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thank you Jesus

Ogun Orphanage: Owner Started Sleeping Me At 10 — Victim

                                                                  Atunde and his victims
Culled from Punch
Female inmates at the Light of Hope Orphanage describe how the owner of the orphanage allegedly slept with  them repeatedly.  From the outside, the Light of Hope Orphanage in Akute area of Ogun State looks like every other orphange.
The facility which was founded in 1996 by Mr. Olatayo Atunde receives donations from multinational companies, non-governmental organisations, and other concerned members of the public. The orphanage, also has a nursery and primary school within the premises.
However, recent sexual allegations by some of the female inmates seem to have shattered the positive image the orphanage once enjoyed. It all started when two young girls from the home told their secondary school teacher that they were raped by Atunde, who runs the facility.

One of the orphans 14-year-old Atinuke (not real name) said Atunde, popularly referred to as, daddy, by the inmates, slept with her and many other girls at the orphanage.
Atinuke, who is now in custody of an NGO, Project Alert on Violence Against Women, said she lost her virginity to Atunde at the age of 10 and has lost count of the number of times he has had sex with her.
She said, “Daddy started sleeping with me when I was 10. I have two blood brothers at the orphanage who I reported to but they have not been able to do anything about it. On one occasion, when he was sleeping with me, I ran into another room but he chased me and warned me never to run away from him again.
“I also reported the matter to the orphanage administrator, Aunty Hannah, and she said she would address the matter but daddy continued to rape me. Daddy usually raped us around 2am in his room. His wife does not always sleep in his room. She sleeps at the crèche where the younger orphans are staying.”
Atunde was also alleged to have sacked one of the employees at the orphanage that dared to challenge him. Another orphan, Salewa (not real name), told SUNDAY PUNCH that she was barely 12 when Atunde started having sexual relations with her.
She said she had a sister at the orphanage who was in the university. She added that she had caught Atunde having sex with another orphan.
“Daddy has been having sex with at least 10 of us. We are mostly between the ages of 8 and 14. I reported to Aunty Hannah and when she challenged daddy, he laid a curse on me,” she said.
The PUNCH had reported that at the instance of Project Alert, the police at Zone 2 Command had begun investigations into the matter and had arrested Atunde, who was later released on bail.
Our correspondent, who visited the orphanage at No 2, Tunde Senbanjo Street, Akute, observed that the orphanage was deserted and the gate was locked. Neighbours told SUNDAY PUNCH that Atunde had relocated some orphans to different locations.
A resident, who is an employee of the orphanage said, “After Atunde’s release, he hired some trucks to move the orphans to different locations so that if the state government shuts down the orphanage, he would still be able to operate directly or through a representative.
“Atunde receives donations from banks, multinationals, churches and other members of the public and the smartest thing for him to do right now, is to relocate the children and open another orphanage in a different name if possible, he said.
“Most of the girls were relocated to another property within the area while others were taken to the Shangisha area of Lagos State. The police should not have granted him a bail.”
The Ogun State Ministry of Women Affairs said the orphanage was not properly registered.
The Director, Social Welfare Services, Olumide Sotunbo, said although Atunde claimed that the orphanage was founded in 1996, the ministry only got to know about the home last year.
Sotunbo said the institution could not be described as an orphanage because orphanages were meant for orphans, but that investigations showed that many of the children had parents.
He said, “In 2012, Atunde wrote us that he wanted to register his orphanage and in August, we gave him the requirements and told him if he could meet them in six months, we would approve the orphanage. Most times, when people come to us saying they want to register an orphanage, we try not to be too stern because if we do that, they may change location and you might not be able to contact them again.
“On March 14, 2013, we went to inspect 14 orphanages and Hope Orphanage was the only one whose records were not intact. Atunde claimed some of the orphans were brought to him by churches and some of them had lost their mothers at childbirth but they have fathers. We learnt that some of the orphans have parents that gave them to Atunde willingly for unknown reasons and he accepted them. This is not how to run an orphanage.
“We then told him to go and get a police report stating this and we gave him three weeks to do this. It was while we were waiting for this that the allegation of sexual assault came up.”
The Director, Child Development at the ministry, Salimotu Otun, said the state governor, Ibikunle Amosun, had shown interest in the case.
Director, Project Alert on Dr. Josephine Effa-Chukwuma, also said the matter would be pursued to a logical conclusion.
Effa-Chukwuma, who stated that cases of rape had increased drastically in recent times, said the two girls had suffered psychological trauma and had been receiving daily counselling.
She berated the police for the manner with which it had carried out its investigations.
“We were told that there are many other girls that have been defiled by Atunde and yet the police released him and allowed him to continue to run the place. That orphanage needs to be shut down,” she said.
Atunde could not be reached on phone for his comments as it was switched off. However, the orphanage administrator, Hannah Atunde, who is Atunde’s daughter, said the allegations were baseless. She blamed Project Alert for initiating moves that would bring woes on the home.
Hannah said the children had not been relocated and that the home still operates normally.
She said, “We were not aware of the allegation before daddy was arrested. After he was interrogated and released by the police, we tried to question the girls but Project Alert people took them away.
“We believe that it is Project Alert that is spearheading this and hopefully, the truth shall come out. The orphanage is still being run and everything is going smoothly. I don’t believe any child was raped.”
Our correspondent learnt that the girls had been taken to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital for medical examination. Result of the tests carried out showed that the vaginal hymens of the girls were no longer intact and that the victims have Pelvic Inflammatory Disease which requires urgent treatment.
Effa-Chukwuma said since it had been established that the two girls were brought to the orphanage at the age of two, the orphanage must explain how they lost their virginity.
The Police Public Relations Officer, Zone 2, Femi Balogun, confirmed that investigations were ongoing. Balogun however said it was too soon to conclude if Atunde was culpable. Asked why Atunde was released on bail, he said, “The instruction given to us is that suspects should not spend more than 24 hours in detention and that was what we did. We do not have enough evidence to charge him to court yet but investigations are ongoing.”

3 killed, 20 injured in Anambra accident today

Three people were killed and at least twenty people seriously injured today April 26th in a multiple accident involving a truck and four buses along the Enugu Onitsha Expressway in Awka, Anambra State. (Pictured above)

 The accident occurred when the truck loaded with palm kernel oil had break failure and crashed into five stationery vehicles parked at a bus park near Unizik Junction. Unfortunately, the driver of the truck and two passengers in a bus loading at the park died instantly. 20 people were seriously injured.

