Fan (c) Keyboard

20.) _____________ use computer to check patients in the hospital

(a) students (b) doctors (c) drivers

21.) A printer uses _______ to print out work. (a) paper (b) toilet roll (c) jotter

22.) A computer can be used to write ______________ to our friends (a) letter (b) food (c) water

23.) We use our computer to play games (a) True (b) False

24.) All these people uses computers except __________

(a) lawyers (b) doctors (c) animals

25.) The computer machine works with ________ (a) water (b) electricity (c) blood

26.) Computers are used to transfer money in the _____________

(a) Hospital (b) home (c) bank

27.) We can use a computer to send messages from one country to another country.

(a) True (b) False

28.) A lightpen is used for writing and ______________________

29.) Computers can be used in _____________ to teach pupils (a) bank (b) school (c) office

30.) Computer can help us to __________ and __________ pictures

(a) draw & paint (b) drink & paint (c) draw & eat

Section B

1.) Mention four places where computers are used

(a) ______________________________ (b) _______________________________

(c) ______________________________ (d) _______________________________

2.) Mention two electronic devices you know

(a) ______________________________ (b) _______________________________

3.) State four things we can use a computer to do.

(a) ______________________________ (b) _______________________________

(c) ______________________________ (d) _______________________________

Age Appropriateness and Class Placement / Appropriate TextBooks* - Major issue

Age Appropriateness and Class Placement / Appropriate TextBooks* - Major issue

This issue of Age Appropriateness and Class Placement has been taken to another level by parents. But it's the school that should stand her ground and reject parents dictations. You are the Professional who knows what is right for the children, let the parents who will not abide by standard go and educate the child by him or her self.

The Pre- school, Primary and Secondary Schools should be firm on admission and class placement. Contributions coined from CPE Facebook:

*Rhoda Odigboh*

I have been screaming about building strong foundations for lifelong learning in Nigerian children for far too long. Age and class placements as well as content appropriateness for these ages and classes have been an issue. I often say, it's not about quantity of tasks but the quality of thinking that makes the child. See, the private education sector in Nigeria is under attack or siege by individuals who came to milk the industry. They continue to see it as a cash cow not a social good. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making profits from an investment but cutting corners on a child's foundational needs is robbery. Whether we like it or not, the standards are clear and results don't lie. Here, I don't mean grades but even grades speak for themselves when we do country by country averages. The difference is clear. We need to be brutally honest with ourselves. Skipping Primary 6 and building professors of numbers and letters in the early years is a hoax. If you want to show us your skill, create a rigorous curriculum and the difference will be clear. The easiest/cheapest thing is to teach and 'beat-teach' children numbers 1 - 1 million or the Alphabet. Try teaching manipulative, creative, problem solving, critical thinking, story telling, questioning techniques etc from the foundation. You'll find these culprits wanting....empty. No one is fooling anyone. The truth is clear. Facts don't lie. Data is king.

*Joyce Asikpo*

Finland system has simply won my heart. We may not have a good educational system running in our country except we have a standard supervisory body. Who will stop at nothing to prosecute schools teaching and enrolling children wrongly into various classes. Schools who are graduating children at primary 4 & 5 and using a book ahead etc. Just yesterday again, a parent brought a 6+ child to be enrolled into Primary 4. I simply decline and she left. I felt for the child because I know another school will enrolled him. This is a serious issue in our country. *Chibuzo China Blessing* Joyce Asikpo Both some parents and some school owners are the culprits. I know a parent that wanted a school to enrol her daughter of 7 years in primary 4, claiming that her daughter is exceptionally intelligent. After testing the child, the school headteacher said no, that the child is qualified to be in primary 3. Reluctantly she accepted and her daughter joined primary 3. The child did primary 3, and primary 4, during these two years this child didn't appear within 1st - 5th position in performance. But to the greatest shock of the school, the same parent told the school that her daughter has gained admission to JSS 1. Further enquiries revealed that this same child was admitted to JSS 1 in one of the popular schools owned by one of the most popular churches in Lagos, Nigeria. The child didn't do primary 5 and 6, jumped to JSS1, a school admitted her. How they did it, what they want to achieve, I still don't understand. This story is one out of millions of such in this country. *We can't mortgage the destinies of our children and think we will have peace of mind.* *It's not possible*. *Let's apply conscience in what we do with the children's education and life.*

