11 Signs That You Should Leave Your Job

We've all struggled with our motivation to go
to work from time to time – the alarm goes off
and we go, "Ugh, not again!" In fact, until we've
had our coffee, it's as if the human race hasn't
evolved at all. (I don't think I end up saying
coherent syllables until 10 a.m.) But what if it's
more than that? What if that heavy sense of
dread about work follows you everywhere you
go? Does that mean it's time to leave your job?
You'd think a job that makes us feel awful
would be easy to leave, but for many of us it's
not the case. Either we feel it's impossible to
find something better, or we worry that if we
leave, we'll end up in a worse position than
we're in now. Here's what I've learned: no job is
ever worth your health. In fact, nothing is! Yet
our need for financial survival constantly gets
the best of us. It's time to start doing what it
takes to get a grip on your well-being.
Here are 11 signs you should leave your job:
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1. You dread going to work in the morning.
If when your alarm goes off you feel
compelled to start sobbing into your pillow, it's
seriously time to rethink your job status. Dig
deep and look at what's really bothering you:
Is it a specific chunk of tasks you have to
accomplish? Is it not what you work on, but
who you work with? Or are you just bored by
the monotony? Getting specific about your
dread will help you figure out what to do –
whether it be discussing new opportunities
with your boss, or deciding to leave your job
entirely for opportunities elsewhere.
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2. You have absolutely no interest in the
work you're doing.
There's nothing more draining than a job that
has nothing to do with your ultimate goals or
personal interests. Regardless of what you're
being paid, you'll never fully enjoy your life or
reach your full potential if you're saddled with
so much apathy – it will eventually spill into
other areas of your life and dim those as well.
3. Your job is so routine, it's become
If your workday has become so monotonous
you're constantly fighting boredom, it's time
to seriously consider moving on. If you've
talked to your boss and either there's no
follow-through on the promise of change or the
changes aren't shifting how you feel, then it's a
good indicator it's time to leave your job.
4. You feel stuck.
If you feel like you've learned all there is to
learn in your job or moving up the ladder has
not fulfilled you in any way, bust out the want
5. You're concerned about the financial
stability of your company.
Even though after rounds of lay-offs you're
still standing, you are now left with a
permanent feeling of uneasiness.
6. You're not "you" anymore.
You've lost your "spark." Instead of looking
forward to your day, your only focus is
surviving it.
7. You're noticing physical changes because
of the stress.
Where and how we work impacts our body. If
you're losing or gaining weight, experiencing
excruciating body pain, anxiety attacks or
consistent feelings of melancholy, it's time to
reflect and consider other options.
8. Your boss needs an exorcism.
If your boss leaves you in a permanent state
of panic – so much so that you're losing sleep
and experiencing constant feelings of
inadequacy – run! Run away screaming!
Especially if they've been approached about
these issues before and are in complete denial.
9. You've entered a spiral of negativity.
If you've lost the will to care and are putting
zero effort into not just your work, but how
you dress, act, or complete the smallest of
tasks, there's no doubt it's time for a change.
10. You have no time for yourself.
If you're working so many late nights you don't
feel like a person anymore, leave your job and
find one that allows you to have time for
yourself. What's the point of making a living if
you don't have time to actually live?
11. You feel like an outcast.
If you don't fit in with how your company
operates, or don't believe in what you're doing
and it makes you uncomfortable, it's time to
move on. I'm not naive – I know leaving your job
is one of the hardest decisions to make, never
mind actions to take, but your health and well-
being depend on it.
You know what's scarier than leaving your job?
Is it time to leave your job? What signs
would you add to this list?
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