I have a new Yahoo! email address

Hi, I wanted to let you know that I have a brand new Yahoo! email address; Please update your address book and send me emails at this new address from now on. Thanks!
Olusegun Bolujo

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Discourage Your Children From Talking To Strangers

Discourage children from talking to, or receiving gifts from strangers, it could be bait for kidnap. Always let close family members know where you are going and when you would likely return. Always remember: Your security is your personal responsibility. In an emergency:Dial Lagos State Emergency Response 767 or Police Control Room: 08035068243, 07035068242, 08073777717, 08073777787
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How true is this. God bless without adding sorrow.

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Increase In School Fee at Babcock University

Babcock Students are protesting via the
media and not protesting in school or
complaining to their school administration.
The university just released the school fees
for next session and some students feel its
outrageous. Below is the tution fees.
1) Accounting- N1.5million
2) Nursing- N1million
3) Law- N2million
4) Medicine- N3million
5) Others- N860,000
The students are scared to protest in their
school because they could get suspended.
Babcock is a Christian University and claims to
be a non-profit organization, so students
don't understand why they have to pay such
huge amounts.

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Jonathan May Be The Last Nigerian President

Jonathan May Be The Last Nigerian President
Dr Chris Ekiyor is the former National
President of the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) and
currently the Caretaker Chairman of Patani
Local Government Council of Delta State. In
this interview, the Niger Delta activist faults
the calls for amnesty for members of the Boko
Haram sect and warns that the people of the
Niger Delta will resist any move to use the
resources from the area to fund the amnesty.
On the 2015 presidency, he says the people of
the Niger Delta are unanimous in their decision
that President Goodluck Jonathan should run
for second term asserting that any attempt to
stop him by the North will lead to the end of
Nigeria. Excerpts:
The Federal Government has announced a
committee to look into the possibilities of
granting amnesty to members of the Boko
Haram sect. As one of those who perfected
amnesty for ex-militants in the Niger
Delta, what is your view?
This is another bandwagon effect that is
tearing apart our country again. Amnesty
today is another word for quick money. I think
it is a misplaced national priority to even think
about granting amnesty to a bunch of people
who, in all their activities, have shown
criminality, have shown cold blood murder and
have no focus or issue. And it is unfortunate
to try to equate Boko Haram with the
struggles of the Niger Delta.
In the Niger Delta, a people, who were living
peacefully and having their own livelihood,
were traumatized by the Federal Government
with its activities in oil exploration. Their land
captured, their environment polluted from
1957 till date. And the people decided to say,
enough is enough, you cannot take our oil and
impoverish us. You cannot put 60 per cent of
our oil wealth in the hands of northerners and
our environment is not protected. You have to
allow us control our resources so that we can
develop our place at the pace at which we
found our resources. We are willing to pay tax
to the center as it is done every where that oil
was found'. That was what caused the Niger
Delta crisis.
The Niger Delta struggle was a purposeful and
ideology based struggle. That was the focus.
Now, between 1996 and 2003, of course, it
became an all-comers struggle. Criminals who
will go and steal on the streets will claim that
they kidnapped because of oil. Between 2003
and 2007 it went out of hand because the
military itself became a party to the process.
Dr. Chris Ekiyor
By the time the Federal Government was
offering amnesty, oil had been cut down to
700 barrels per day by the activities of the
people in the creeks. Insecurity in the region
made oil companies to foldup. Before, the
youths accepted amnesty, they sent
representatives including myself to dialogue
with the government and they were series of
meetings under the late President Yar'Adua's
Now, in accepting amnesty, the country
recovered economically to the tune of about
2.1million barrels per day and you know what
that means to the nation's coffers. So, if from
that pool, money is taken to rehabilitate
people, who so to say admitted that it is our
mother land, we will now allow government
develop the region. Taking amnesty brought
more value to the government and it is now
trying to reciprocate the gesture by training
people in the region.
'Militancy in the Niger Delta different
from Boko Haram mayhem'
But beyond the technicalities of talking about
amnesty for a group of people who are
murderers, I think that government has
misplaced its priority in terms of what it is
Dialogue with the people, yes, amnesty, no.
Amnesty is not an exit window for criminals.
These are people who have murdered over five
thousand people in cold blood. People are in
churches, they bomb the churches, killing
people who are equally victims of bad
governance like them. Again, 80 percent of
these people are not Nigerians. So, if you are
granting them amnesty, where will you take the
resources for which you are going to
reintegrate them? Is it the Niger Delta
resources, our oil money to integrate criminals
and murderers in the North? That money
should be put on infrastructures across the
country if the money is too much in the
government coffers.
'Jonathan taking bullshit'
I am particularly worried that our president,
in line with his broad nationalism, is taking too
many bullshit from too many people. He is the
most insulted president not because he has not
worked, there is no president that has done
better than Goodluck in the history of Nigeria,
but people don't seem to know because he is
not a loud speaker, he does not embarrass
'Posterity will not forgive Jonathan if he
fails to develop the Niger Delta'
President Jonathan is a broad-minded
Nigerian, he is trying to balance projects in all
the regions and, in doing that, he has
undermined his own region. So the Niger Delta
people have started clamouring why should we
not have more. But again he is the President of
Nigeria not for Niger Delta. It is now left for
the Niger Delta members in the National
Assembly to ensure that there are resources
in the appropriate ministries such as the
Ministry of the Niger Delta to develop the
region. As it is today the Ministry of Niger
Delta is not being funded and that is why the
Minister is frustrated. If you check the money
they appropriated for the Niger Delta
Ministry and that of Water Resources, you will
see the difference. I want to also say that Mr
President must not feel that if he develops the
Niger Delta he will be blamed for it. Infact if
he does not develop the Niger Delta posterity
will not forgive him.
People committed themselves in developing
Abuja because they have an agenda to develop
the North. Jonathan is not weak as people are
saying, no weak person can lead Nigeria. The
problem is that this country is held by cabals
and those people don't want the development
of the Niger Delta. So it is not Jonathan but a
lot of people around him have their own
'Jonathan must run in 2015′
We were in this country when youths were
mobilized to Abuja, 'Youth Earnestly Ask for
Abacha', during the military rule, when all the
five political parties endorsed one man. We
were in this country when Obasanjo wanted to
go for third term.
Alameseigha and others were arrested. Yes,
they may have been involved in corrupt
practices but they became victims due to their
opposition to the third term bid. People are
talking now because Jonathan is seen as a
toothless bull dog. He is seen as being weak,
but they don't know that it is in that his
weakness that he has his strength. How can you
see a president and say he should not contest
again? The choice to contest is his but if he
decides to contest, nobody can stop him
except the ballot. And if they feel he cannot
contest, then we should all be ready to pack
our luggage.
Goodluck may be the last President of Nigeria
because a lot of predictions are in line. There
is the provision in the amalgamation law which
says that, if after hundred years we cannot
co-exist, everybody can go his way. These are
signs of the end and we are happy about it
those of us from the Niger Delta.
The earlier Nigeria breaks so that we can go
and rebuild our economy and our environment
the better since Nigerians don't know that
Goodluck is a blessing and a builder. Nobody
can stop Jonathan, we have said that he must
contest and anybody who does not want to
support us, no problem. We will campaign
throughout the nook and cranny of the