The Yoruba Nation

1. Who founded the Yoruba Nation?

Ans = Odùduwà was the founder of the Yoruba Nation 

2.  Who was the father of Odùduwà? 

Ans= Lamurudu was the father of Odùduwà 

3. Who was Odùduwà"s eldest son? 

Ans= Oduduwa's eldest son was Ọkànbi 

4. How many children did Ọkànbi have?

Ans= Ọkànbi had seven children 

5. How did the first town of Ilé-Ifè begin 

Ans= it began when Odùduwà and his men fled from Mecca

The Weight of your child's school bag may not be ideal for his or her age.

A Consultant Pediatrician writes:- 

As Schools  resume in several  states .
Sure you have bought a backpack for your child. Beautifully coloured with great  designs. 

Guess you have bought books also, Great !
But please do two things:-

1. Weigh your child on the bathroom scale. 

2. Weigh the backpack. 

3. Then weigh it with his/her books.
If the backpack with his/her books weigh more than 15% of his weight, 
Then you are asking for trouble.
The mathematics may be tough. 
So let's make it simple. 

Assuming your child weighs 20kg
15% of 20kg  is 3kg.
So if the backpack loaded with his/her  books weigh more than 3kg......
There is fire on the mountain.
You are requesting for backaches
Bad postures
And even spinal issues on the long term.

Way forward.....
Reduce the load

Distribute his books evenly in the pack
This helps share the weight 
Also get a backpack with a waist strap 
This reduces the pressure on his back
Now you know .......
So do the needful pls. 

May our children
excel mightily in school in Jesus name.

Happy Resumption

Complains are geniue feedbacks

Happy Resumption 

Dear life builders and moulders. 

Happy Resumption 

Hope you had enough rest during the long vacation 

Now that it is time for resumption, 

It is also a very good time to receive geniue feedbacks from your loving parents. 

Complains that may be good and some not very palatable 

But am telling you that these complains are good pointers to things that need modification, changes or attention. 

No publicity or complain is really bad as it look on the surface 

Take those complains and feedbacks in good fatih and make necessary adjustments if the need be 

Have a blissful academic resumption experience

Resumption Tips

*Resumption Tips*

As we prepare for 2019/2020 academic session, remember that and its up to us to protect our children in the little way we can despite the fact that all protection comes from GOD. Please let's consider these few tips

👏 Don't write your child's name where it can be easily seen. Remember that anyone who calls your child by name is no longer a stranger

👏Dont drop your child at the gate and zoom of. Make sure the child enters the class before you go

👏 Always call the teacher later to check if your ward is in class

👏 inform the teacher and school security if you will be coming late

👏 Make adequate alternative if you won't be opportuned to go to their school after closing.

👏 Don't put your total trust in Okada drivers and keke napep rider'

👏 If you have children below ten please ensure that their is an older adult to pick them

👏 Due to the rains, bush part will be very bushy, let them avoid these parts.
👏 Teach your child never to walk alone. 
👏Teach them not to accept ride in the scorching sun
👏 Teach them to stay in school when there is heavy rain. They are not to walk on gutters during rain, its base might be faulty,
👏 please let us endeavour to give our children food to school no matter what, they easily get carried away during break.
Make sure they carry bottle(s) of water so as not to beg for one in school. It can be disastrous.
 Finally, teach them to trust in God and pray 🙏at all times.  
I pray that Almighty God guide and protect our children. All attempt of the evil ones over their lives will be brought to shame.

Gbogbo wa la ma jere omo ooo...amin🙏🙏🙏🙏

Ayin ga eri uru di na izu umu ayin na aha jisos..Amem


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