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*Nigeria's president has the highest vehicle convoy in the world.
*90% of people who are indigens of Ibadan, the capital of Oyo state have gaps between their teeth.
*Only 18 people out of 18000 who registered passed Neco and Waec in Gombe state.
*Females from Imo state Nigeria have more hair on their chest than the males.
*The cost of living in Abuja, is more expensive than the cost of living in London.
*Nigeria has the highest number of musicians in the world.
*Abuja girls are materialistic, expensive but very cheap.
*Maiduguri girls have the longest hair.
*Ibo girls are stingy and greedy and sexy.
*Fulani girls have the longest tongue & kisses like angels.
*There's a place called Sabo in every state in Nigeria.
*Gwagwalada is the hottest place in Nigeria.
*Nigeria has the highest number of police officers in Africa doing nothing.
Sometimes no matter how many relationships we'll have, no one can replace that special person we'll forever dream of ... <3
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Let's see the devil stop this one!
Here's what the wheel is all about.
When you receive this, say a prayer
for the person that sent it to you.
This is so powerful! Just send this
to your friends and watch God's
answer to prayer work in your life.
Do not stop the wheel, please... Of
all the free gifts we may receive,
Prayer is the very best one. There
are no costs, but wonderful
rewards... Let's continue praying
for one another!
A Prayer:
Father, I ask you to bless my
friends and family reading this
right now. I am asking You to
minister to their spirit at this very
Where there is pain, give them
Your peace and mercy.
Where there is self doubting,
release a renewed confidence in
Your ability to work through them.
Where there is tiredness, or
exhaustion, I ask You to give them
understanding, patience, and
strength as they learn submission
to Your leading.
Where there is spiritual stagnation,
I ask You to renew them by
revealing Your nearness, and by
drawing them into greater intimacy
with You.
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Y'ello! Please note that your MTN BlackBerry BBC service will be renewed on Thu 01:22 PM, 23 Feb 2012 and N1500.0 will be deducted from your account.Ignore this message to renew, or text NO to 21600 to cancel the service. Thank you!
If ў☺ΰ ask ў☺ΰ shall receive! How often do ωε bow down before σ̲υ̲я̲ Father in Heaven αη∂ ask Him Ƒσя help? Ƒσя safety? Ƒσя guidance? Good ♍ơяñΐϞǥ my *Ǧ☺☺ϑ* pєoplє!!!
Choose to do what is right no matter how you may feel.
Prayer frm Pastor E.A Adeboye;
Starting from today, you are moving from Glory to Glory; anything you lay your hands upon shall prosper in Jesus Name. Your dream will not die, your plans will not fail, your destiny will not be aborted, and the desires of your heart will be granted. This yr 2012, Money will know your Name and Address from now on. If u desire to claim it send it back to me & all Ur friends. Heavens have confirmed today the end of your sufferings, sorrows & pains because He that sits on the Throne has remembered u. He has taken away the hardship and given U JOY.. He will never let you down. IJN AMEN. Pls Don't feel selfish to have these blessings alone, send it to all the people you want God to bless n remember to testify when it manifests
The day U̶̲̥̅̊ fall in L♥̣̝̇√ε̲̣ wth someone.,U̶̲̥̅̊ think is †̥ђε̲̣̣̣̥ happiest day of Ūя̲̅ life., but in actual.,U̶̲̥̅̊ become †̥ђε̲̣̣̣̥ weakest person who can't live without some1.♥
The Lagos State Police Command is yet
to discover the whereabouts of one of its
officers who allegedly kidnapped a 17-
year-old girl after shooting her sister.
Corporal Emmanuel Okoye, attached to
the Ifako Police Station at Bariga,
kidnapped Patience Isabor on February
10, after he shot her elder sister,
Blessing, in the cheek and hands.
Blessing 19, is receiving attention at the
Lagos State University Teaching Hospital
(LASUTH), Ikeja, after undergoing series
of surgery to remove the bullets from
her body.
According to neighbours, Blessing and
Patience were dating Okoye. It was
gathered that the police officer had
initially been involved with Blessing, but
fell in love when he met Patience. He,
thereafter broke up with Blessing and
proposed to her younger sister.
"Corporal Emmanuel was dating Blessing
the elder sister and their relationship
had blossomed over the years but
towards the end of last year, he dumped
Blessing and started dating Patience,"
said a neighbour who did not want his
name publis…
"It's never too late to be what you might have been." Hapi wkend.
Na wa 4 U self, U sabi waka ooooooo. I hear say U and Grace comot 4 morning and U came back with Joy. U spent Ur night with Peace and woke up with Blessing discussing about the Favour waiting 4 U at the office, while Happiness and Prosperity are waiting 4 U in the car. Make U carry go cos na so dem go follow U thru out 2012 & Forever. GOD has Blessed U and it cannot be Reversed. U̶̲̥̅̊я Dreams will not die, Your Plans will not Fail, Your Destiny will not be Aborted, the Desires of your Heart will be Granted. Say a Big AMEN. Money will know U̶̲̥̅̊я name and address from now on. If you Desire to claim it send it back 2 ME and ALL your FRIENDS. THE GRACE OF GOD MAKES A MAN FUNCTION
Remember its season of love, So don't stop the fun, everybody loves one thing about u... What do u love about me? Be truthful. Broadcast dis α̲̅πϑ  wot Ųя frnds L♥√ abt U̶̲̥̅̊
1- I <3 ur smile :D
2- I <3 ur laugh=))
3- I <3 ur anger >:O
4- I <3 ur stubbornness :>
5- I <3 ur silence :x
6- I  ur jealousy X_X
7- I <3 ur courage >:/
8- I <3 ur stupidity #:-s
9- I <3 ur eyes ;;)
10- I <3 ur kindness <3<3
11- I  ur shape ({})
12- I <3 YOU <3<3,<3
13- I <3 ur sense of humor =))
14- I <3 ur lips :*
15- I  ur height =))
16- I  ur swags B
17-i <3 ur way of dressing
18-i <3 ur complexio
Good dai mai people. How are you doing. I know is gonna be a lovely day!!!
Gen. Owoye Azazi, National Security
By Ike Abonyi with agency report
Security has been beefed up around
Kabiru Abubakar Dikko, alias Kabiru
Sokoto, a Boko Haram chief suspected of
masterminding the Christmas Day
bombing of St. Theresa’s Catholic
Church, Madalla, Niger State, who was
re-arrested on Friday.
THISDAY gathered yesterday that access
has been restricted to the suspect, who
was re-arrested in Mutum-Biyu, Taraba
State, after he escaped while a team of
policemen was taking him to his Abaji
home in the Federal Capital Terri-tory for
a search to be conducted on it.
Sources said information about where he
is being detained and those guarding
him is restricted because of fear that the
suspect, who masterminded the
bombing that killed over 45 people last
Christmas, could be a target of
assassination by Boko Haram in a bid to
prevent him from revealing all he knows
about the terrorist group’s operations.
Besides, security agents are anxious
about his safety following fears that Boko
Haram sympathisers i…
5 Rules of happiness : 1. Don't Hate 2. Don't Worry 3. Give More 4. Expect Less 5. Live Simply
bold torch........Father
Torch...............Swag man
Bold4...............On point
Bold2...............hmm...can't shout
Bold3...............almost here
Curve 4...........Baba agba
Curve3.............bench warmer
Bold1...............dat 1 still dey exist
Curve2.............I must use
Javelin.............sell ur fone buy mem card
Curve1.............suffer head!!! wood dey ur hand. You know where u fall under
NDLEA moves to stop Baba Suwe’s N25m compensation
The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency has moved to stop the payment of N25m compensation awarded by a Lagos High Court in favour of the Nollywood actor, Mr. Babatunde Omidina, popularly called Baba Suwe.
Ogun govt scraps TASUED
The first University of Education in Nigeria, the Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED), Ijebu-Ode, will cease to exist henceforth, following the resolve of the Ibikunle Amosun-led government in Ogun State to scrap the institution in the best interest of the state.