Financial Freedom : How To Cut Down Your Expenses

Experts say there are certain expenditure
that ought not to have a place in your budget.
SIMON EJEMBI writes on some of them.
On a daily basis people spend money on things
ranging from feeding and transport to phone
calls. Experts say while some of the
expenditure are out of your control, several
can be reduced to save costs, while others can
be avoided altogether.
Some costs such as school fees and taxes
cannot be avoided by parents and adults, but
some others such as subscription fees or
illegal parking fines can be avoided. Financial
experts say by avoiding such expenses you can
free up money and boost your savings.
Some of the costs you should try to avoid are
discussed below.
Airline fees
Many air travelers regularly pay such fees as
excess baggage fees or even checked baggage
fees. But experts say many of them do so
needlessly. They explain that many of the
people that end up at the airport with excess
baggage do so because they failed to prepare
properly or read about baggage limits. As a
result they end up paying for items they could
have left behind had they paid more attention
to guidelines. This amounts to money that
could have been put to better use going to
'waste'. For instance, some airlines allow
passengers to carry up to 40 kilogramme of
baggage without paying and charge N500 per
kg of excess baggage. This means that if you
carry 10kg of excess baggage that would cost
you N5, 000.
To avoid such expenditure, it is advised that
you pack lightly if possible when travelling by
air. For a short trip, if it is possible, take only
carry-on baggage. And ensure that you know
the weight limitations of the airline you are
travelling with.
Power supply re-connection fee
Some people end up paying electricity re-
connection fee almost every month or every
time officials of the Power Holding Company
of Nigeria comes to disconnect subscribers
who have defaulted in paying their bills. At the
moment, the re-connection fee is N2, 000. If
you have to pay that every two months that
means in a year, you are spending N12, 000
that would have gone into paying your
electricity bill instead. So, if you are yet to
get a prepaid meter, it is advised that you
avoid this cost and instead ensure that you try
to pay your bills promptly. Even if you just
moved into a house, with a rather high
outstanding bill, you could try to work out an
arrangement with the management of the
PHCN office in your area instead of waiting
until you are disconnected as that would mean
you will have to pay N2,000 for 'nothing'.
Traffic tickets
This is one area where many car owners can
end up accruing a lot of costs. By parking
illegal, dropping people off at the wrong spots,
failing to wear your seat belts, driving without
a license or number plate, etc., you will have to
part with a huge amount of cash once you get
caught by officers and men of the Federal
Road Safety Corps or any of the traffic
management agencies state governments are
establishing now. In Lagos State, for instance,
there is the Lagos Traffic Management
Agency and for each offence you commit,
there is a fine attached. Some car owners have
paid up to N50, 000 in fines over time. For
someone trying to become financially
independent and to have a bigger savings
account, you can do without such fees.
So, whether you are in a hurry or not, do not
violate traffic laws; doing that makes you
incur costs you don't need.
While you can avoid traffic fines, it is not
possible to avoid parking fees. However,
experts advise that it is important that you
avoid paying very expensive parking fees,
especially when there are free parking spaces
around. Also, you can avoid excessive parking
fees by shopping or eating at places where
they are free parking spaces.
Bank charges
It is true that banks no longer charge you
N100 for using your automated teller machine
card on their ATM even though you do not
bank with them. But there are other charges
you could avoid. If you use your ATM card to
withdraw money frequently then you will have
to part with anything from N500 upwards
every month for SMS alerts.
If you engage in online banking and you
regularly transfer funds then you are bound to
pay more as some banks charge up to N100 or
more for each transaction.
To ensure that these fees do not affect your
savings, you need to pay more attention to
what you are being charged and to make
adjustments where necessary.
By ensuring you have a budget for every day,
you will have a clue about your cash
requirements and in the absence of
emergencies you won't find yourself looking
for and ATM many times in one day.
It is also important to have details about how
much your bank charges for its services.
Subscriptions costs
Experts advise people to regulate their
subscription costs by review them from time
to time. This, they say, is because over time
some subscriptions that where once useful to
you will become irrelevant. Consequently, it
would be unwise to keep subscribing for them.
That will amount to wastage of funds. So, if
you have subscribed for a special package
from you GSM service provider or to a
professional magazine which you no longer use,
ensure you cancel the subscription and stop
The same thing goes for cable subscription.
Experts say if you hardly spend any time at
home then you should subscribe for just a few
relevant channels instead of bearing the costs
of the entire available channels.
Late payments
When it comes to tuition or fees for seminars
and workshops, it is common to observe that a
higher amount is marked out as fees for late
registration. Similarly, when you default on
the repayment of a loan or payment for a lease
purchase, you are likely to be asked to pay
higher interest rates. Experts say the extra
charges you incur for late payments also fall
into the category of costs you should avoid. To
do that, they advise that you should try to be
more organised and to pay your bills on time.
Missed discounts
Experts say some people do not know how to
negotiate, they fail to carry out any form of
research about companies providing or selling
the product they want. Consequently, they miss
opportunities to negotiate prices or to buy
goods at discounts; once they are told the
asking price and they have the money, they
According to experts, people should strive to
avoid such purchases. They stress that buying
items at a higher price when there are being
offered at discounts amounts to financial
recklessness on the part of the buyer.
Delivery fees
With several online companies now offering
services in Nigeria and as companies intensify
their battle for customers, some of them now
offer delivery services. They tell you that you
can buy their products and have them
delivered to you, at a small price. But some of
them offer free delivery services. Those are
the ones experts say you are better off
patronizing They say that while companies give
the impression that they are only charging a
token for delivery, many of them make profits
on that as well. According to them, there is the
need for buyers to be vigilant and to opt for
free delivery instead of paying for the service.
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Good Morning My People

