Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Grass Is Not Always Greener ...

COPIED.......The grass is not always greener...

Dr Ubani works in one of Houston's biggest cardiology centers. His wife heads over 200 people in an IT firm in Texas too. Living above average they have one dream for which they saved religiously. The dream to someday go back home to Umuahia in Abia state and set up their own businesses.

Martins and his wife who both run successful businesses in Umuahia have not missed their "prayer point" in the last 4yrs. "Lord this dream must come thru, we must relocate to America. Lord I decree"

Uche Nwokocha watches through the window of his high rise Zenith bank office everyday. Admiring independent businessmen. Hating his cage. "Sorry his job I mean" and wishing to be an self employed entrepreneur someday

Mike Ohimai walks pass that same Zenith bank building everyday. His CV in his hand and sweat on his forehead. Asking God "when"?. When would I say "I work for Zenith Bank. That should be my office up there"

Mrs Aisha Bello, wife of a multi billionaire wishes she could turn back time and re-pick her husband. Can't believe how hellish it is and wishes for singleness

Meanwhile Funke who works for her would give anything to be Mr Bello's wife. 4th wife is ok sef. "See fine man with cash. Kai some women are lucky" she says

The stupidity that is inherent in envy and comparisons of lives is the kind that needs exorcism to expel.

Given the shoes of the man with the life you want may be all that you need to cure you of your inordinate longing. The saying :the grass is always greener on the other side" means you see only the glamour and not the pain.

In conclusion I say in all things let's learn to give God thanks, be contented with where & who you are on the way to accomplishing your desires.

It's some days to the end of 2013, that you're still around is a signal that there is hope for you.
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