Car Accident At Mushin, Lagos (pictures)

A car accident involving a Toyota 4runner had
a deflated tyre, then, due to the speed and
the bent road, somersualted like three times
into some parked tokunbo cars in a car lot,
this happened this afternoon as the three
occupants of the car cars out with bruises and
body scrathes.
Thanks God they made it out alive but....they
wld av wished they hadn't because, the
occupants and the driver, who are not original
owners of the car, had 'within a few seconds'
been indebted to an estimated value of N6m
on the spot'. These includes the cost of the
infinity Jeep, a camry and the 4runner itself.
I smypatize with them, most especially the
owner of the car lot, whom incessant calls
made were made to his phone.
I call this 'GOBE
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