Thursday, May 3, 2012


A New beginning of a new Nigeria of our dreams we have been waiting for has come. A new Nigeria where the people approve to the government operating the Nation. A Nigeria where all elected representatives are liable to many ways to the yearning of the people who voted and elected them to implement those pledges and promises made before elections with much transparency, accountability and good intention.

Nigeria is a country which is complex with several diversity of two hundred and fifty(250) ethnic groups, with four hundred(400) distinct languages. A country with one hundred and sixty- seven(167) million population that makes her the most populous and largest democracy in Africa. With the blessings God has endowed us with, in terms of abundant natural and human resources, Nigerians doesn't deserve to live in poverty, darkness, fear, stress, complexity, confusion and frustration, unemployment and underpaid. Hence, the "DANIELS" are coming together to form a formidable "chain of connection" that will spread across the land with the best practice nonviolent approaches to change our society.

To influence positively, non-narrow minded, non-tribalistic and non-religious "compatriots" that really desire and want social justice and changes for all; to rise up to reach, influence and change one another, for a New Nigeria.

I -Integrity

I pledge allegiance to Nigeria my country.
To serve her with my talents and strength.
To do and stand for what is right at all times.
To obey the rule of law.
To stand against injustice.
To stand against corruption.
To influence others to do good, beginning with my family.
To uphold the unity of Nigeria, and to respect the right of others to life, liberty and the enjoyment of their prosperity.
So help me God.

Our esteemed members are addressed as Honourables(Hon.)

Some of us are so eager to blame the Nigeria federal government for all our problems without acknowledging that "the change starts from us". We are reluctant to ask for accountability and transparency in our hamlets, local government, councils and state governments.

In furtherance, of sustainable transformational changes we must be willing to recall legislators, governors, judges, generals, police commissioners and chairpersons irrespective of party affiliations and without primordial biases of ethnicity and religion. we should be enthusiastic about putting ourselves on the line and our comforts on hold to peacefully occupy our public spaces and our governmnet structures for present and future generations.

You are welcome.

May God bless you and bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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