Throughout all generations we will render thanks unto Thee
And declare Thy praise,
Evening, morning, and noon,
For our lives which are in Thy care,
For our souls which are in Thy keeping
For thy miracles which we witness daily,
And for Thy wondrous deeds and blessings 2ward us at all times. Good morning.
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Ini Edo flaunts Her Body In Sheer Lace Top

What is your take on this ?
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Airtel Nigeria rated the Best Network Provider as NNC lifts Bans on Promos

On Monday October 8, 2012, the Nigerian
Communications Commission (NCC) announced
a blanket ban on all telecoms promos and
lotteries across networks, which affected
MTN, Globacom, Airtel and Etisalat.
After the ban, NCC stood its ground and
refused to shift its position, in spite of
several pleas from interest groups who were
insisting that the ban was against subscribers'
right to telecoms freebies and inimical to
telecoms growth.
Comparing the regulatory policies in other
African countries the group, explained that
NCC's action placed Nigeria as the first and
only country in Africa and indeed the rest of
the world to place blanket ban on telecoms
promos and lotteries.
Although NCC vehemently refused to listen to
public outcry over the ban, the commission was
however targeting a time when telecoms
operating companies must have learnt their
lessons in stabilising their networks.
Having convinced that such lessons must have
been learnt over the past six months and that
the networks were becoming relatively stable,
NCC, penultimate week, quietly lifted the ban,
but not for MTN, which the commission said,
was yet to meet up with the Key Performance
Indicators (KPIs) standards that were set by
the NCC to measure service quality across
Although telecoms subscribers were happy
with the lifting of the ban on promos, they
however warned that such amnesty must not
be extended to lotteries, which they said,
remained counterproductive to telecoms
Reasons for Excluding MTN
Director, Public Affairs for NCC, Mr. Tony
Ojobo, who confirmed the lifting of the ban,
told THISDAY that MTN was excluded from
among other operators who have NCC's nod to
run promos, because MTN was yet to meet the
commission's KPI test.
The test, according to Ojobo, was carried out
in December last year, two months after the
announcement of the ban.
In February this year, NCC slammed a fine of
N22 million on MTN, Globacom, Airtel and
Etisalat for contravening the ban on promo,
and the four GSM operators had since paid
the combined fine of N22 million. Again, NCC,
in March this year, fined MTN alone for the
same reason, but it is not certain if MTN has
paid the fine.
Why Promos, Lotteries Were Banned
While announcing the promo ban last year,
Ojobo said the decision became necessary,
following increased congestion across
networks that was traced to incessant promos
and lotteries.
The ban according to Ojobo, covered all
proposed and approved promotions and
lotteries on which the commission had given
approval further to the Memorandum of
Understanding (MOU) entered into with the
National Lottery Regulatory Commission
"This ban is with immediate effect and shall
continue to remain in force until such a time as
may be determined by the commission," Ojobo
According to Ojobo, the promotions increased
the number of minutes available to subscribers
for use within a limited period of time and
created congestion in the networks as
subscribers tried to use up the available
minutes within the stipulated time. He also
said that on-net calls were being offered by
operators at tariffs well below the prevailing
inter-connect rates thereby introducing anti-
competitive practices and behaviour.
Another reason he gave was that termination
of calls became increasingly difficult from one
network to another and overall consumer
experience on the networks became very poor,
which made it extremely difficult for
subscribers to make calls successfully.
He added that the commission carefully
evaluated the complaints received especially
against the backdrop of sustaining the
integrity of the networks, the general interest
of the consumers, the socio-economic impact
of the promotions on operators and other
relevant stakeholders, before taking the
decision to ban promos and lotteries.
Promos That Attracted the Ban
Some of the promos that moved NCC to place
indefinite ban on promos and lotteries include
the MTN N1 billion promo; MTN Automania
promo, where people were fascinated with 100
cars in 100 days; the MTN Ultimate Wonder
promo, where aeroplane, valued at N64 million,
was used as the winning star prize. Others
were the Globacom 'Text4Million Promo', Glo
'Win and Rule Promo', 'Glo End of Discussion
Promo', Airtel 'Recharge and Win Promo';
Airtel '100 millionaires Promo', among several
In the MTN Automania Promo, 100 Hyundai
cars were released for grab in 100 days, and
customers were asked to text 'Yes' to a short
code, '1010' to participate in the promo. For
the MTN Ultimate Wonder promo, new and
existing subscribers were asked to recharge
with a minimum of N200 to qualify for weekly
draws, while a recharge of N300 and above
for the duration of the promo, qualified a
subscriber to win the grand prize of aeroplane
or its cash equivalent of N64 million. The
promo also promised one weekly star prize
winner with N2 million plus 100 weekly
consolation prizes of N50, 000.
In the season 3 of the Glo 'Text4Million
Promo', customers were winning cash prize
running into hundreds of thousands of naira
and millions of naira. The promo promised
existing and potential Glo subscribers the
chance of winning from N30, 000 to N3 million
daily or N6 million weekly. It came with
monthly prize of N12 million cash and a grand
prize of N24 million cash, in addition to
consolation prizes of iPods, Samsung Galaxy
Tabs, HP laptops and N500 worth of airtime
for 100 winners daily.
The monetary attractions, convinced many
subscribers to subscribe to the various
promos, which largely caused congestion
across networks, according to NCC.
Subscribers Position on the Lifting of Ban
Telecoms subscribers are happy that NCC has
at last lifted the ban on telecoms promos, but
they are insisting on compensation from
telecoms operators.
President of the National Association of
Telecoms Subscribers (NATCOMS), Mr. Deolu
Ogunbanjo, who hailed the decision of NCC to
lift the ban on promo, warned that lottery ban
should not be lifted at all, since it does not
add value to the generality of subscribers.
He called on NCC to compel telecoms
operators to compensate subscribers for the
loss of airtime that were bought and loaded
into their phones, without making calls with
them before they were wiped out by the
operating networks. He suggested that
operators pay each subscriber N2, 500 as
compensation, and that the money should be
paid as airtime. Speaking on behalf of
telecoms subscribers, Ogunbanjo told
THISDAY in a telephone interview that the
issue of paying fine to NCC for poor service
quality should be stopped, and that telecoms
operators should rather use the fine money to
compensate subscribers who suffer the brunt
of poor service quality across networks.
Effects of Promo Ban
Subscribers and some human right activists
have argued that instead of an indefinite ban,
the NCC would have devised another method
that would still lead to improvement in service
quality, without affecting subscribers' choice
of freedom and the operators' revenue
generation in any way.
They are of the strong belief that both
operators and subscribers were adversely
affected by the blanket ban.
They blamed NCC for not using the results on
the KPI test it carried out before the
announcement of the ban, where some
operators actually meet certain percentage of
NCC's KPI standards.
Last year, NCC released the result of its audit
report for March and April, where it rated
Airtel the best operator for service quality.
Airtel was said to have recorded impressive
performances when compared with the
commission's target on four crucial
parameters namely Call Set-up Success Rate
(CSSR), Call Completion Rate (CCR), Drop Call
Rate (DCR) and Traffic Channel Congestion
Etisalat, the latest entrant in the GSM
business, had earlier been rated best
telecommunications service provider for good
service quality by the NCC, based on the Key
Performance Indicator audit report released
in February last year.
Even with such rating, Airtel and Etisalat were
not spared when NCC announced the ban in
October last year.
"It is wrong for NCC to place a blanket ban on
all operators, while in the actual sense of it
some networks offered better quality service
than others," some subscribers said.
In their submission, most operators were
unduly punished with the blanket ban, and they
were deprived of good revenue that comes
with promos. On the other hand, some of the
subscribers who spoke with THISDAY said
they missed the freebies, bonuses and
discounts from telecoms promo in the last six
months and they were glad that promo is back
Now that Promo is Back on Stage
Since NCC has lifted the ban on telecoms
promo, it is expected that operators like
Airtel, Etisalat and Globacom that have been
cleared by NCC to run telecoms promo, will not
take undue advantage of the lifting of the ban
to introduce all manners of promos, without
the commensurate expansion of their networks
to accommodate the surge from subscriber
numbers. Some telecoms experts had in the
past, blamed telecoms operators for poor
service quality, insisting that operators were
busy introducing new promos that were
constantly increasing their subscriber number,
without making same efforts to upgrade their
networks to accommodate subscribers'
increase as well as call volume increase.
Source :This Day Newspaper.
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Former Olori-Oko Crooner Samson Nnogo gets married

