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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Advice to all ladies!
The Football Club a guy supports determines his attitude towards relationships.
He loves young & cheap girls, freaks out as the girl's taste gets higher. He's afraid of incurring expenses.
He has no real emotions or love though he buys d best of things for you & takes you to good places.
Manchester United:
Marriage is all he wants, no Cinemas, no Shoprite, no KFC! He wants a wife material at no extra cost.
Man City
He's the richest Yahoo guy in town. Hope u get to date him because,though he's younger, he has d cash!
He has no swag, he only has record of dating pretty gals in d past & that's what he keeps telling u.
A short guy with swag, may do anything especially if u re a tall lady!
He has no money for now. He's hard working, if only u may endure.

Lol! Do not say I did not warn you

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