Monday, November 25, 2013

How To Prevent Leg Cramp While Driving.

Your body frame, sitting posture, steering,
foot pedals, and seat position matters a lot
when driving. For maximum safety and
comfortable driving position, it is
recommended that you give a space of at least
25cm from your body to steering wheel which
contains an Airbag, your legs should be able to
touch the pedals comfortably but not tightly
cramped underneath the dashboard in the
driver's footwell. Always sit upright and well
into the seat back of your car. Don't slouch or
sit on the edge of your seat, don't recline your
seat far backwards, don't adjust your seat
too close to the dashboard/steering or too far
in a manner that negatively affects your
sitting position/posture.
You can also adjust your seat height, seat
bottom recline angle, seat thigh/calf length,
seat back recline angle, lumber support angle,
head rest length, and angle, distance from
seat to steering, steering tilt, and telescope
angle, pedal angle and depth etc to
comfortable positions/angles which suits ur
posture, body size, and driving patterns. If
possible, you can buy after market seat
boosters (check your car's owners manual
first before purchasing), you can also relax
your feet, break your driving and take some
rests especially when You're driving for long
periods. If your car's cockpit is too tightly
cramped or your frame is too big for your car,
I will advice you buy a bigger car. And if your
feet can't touch the pedals even after you've
adjusted the afore mentioned adjustables, I
recommend you should get a smaller car.

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