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aking money online used to pretty much require you to have your own Web site, products to sell and some marketing savvy. But a new generation of dot-coms have arisen that will pay you for what you know and who you know without you having to be a web designer or a marketing genius.
But it's hard to tell hype from the real deal. I did a search on "make money online" and "making money online", and much of the information out there is just promoting various infoproducts, mostly about Internet marketing. I see why people sometimes ask, "Is anyone making money online besides Internet marketing experts?"
So I put together a list of business opportunities with legitimate companies that:
  • Pay cash, not just points towards rewards or a chance to win money
  • Don't require you to have your own Web domain or your own products
  • Don't involve any hard-selling
  • Aren't just promoting more Internet marketing
  • Give a good return on your time investment
In the interest of objectivity, none of the links below are affiliate links, and none of them have paid or provided any other consideration for their presence here. These are legitimate companies with business models that allow you to get paid for a wide range of activities. Help friends find better jobs.
Sites like ReferEarns, Zyoin, Who Do You Know For Dough?, Bohire and WiseStepp connect employers with prospective employees, many of whom are already employed and not actively job-hunting, via networking - the people who know these qualified candidates. Rewards for referring a candidate who gets hired range from $50 on up to several thousand dollars - not chump change. If you know a lot of job-seekers (and who doesn't these days?), this is a great way to break into the recruiting business with

How to Make Money Blogging - Monetize Your Blogs

Is there anything more natural in this world than self-expression? Express themselves is exactly what people do when they blog. After all, blogs are simply personal thoughts and expressions that are put into a digital format. This the reason why many people consider blogs as some form of online journal or diary.

What many people do not realize though is that this form of self-expression can be a great way to make money online. If you want to know how to make money blogging then read this article in its entirety because here you will discover concrete ways on how to monetize your blogs. Blogging is one of the easiest and most fun ways to make money on the Internet and it so easy to do so that even a 10-year old kid can do it.

So without further adieu, here are the blog monetizing ways for people who want to know how to make money blogging.

1. Affiliate Programs. Blogging is a very effective marketing technique and you can use blogs to market other people's products through the different affiliate programs that are available on the Internet. This is probably one of the easiest ways for you to make money online. All you need to do is drive enough traffic to your affiliate link and for sure you will be making tons of money from affiliate programs.

2. Advertising. You can also make money blogging through advertisements on your blog. One of the most popular online advertising system is Google AdSense. Signing up to Google AdSense is free and setting it up on your blog is easy. Google AdSense will also tailor fit the type of ads to put on your blog according to the theme or topics of your site.

3. Textlinks. This is one of the newest ways to earn for people who want to know how to make money blogging. The use of textlinks is also an advertising method but instead of employing actual ads that can usually clutter a site, ads are embedded through clickable words on your blog

online Survey

If you're wondering if you can really make money taking an online survey for cash, the answer is a big fat yes! How do I know, you might ask. Simple, because I've done so myself. It's easy, well it wasn't at first. I had to learn through a lot of trial and error, but I got the hang of it, and now I'm going to pass it on.
1. Never pay to take an online survey for cash. Never! No matter how much they say you can make, don't do it. If a company says you have to pay to take an online survey for cash, what you're really paying them for is the time and effort they used to put together their list of surveys. Now these are usually really good lists of some of the top paying sites online. But I'm going to give them to you for free. Yes' that's right free.
2. When you get to a site that houses multiple survey companies, make sure you sign up for each company. Reason being, most companies will only send you a survey when they need the opinion of someone that fits your demographic. So you're not likely to receive a survey from each company everyday. But if you sign up for as many companies as you can, you should receive a consistent amount of surveys weekly, ensuring that you actually make yourself some money.
3. Confirm your email address. This is where a lot of people miss it. You sign up with a company, and you wait and wait, but you never get any surveys from them, all because you never confirmed your email address. Once you fill out an application, the survey company will send you an email. You have to click the link to confirm that you have given said company permission to send surveys to your inbox. If you never grant this permission, the company cannot legally send you any emails, because they would be breaking the "can spam" laws.
It would also be a good idea to create a new email account specifically for surveys. This way they never get mixed up with your regular email.
So now your properly equipped to take an online survey for cash. Use these tips and same yourself some time and headache.

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aking money online used to pretty much require you to have your own Web site, products to sell and some marketing savvy. But a new generati...
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online Survey

online Survey

If you're wondering if you can really make money taking an online survey for cash, the answer is a big fat yes! How do I know, you m...
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