Aisi lee ologboo. Lomu eku tee shakoooo !!!!
Do you remember the lyrics of the olori oko song Not many people were aware of a traditional
wedding between the former Olori Oko singer,
Samson Nnogo and his lover of long standing,
Chinyere Mordi. Samson, from the group ''
Infinity'' the popular crooners of the song ''
OLORI OKO'' traditionally engaged his wife
last Saturday.
It was a lovely wedding and very well attended
by friends, family, and well wishers who came
en-mass to wish the couple a happy married
life. From this stable, congratulations!!!
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Where Will My Help Come From ?

I will lift up my eyes up above the hills and mountains ! Where will my help come from ? My help comes from Jehovah alone. He that keeps Isreal does not sleep nor slumber . He will surely guides and protects me. Amen !!!
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Former Olori-Oko Crooner Samson Nnogo gets married

Aisi lee ologboo. Lomu eku tee shakoooo !!!!
Do you remember the lyrics of the olori oko song Not many people were aware of a traditional
wedding between the former Olori Oko singer,
Samson Nnogo and his lover of long standing,
Chinyere Mordi. Samson, from the group ''
Infinity'' the popular crooners of the song ''
OLORI OKO'' traditionally engaged his wife
last Saturday.
It was a lovely wedding and very well attended
by friends, family, and well wishers who came
en-mass to wish the couple a happy married
life. From this stable, congratulations!!!
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Boko Haram

God saves us from this demonic cancerous organization under the disguise of religion that want to ruin our nation . Amen

Why I did not attend Tuface wedding "Kenny Ogungbe of kennies music

Tuface Idibia married his fiancee Precious Jones today at Ikoyi registry.The CEO of Kennis Music(the record label 2face kicked off his solo career)Kenny Ogungbe and his prime-time crew were conspicuously absent during 2face's wedding in Dubai, and many wondered why.
2face joined Kennis music in 2004, but left few years later to form his own record label-Hypertek. Before now, there seemed to be no bad blood between the iheneme crooner and his former label boss.
However, an Encomium reporter caught up with Kenny Ogungbe recently and asked him why he didn't attend 2face Idibia's Dubai wedding. See his response below:

"I don't think it is something you should ask me. Go and ask 2face why Primetime and Kennis Music were not in attendance. I am too old to start joining issues with people."
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Made In Nigeria Grammatical Expressions

*Abeg dress back.
*If I hear pim, u go hear weeen.
*Have they BROUGHT light?
*Pls help me SLOW that fan
*Mummy HAVE come
*I'll tell my daddy FOR YOU
*Have you paid your school fees money?
*See as you BAFF up
*Put the bread inside LYLON
*I strong KAKARAKA
*Oya come and be going
*I KUKUMA don't have your time
*Shebi you have BB charger
*See how her eye is entering my food
*Did you see the sound ofmy ringtone?
*I know you have come since bcoz I hear
your perfume.
*I wan ENTER Motor
*U dey hear d smell?
*shey u dey catch cold???
*Abeg live me alone
*i carry God take beg Ɣou
*have mummy Go
*y r Ɣou lying in ma head
*is uncle dt beat ṁ̭̥̈̅̄ε̲̣̣̣̥
*is ṁ̭̥̈̅̄ε̲̣̣̣̥ dt we do first

Add yours and let the fun continues,
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The Road To Success

The road to SUCCESS is never straight.
There is a curb called FAILURE,
a Loop called CONFUSION;
Red Lights called ENEMIES;
Caution Lights called FAMILY;
Speed bumps called FRIENDS &
Flat tyres called JOBS;
However, if you have a spare tyre called DETERMINATION;
an insurance called FAITH,
you will make it to a place called SUCCESS!!
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I want to see what time he will come home today

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Good day to you

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Ten Reasons Masturbation is Destructive

There is much confusion regarding what the Bible says about masturbation.

Because the Bible says little or nothing on the subject directly, many ministers teach young people that masturbation is acceptable because it relieves sexual passions without engaging in a sexual act with another person.

As a pastor for more than two decades(pastor joseph marteta), I have counseled many men in this area and have observed how this activity causes serious problems in regards to their internal walk with the Lord and their spouse.

(It is especially important for youth leaders to be taught to counsel youth against asexual behavior because once in this habit, it carries over into their marriage years later.)

