Sunday, December 18, 2011

I received this BB message today and it
blessed me.
So I thought I should share it with you.
To Start your day Motivated:
When you wake up every morning, still
lying in bed, spend some "me time"
reminding yourself about some of the
secrets of success in life, right there in
your bedroom.
Learn from:
The Air conditioner - To Remain Cool
The Window - To be Aware of & See the
World the way it is
The Clock - Treat Each Moment as Precious
The Calender - To be Up to Date
The Carpet - To Kneel down & Pray
The Roof - To Set your Goals & Aim High
The Door - To Push Hard for your Goals
The Mirror - To Reflect before you Act
Your Head - To Think Positive
Your Eyes - To Stay Focused
Your Nose - To Be Intuitive
Your Face - To Smile
Your Mouth - To Speak Positively
Your Heart - To Believe & Love
Your Hand - To Touch, Give & Serve
Your Feet - To Go for your Goals.
Still Looking into the Mirror, into your
Eyes; Say this to yourself 7 Times....
"I Love, Honour, Respect, & Accept Myself
JUST the way I am"
Have a great day.

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