The state Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology, Mr Segun Odubela, said this on Wednesday, during a press conference in Abeokuta.

He disclosed that the decision was the fallout of the report of a special ad hoc committee set up by the State Executive Council to review the report of the visitation panel to the institution.

The institution was established by the immediate past administration in the state in January, 2004.

Odubela added that all the four Information and Communication Technology polytechnics also established by the Gbenga Daniel-led government would be merged under one umbrella to be known as Ogun State Institute of Technology, Igbesa.

The three other polytechnics in Saapa…
Why do Nigerians lyk saying things twice?E.g Mago mago,Follow follow,Yanma yanma,Puff puff,Chin chin,Kuli kuli,Waka waka,Moi moi,Jedi jedi,Sharp sharp,Yori yori,Gb'omo gb'omo,Borrow borrow,Lie lie,Fear fear,Touch Touch,Talk talk,Holy holy,Jaga jaga,Scatter scatter,Poto poto,Kabu kabu,Chuku chuku,Wuru wuru,Pala pala,Push Push,Look look,Chop chop,see ur head laff laff. Kaba kaba.I know u will repost dis msg, copy copy..
NEMESIS is wen u submit ur ansa sheet wt ur expo inside...

RACISM is wen a white iPhone costs more than a black one...:|

LONG THROAT is wen u take a gal out on a sunny day nd she orders 4 a hot plate of pepper soup... *smh*

A WITCH is dat gal dat eats nkwobi, fish pepper soup, shawama, suya, kilishi, chicken n chips, burger, smirnoff, farouz. Nd wen u take her home she says "sorry I'm on my period"..

OVERSABI is wen u'r eating salad wt a gal nd she says " honey, dis food no don"...

OLODO is wen u'r in a plane wt a gal nd she says "honey I'm hot, can u pls roll down d glass"...

A HUNGRY child is dat kid dat sees u eating nd says " my mummy said I shldnt take food frm strangers"...

A STUBBORN child is dat kid dat wakes up in d middle of d nyt wen daddy nd mummy ar havn a gud tym nd says "mummy I want 2 piss"...

A CONFUSED GAL is dt gal dat moans "aaaah! Pls gently" nd wen u ask her "shld I remove it?&qu…
This Mth d Lord will seperate u from SOROW,SICKNES,EVIL ARROW, POVERTY, DEATH & CALAMITY. U shall Live to possess ur possession I J N. APY NEW MTH.