Masturbation is both unbiblical and harmful. The following ten points should bring clarity.

I. Masturbation Trains a Person to Think Asexually Instead of Heterosexually
1. To teach a person to masturbate involves mentally training a person to be asexual; that is, to independently satisfy sexual desires as opposed to being engaged in a healthy heterosexual relationship.

2. The unfortunate consequences of this shows after an asexual person is married.
A. Because they have trained their brain to respond to their own well thought out and intentional touch, they have a hard time adjusting to their spouse's unpredictable sexual actions and responses. Thus they have a hard time (if they are male) getting or maintaining an erection.

II. Masturbation Involves Visualization
1. Since masturbation involves the extensive use of the imagination while touching one's genitals, those that do so are training their brain to respond sexually to a virtual partner as opposed to a real-life physical partner.

2. The asexual sex partner has a hard time maintaining an erection with their spouse (especially after they are familiar with them physically).
A. The only way for the asexual to have good sex with their spouse would be to visualize having sex in their mind either with their spouse (while actually having physical sex) or worse: to visualize having sex with another person while having intercourse with their spouse. This amounts to nothing less than "vaginal masturbation" (if it is a man).

III. Mechanical Masturbation
1. To teach a person to masturbate mechanically without thinking of another person is still an asexual act and violates the biblical purpose for sex which is to procreate and grant pleasure to a spouse as the highest expression of intimacy in marriage.

2. To teach a Christian to masturbate mechanically to overcome lust is teaching them is to bypass the blood of Jesus and the power of the cross (1 John 1:9; Romans 6:6).

IV. Masturbation is a Form of Adultery
1. The Bible expressly teaches against lusting after another person in your heart (which would include the visual aspect of masturbation), calling it adultery. Read Matthew 5:27-28.

V. The Meaning of "One Flesh"
1. Genesis 2:24 teaches that husband and wife have the privilege of becoming one flesh with one another.
A. "One flesh" is the highest expression of marriage denoting the act of sexual union, while in salvation we are made "one spirit" with the Lord. Thus marriage is the greatest symbol on earth of the union between the believer and Christ.
B. Since "one flesh" is speaking about the act of sexual intercourse between husband and wife , and intercourse involves the male organ penetrating the female genitalia, the male organ has to be pointed (focused) towards the most intimate part of his spouse in order to engage in the sex act. That is to say, "one flesh" implies the husband is to have only one focus in regards to sex and intimacy. Hence the asexual act of masturbation involves a person gratifying oneself vertically without the proper horizontal focus. So, while masturbation involves visualization of sex with a person other than one's spouse (including one's self asexually) they violate the "one flesh" focus they were created to express, in which sex should only be enjoyed in the context of focusing on and granting intimacy and pleasure to one's spouse. Thus God balances the selfish individualistic aspect of sex with the condition that we should only enjoy sex in the context of granting pleasure to our spouse in the marriage bed.

VI. Masturbation Violates the Spousal Authority
1. The Bible teaches in 1 Corinthians 7:4: "The wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband does; and likewise also the husband does not have authority over his own body, but the wife does."
A. A person doesn't have the right to relieve themselves sexually because God has granted that authority only to their spouse.
B. One reason God grants this spousal authority is because masturbation robs the marriage of reaching it full potential in regards to sexual pleasure, because asexual behavior greatly dissipates the potential for sexual performance and attraction by the act of ejaculation.

VII. Masturbation Perpetuates Generational Dysfunction
1. Since masturbation enhances both sexual and marital dysfunction, it can only hurt a marriage, and thus hurt the ability of a marriage to fully succeed as a model to children.

2. What parents do is recycled and reproduced in future generations unless it is broken off (Exodus 20:5; Galatians 3:13).

3. What was done as an act of pleasure will turn out to be a generational curse carried over to your children if you do not repent of it (in this case, masturbation).

VIII. Masturbation and Demonic Entities
1. Since masturbation causes all of the problems mentioned in the previous seven points, demonic entities notice and are attracted to people engaged in it.

2. Ephesians 4:27 teaches that sin we commit in the natural realm opens a legal door for the devil to enter into our lives. That is to say, whatever we struggle with in regards to sin in the flesh, demons now make worse in the spirit realm by attacking our minds and hearts (2 Corinthians 10:3-5).

3. What originally became an autonomous act of one's will (masturbation) now becomes an uncontrollable addiction. Read Proverbs 5:22, which teaches that our own sin enslaves us.

4. Because the door to the demonic has been opened up, masturbation usually leads to other more harmful sins such as pornography, sex talk on internet chat rooms, the solicitation of prostitutes, adultery, and the like.
A. Satan is not just interested in getting you to masturbate; his ultimate goal is destroy your marriage and future generations either with sexual dysfunction being carried over into a new marriage or by adultery after you are married.

IX. Masturbation Hurts a Single Person's Preparation for Marriage
1. Those who think marriage will eradicate the desire to masturbate and lust are in for a rude awakening.

2. I counsel people to be sexually chaste before marriage as a single because whatever is not dealt with when you are alone actually gets worse and is magnified once you get married. That is to say, if a single person can't control themselves sexually before they are married, they will not be able to harness their passions after they are married!

X. We Are Called to be Holy and Selfless
1. The Bible tells us to be holy in all our behavior (1 Peter 1:15).
A. Since holiness means to be set apart to the Lord in all we do, we are expected by God to be committed to the biblical principles in Scripture regarding sexuality.

2. Since Jesus didn't come to be served but to serve (Mark 10:45), then we who follow Him should not allow ourselves to be addicted to behavior whose end result is only for self-gratificat ion and not for the mutual benefit of another person (for example, your spouse).
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Fw: Panic Selling on the Bourse?…as NSEASI now at 7-day low

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From: Meristem Research <>
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2013 16:29:37 +0100
To: NULL<>
Subject: Panic Selling on the Bourse?…as NSEASI now at 7-day low


Equity Market Update

  • Activities on the local bourse followed the previous day's massive sell - off . Investors remain skeptical about expected corporate actions of the companies that are yet to release the 2012FY results as they followed bandwagon to depress the prices of counters. Except DANGCEM that gained  1.02% to close at NGN157.02,all that heavy capitalized stocks lost. 
  • The market breadth  at 0.28x was the second lowest this year. About 43 stocks declined in prices while only 12 counters appreciated. OKOMUOIL, despite general negative market sentiment, continued ito generate attraction as the counter recorded 9.28% upside and closed at NGN106.00. 
  • On the sectoral decomposition, all the NSE sectoral benchmarks lost with the banking index losing the highest: -2.70% while  its insurance counterpart pared the least: -0.85%. Within  the MERI-sectoral benchmarks,  MERI-AGRIC, MERI-CMG and MERI-PENNY 20 are the leaders while other benchmarks trailed the NSEASI for the day.
  • 574 million units valued at NGN5.85bn were traded today. These were  41% and 27% respectively higher  than the previous day activities. The market capital and the NSEASI settle at NGN10.775trn and 33,665.57pts, while YtD return stays at 19.9%.

