Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Naija Women Is It Forbidden To Buy A Gift For Your Hubby Or Boyfriend?

in other countries women buy  gifts for their hubbies or boyfriends as an appreciation of their love but when it comes to nigeria the nigerian woman will never buy anything for her husband or boyfriend to show their so called love for them.even little things as a necktie or socks will never be bought by a nigerian woman for her boyfriend or husband.its we naija men who spend a lot on our women just to show how much we love them an yet they dont appreciate it.we spend a lot of money buying blackberries,expensive automobiles,clothes for these naija women just to show them how much we love them and yet they are so ungrateful and on top of that very unromantic.the other day i bought a bunch of roses for my oyibo girlfriend and she was so happy and she gripped me and gave me a deep kiss.tell me wich naija woman would act like that

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