Sunday, October 30, 2011


A-Alaafia fun o.
B-Buburu kan ki yoo subu lu o.
D-Dugbedugbe ibanuje ko ni ja le o l'ori.
E-Eemo orun apadi ko ni mo ile re.
E-Ekun, ose ko ni je tire.
F-Funfun aye re ko ni dibaje.
G-Gunnungun ki ku l'ewe, wa dagba d'arugbo.
GB- Gbogbo idawole re a y'ori si rere.
H-Hausa,Yoruba,Ibo,gbogbo eya ati eniyan kaakiri agbaye ni yo koju si o se o loore.
I-Iwaju, iwaju l'opa ebiti re yo ma re si.
J-Jijade re, wiwole re, o ni k'agbako.
K-Kukuru abi giga osi ati ise ko ni je tire.
L-Loniloni wa r'aanu gba.
M-Manamana ati ara Olorun yoo tu awon ota re ka.
N-Naira, Euro, Dola, Poun,Yen,Yuan,gbogbo owo ati oro kaakiri agbaye pelu omo alalubarika ati alaafia yoo mu o l'ore, won o si fi ile re se ibugbe..
O-Ojurere ati aanu yoo ma to o leyin ni ojo aye re gbogbo.
O-Ojo ola re a dara.
P-Panpe aye o ni mu o t'omotomo.
R-Rere ni agogo aye re o ma lu nigbagbogbo.
S-Suuru pelu itelorun ninu oro at'alaafia yoo ba o kale.
S-Sugbon ati abawon aye re ti poora loni.
T-Tomotomo, t'ebitebi, t'iletile o ni d'ero eyin.
U-U ki s'awati lede Ijesha; a o ni fi o s'awati laarin awon eniyan uyi (iyi),eye, ulosiwaju(ilosiwaju), userere(iserere),ati ubukun(ibunkun).
W-Wa ri ba ti se, wa r'ona gbe gba.
Y-Yara ibunkun, ire, ati ayo ailopin loo ma gbe titi ojo aye re. Ka sun layo ooo. AMIN.
Investigations carried out on the arrest
of Yoruba comic actor, Baba Suwe (real
name Babatunde Omidina), and his
continuous incarceration by the National
Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA),
has revealed that some persons
somewhere are trying very hard to cover
up some sensitive part of the story from
But while these set of people are in a
desperate bid to cover up their
Baba Suwe himself is not helping
matters on another hand. Members of
the Association of Nigeria Theatre Arts
Practitioners, ANTAP, have also been
economical with the truth to some
extent. Even the government people –
NDLEA – sure have a lot to clarify on
their part. What is obvious in all these is
that there's more to the Cocaine saga
than many Nigerians are aware of.
Before I give you the real gist, let me do
a brief recap on how it all began: On the
evening of Wednesday, October 12,
2011, Baba Suwe arrived the
international wing of the Lagos Airport to
board a flight to Paris where he was
billed to anchor a social event. While
preparations were on for the 10pm
scheduled flight, the NDLEA scanner at
the airport gave out signs indicating that
the comic actor has suspicious
substances in his stomach. He was
immediately taken into custody and
placed under ‘indefinite’ observation.
Back to the present: Findings at the
Lagos Airport Command of the NDLEA
has revealed that the guys on duty on
the evening of Baba Suwe’s arrest didn’t
do a thorough job on the man. Rather
than take their time to do some ‘re-
check’ on the scanner’s signal, according
to sources, the guys on duty were a
hurry to score a ‘cheap point’ and show
Nigerians that they have caught
“another big fish” .
Little wonder the matter was hurriedly
liked out to the press even before the
actor was, according to an inside source,
subjected to proper interrogation. Those
who arrested him on drugs charges had
thought that "he would deliver the
babies" in less than 24 hours and
everybody would have applauded them
for a job well done. Unfortunately, that
hasn’t happened; at least not yet.
So, in a bid to keep Nigerians in the dark
on the 'true progress' of the case - and
possibly cover up for “those who might
have screwed up” - some of the
Agency’s top men are now devising
different tactics to get out of the mess if
at the expiration of the fifteen days
granted by the court there is still no
trace of Cocaine in the actors excreta.
In fact, according to inside sources, there
is a growing believe within the Agency at
the moment that Baba Suwe may not
drop any drug. While the spokesperson
and other top executive of the NDLEA
have been promoting the idea that the
comic actor only eats ones in three days
and has only excreted about three or
four times so far, the true position -
according to Baba Suwe's son, Adesola
Omidina - is that he eats at least three
times daily and has excreted over EIGHT
TIMES without any trace of Cocaine .
But an impeccable source say the NDLEA
still has 'a little hope' because Baba
Suwe did not categorically tell some of
his visitors (especially members of
ANTAP) if he had drugs in his stomach or
not. A ll he kept saying, according to the
source, is that no matter how long they
keep him in their custody he will never
excrete any Cocaine . It was such
statement that made some officials of
the Agency to allege that he is using
some kind of African Magic (Juju) to stall
the substance from coming out.
After all said, if Baba Suwe did not
excrete any Cocaine before November 1,
2011, which the court had ordered the
NDLEA to produce him - multiple sources
say he will not - then it is obvious the
Agency will have nothing tangible to say
that could stop the court from asking
them to release him... The drama
continues with Baba Suwe scoring all the
winning points

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Have spoken to tons of people, heard
people's statements and I think the
majority of Nigerians are only waiting to
get a chance to enter a position of
A guy from the grassroots get to become
a councillor and everyone expects him to
build a house and have a fleet of cars. If
he's still broke @ the end of his tenure,
people call him a mumu.
Political parties besides the PDP are also
corrupt. We are not measuring levels of
corruption or how much they steal
versus the work they do, but the very
fact is that the majority of opposition
parties are not democratized and are still
involved in corrupt practices.
So what's the way forward?
Fighting corruption has to involve
changing the way we think as a people
GOD IS LOVE.......I shall never be apart from Him.
GOD IS LOVE.......I shall never stop loving him.
GOD IS LOVE.......I shall never be in darkness.
GOD IS LOVE.......I shall never be afraid.
GOD IS LOVE.......I shall never hunger.
GOD IS LOVE.......I shall never thirst.
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you (Luke 6:27-28)
Anyone can give up, it's the easiest thing ever. But to hold it together when everyone else thinks you'd fall apart is true strength.

Monday, October 3, 2011