In Nigeria when subsidy is removed on petroleum, people protest & the whole country shuts down every activity & some patriots even die during the protest, but when hundreds of people are killed by sects using bombs, nobody stages protest, comments vehemently against the act or insults the president, because it didn't happen in their vicinity & none of their relatives are affected or because they are afraid to speak & get bombed too...
Where is that "Occupy Nigeria"?
Where are the Celebrities????
Where are the Opposition Parties?
Where is NLC?
Where are Nigerians?
Were they all in the blast?
Why is everyone mute now?
Is Kano State not in Nigeria?
Is this not a more serious issue/reason for all Nigerians to wear black rags & truly OCCUPY NIGERIA with peaceful protest against mass killings of innocent ones? How safe are you now where you are? Yes! you reading this status & feeling safe.
Do we have energy & strength only on subsidy removal issues? Everyone is afraid now Abi??? dem no go occupy Nigeria again?
My heart is filled with mountain of grief, Nigerians are quiet 'cos money is not involved for them to fight for.
This is disappointing! Broadcast if u feel the same, ignore if you don't.....

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