QuizCheck the items below that determine your standard of living:❒ The economy❐ Your employer❒ Thinking good thoughts❐ Your parents❐ Luck, fate, destiny❐ Big business❐ Chanting, hoping, meditating❐ The government❒ Rich people❐ Your productivityIf you selected the last factor, you can do something to improve your lifestyle."Products are the basis of a standard of living. They don't appear from midair. They come from work truly done." -- L. Ron HubbardThat's right. Your products determine your lifestyle.When you produce enough valuable products, you earn the standard of living you want.So What Is Your Product?What do you produce? What is the end result of your hard work? What do you get paid for?If you build houses, your product is a "house." If you publish books, your product is a "book." If you cook food, your product is "a meal."If you produce a service, such as a hotel clerk, your product is "a happy hotel guest." If you are a physician, your product is "a healthy patient." If you sing operas, your product is "an emotionally moved audience."A manager's product is "a highly-productive staff." A painter's product is a "painted house." A airplane pilot's product is "an airplane moved from one location to another."As L. Ron Hubbard writes, the work must be truly done. For example, you will not improve your lifestyle if you take the credit for someone else's work, if you live on government checks or if you are a criminal. You need to work and produce something of value.Three Factors"Factually one normally has to work fast and expertly and in high volume to bring about any acceptable standard of living for himself and his group."  -- L. Ron Hubbard