Monday, May 21, 2012

Men: Have marathon sex atleast once a week in a non-AC room so u can't sweat and reduce cholesterol and hasten your heart muscles. To protect from having incidences of prostate hyperplasia which is the onset of prostate cancer, you need to task the prostate gland to produce more testosterone hormones.
Women: have a really hot romance and wow! Sex atleast once a week to ensure continous production of ur hormones especially Oestrogen and Progesterone to prevent you from having fibroid and to ensure normal menstruation and to prevent hot flushes. Let your man suck your breasts well to prevent breast fibroadenoma leading to breast cancer. Kiss well to stimulate ur heart muscles. Women should consume the right supplements from me to keep their cells, immune system nourished with the right nutrients.
If you come up with noise about being CELIBATE, or "am waiting to get married before", you're on your own. The body system is taking flight just as this century is getting advanced. Thank you

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