Fixed Income Update

  • Yields across t-bills save for the 12M bill trended southward today owing to  increased demand pressure though the CBN offered NGN183.65bn  to mop up the excess liquidity  in the system. 
  • We expect T-Bills rates to relatively remain at current levels  though investors' increased interest in the instruments may  induce a decline. NIBOR  however maintained its upward movement across tenors gaining within the range of 0.72% to 0.88%.
  • The Naira gained against the USD closing at NGN157.40 vs. NGN157.65 yesterday as the CBN's FX auction possibly reduced the downward pressure on the naira.

Kindly find attached for more information

124 Norman Williams Street, 
South West, Ikoyi, Lagos. 
P.O Box 51585 Falomo, Ikoyi, Lagos. 
Phone:234-1-2717350-5; Fax: 234-1-2717356, 2690118.
Untitled document
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Funny names abbreviation


Gift Chioma Emeka :G.C.E
David Victor Denis =DVD
Hope Innocent Vincent =HIV
Love Grateful Ada =LGA
Nathan Tim Aboh =NTA
Amanda Ino Daniel Sera =AIDS
Nwankwo Elochi Peter Agnes=NEPA
Veronica Ifeoma Peter =VIP
Rapuruchuku Iheanyi Paul- RIP
Benjamin Bony Maduako =BBM
Mukaila Tunde Nurudeen =MTN
Deborah Sarah Tiffany Veronica (DSTV)
Bode Raji Tafa (BRT)
Nike Emmanuela Cosmas Orlando (NECO)
Waziri Ahmed Ebenezer Concordis (WAEC)
Jamiu Alaba Mailaka Bakare (JAMB)
Usman Maduka Emmanuel (UME)
Oya add your own join and let's go there.....
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My wish !!!

Woman finds Aladdin's magic lamp... *idea*
She starts rubbing it and a Genie comes out as usual B-)
As usual, the Genie grants her a wish (y)

Woman: " I want my husband to have eyes only for me <3<3
I want to be the only one in his life ;;)
I want him to sleep always by my side :*(=|
I want that when he gets up in the morning I'm the first thing he grabs and takes me everywhere he goes :$<3\=D/

The Genie turned her into a BLACKBERRY :]xx=D
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The Iron-lady is gone !!! Margaret Thatcher is late .

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain and admirers worldwide are mourning Margaret Thatcher, who has died aged 87, as the "Iron Lady" who rolled back the state and faced down her enemies during 11 years as Britain's first woman prime minister.

Her impact on the 1980s was such that opponents, including Labour's Tony Blair and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, led tributes to a legacy that radically transformed the British economy along free-market lines now widely taken for granted and includes her role in the peaceful end to the Cold War.

But while U.S. President Barack Obama spoke for many in the wider world in praising the grocer's daughter with the eyes as steely as her resolve, the scars of bitter struggles left Britain itself as deeply divided now as under her leadership.

Tuesday's newspapers told the story: "The Woman Who Saved Britain", declared the Daily Mail from the right; "The Woman Who Divided A Nation", headlined the left's Daily Mirror, which questioned the grand, ceremonial funeral planned for next week.

Still Britain's only woman prime minister, the unyielding, outspoken Thatcher led her Conservative party to three election victories, governing from 1979 to 1990, the longest continuous term in office for a British premier in over 150 years.

She was loved and loathed in equal measure as she crushed trade unions, privatized swathes of British industry, clashed with European allies and fought a distant and improbable war to recover the Falkland Islands from Argentina.

She struck up a close relationship with U.S. President Ronald Reagan on the Cold War, backed the first President George Bush during the 1991 Gulf War, and was among the first to discover that Gorbachev was a man she could "do business with".

"Very few leaders get to change not only the political landscape of their country but of the world. Margaret was such a leader. Her global impact was vast," said Tony Blair, whose term as Labour prime minister from 1997-2007 he acknowledged owed a debt to the former leader of his Conservative opponents.

Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron cut short a visit abroad and flags flew at half mast: "We've lost a great leader, a great prime minister and a great Briton," Cameron said.

"The real thing about Margaret Thatcher is that she didn't just lead our country, she saved our country."

Obama led an outpouring of tributes from the United States: "America has lost a true friend," he said.

Mourners laid roses, tulips and lilies on the doorstep of her house in Belgravia, one of London's most exclusive areas. One note said: "The greatest British leader" while another said to "The Iron Lady", a soubriquet bestowed by a Soviet army newspaper in the 1970s and which Thatcher loved.

But, in a mark of lingering anger at a woman who explained her belief in private endeavor by declaring "there is no such thing as society", someone also left a bottle of milk; to many Britons, for scrapping free milk for schoolchildren as education minister in 1971, she remained "Maggie Thatcher, Milk Snatcher".

The former premier died peacefully on Monday morning at the Ritz Hotel after a stroke. Having retreated into seclusion after being deposed by her party, the death of her businessman husband Denis in 2003 and creeping dementia had kept her out of the public eye for years. She had been in poor health for months.

Lord Bell, a spokesman for the family, likened her to her hero Winston Churchill - a comparison echoed on the recaptured Falkland Islands - while Cameron said she would go down as Britain's greatest peacetime prime minister.

A ceremonial funeral with military honors at London's St. Paul's Cathedral next week will be short of a full state funeral, in accordance with her family's wishes.

Parliament, where she deployed fearsome and forensic debating skills that drew on her training as both a research chemist and a courtroom advocate, will return from recess for a special session in her honor on Wednesday.
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See Basketmouth's new pet !!!

