Strength For The Journey

Preacher : Reverend Lawrence Amajor
First King Chapter 19 verses 7 and 8
Life is a journey. every day we are on the journey.
From January to February
February to March
March to April
And now we are in may

What is strength ?
It is the power , the grace , the ability to move on.
There are lost of challenges in our journey of life.
1) Sins
2) opposition
3) persecution
4) needs eg good job , marriage , children , etc
Elijah trusted God. When there is success. Expect a challenge. When you stand on God. You victory is sure and assured.
First King chapter 19 verse 1
. The journey of life is not just made in one day. And an angel of God came and touched Elijah.
Psalm 121 verse 6
Restore unto me the joy of your salvation.

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