What a pity !!!
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Wages in Nigeria

Niger Delta militant - 75k/month, Boko Haram - 100k/month, NYSC - 19,800/month, mimimum wage (civil service) - 18,900/month. Choose your career wisely
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Hyper 40 Amazing Facts About The Human Body anatomy

The human body is an incredibly complex and intricate system and it still baffles researchers regularly despite thousands of years of medical knowledge. As a result, it shouldn't be a surprise that even body parts we deal with everyday have unexpected facts and explanations behind them.
Here are 100 wacky facts about the human body:
1. The brain is more active at night than during the day. Scientists don't know yet why this is.

2. The higher your IQ, the more you dream.

3. Facial hair grows faster than any other hair on the body.

4. The nail on the middle finger grows faster than the other fingernails.

5. Fingernails grow nearly four times faster than toe nails.

6. The lifespan of a human hair is 3 to 7 years on average.

7. The acid in your stomach is strong enough to dissolve zinc. It doesn't destroy the stomach because because the stomach walls constantly renews itself.

8. Women's hearts beat faster than men's.

9. Women blink twice as many times as men do.

10. Women are born better smellers than men and remain better smellers over life.

11. Men burn fat faster than women by a rate of about 50 calories a day.

12. Men get hiccups more often than women.

13. A man has approximately 6.8 litres of blood in the body while women have approximately 5 litres.

14. The largest cell in the body is the female egg and the smallest is the male sperm.

15. During your lifetime, you will produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools.

16. Babies are always born with blue eyes. The melanin in their eyes needs time to be fully deposited or to be darkened by ultraviolet light to reveal the baby's true eye color.

17. Men have erections every hour to hour and a half during sleep. This is because the combination of blood circulation and testerone production can cause erections during sleep and are a necessary part of REM sleep.

18. After eating too much, your hearing is less sharp.

19. If your saliva cannot dissolve or mix with food, you will not be able to taste that food (try tasting something after drying off your tongue)

20. Noise causes the pupils of your eyes to dilate. Even very small noises can do this.
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Janet Jackson becomes a Muslim

Janet Jackson who secretly got married to billionaire Wissam Al Mana, has officially retired from music and converted to Islam to be with her husband.

Jim iyke denies owning instagram account

Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke has denied owning an account on the picture sharing website, Instagram. Making this known in a statement via his media manager, Mitch Ngaman, the Nollywood bad boy denied any link to the account adding that it is being run by an âimpostorâ who is currently on a mission to extort money from his unsuspecting fans. The account currently has over 2700 followers and has shared 300 photos ranging from Jim Iykeâs trip to Dubai for 2face Idibiaâs wedding to his recent photo-shoot in the US. An impostor claiming to be Jim Iyke has set up an account on Instagram after cloning his Twitter account. Pictures and other authentic media are lifted from the starâs official Twitter page and transplanted onto the fraudulent Instagram account that already has nearly 3000 followersâ, the statement read. According to Ngaman, findings revealed that the fake account JimIykeOfficial which is still active attempted to scam a female fan of £5000 claiming to be Jim Iyke.Iykeâs rep said the impostor claimed he was stranded in a foreign country, and requested for money.He/she however ran out of luck when the targeted fan confided in someone who personally knew Iyke and raised the alarm.

Jim iyke denies owning instagram account

Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke has denied owning an account on the picture sharing website, Instagram. Making this known in a statement via his media manager, Mitch Ngaman, the Nollywood bad boy denied any link to the account adding that it is being run by an âimpostorâ who is currently on a mission to extort money from his unsuspecting fans. The account currently has over 2700 followers and has shared 300 photos ranging from Jim Iykeâs trip to Dubai for 2face Idibiaâs wedding to his recent photo-shoot in the US. An impostor claiming to be Jim Iyke has set up an account on Instagram after cloning his Twitter account. Pictures and other authentic media are lifted from the starâs official Twitter page and transplanted onto the fraudulent Instagram account that already has nearly 3000 followersâ, the statement read. According to Ngaman, findings revealed that the fake account JimIykeOfficial which is still active attempted to scam a female fan of £5000 claiming to be Jim Iyke.Iykeâs rep said the impostor claimed he was stranded in a foreign country, and requested for money.He/she however ran out of luck when the targeted fan confided in someone who personally knew Iyke and raised the alarm.
How to Be Liked and Admired

To be successful, people need to like you. If people dislike you, you fail.

So how do you get people to like you?

A bad solution is to pretend to be someone you are not. For example, Joe pretends to be from England and talks with a British accent. He thinks it will help him get a girlfriend. Jane meets Joe and thinks he's interesting because of his accent. However, when Jane finds out Joe has never been to England, she can't trust Joe and no longer likes him.

Another bad idea is to be rude or disagreeable. You think, "When people are nasty to me, I want to make them like me. So I'll go around being nasty to people and they'll want me to like them." Of course, being mean to people just makes them afraid of you and so they try to seem non-threatening. They, of course, do not like you.

Another bad solution is to beg for admiration. You ingratiate yourself to people, meaning you bow down and kiss their feet. It does not make them like you. For example, on Jill's first day on the job, she tells her boss, "Even though I've just met you, I can tell you're absolutely brilliant! I've never worked for a boss as awesome as you. I will do anything you want me to do, just ask." Her boss instantly dislikes her.

Trying to make people like you usually makes them like you less. However, doing the opposite, actually works!

"DON'T DESIRE TO BE LIKED OR ADMIRED. Don't give a darn, because if you start giving a darn you won't be liked or admired." -- L. Ron Hubbard

The Solution

"The only way, really, to be liked or admired is to not care if you are liked or admired but to act most any way you please. And you'll be surprised at how many people will like and admire you." -- L. Ron Hubbard

For example, you meet a new customer who acts like a big shot. You want him to like you, but he won't even look at you. He just gives you orders. So you don't give a darn and just act like yourself. The customer starts to like you.

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Boko Haram

Boko Haram

God saves us from this demonic cancerous organization under the disguise of religion that want to ruin our nation . Amen
Read More
The Road To Success

The Road To Success

The road to SUCCESS is never straight. There is a curb called FAILURE, a Loop called CONFUSION; Red Lights called ENEMIES; Caution Light...
Read More
My wish !!!

My wish !!!

Woman finds Aladdin's magic lamp... *idea* She starts rubbing it and a Genie comes out as usual B-) As usual, the Genie grants her ...
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Wages in Nigeria

Wages in Nigeria

Niger Delta militant - 75k/month, Boko Haram - 100k/month, NYSC - 19,800/month, mimimum wage (civil service) - 18,900/month. Choose your car...
Read More
How to Be Liked and Admired To be successful, people need to like you. If people dislike you, you fail. So how do you get people to like...
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