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Eri Oluwa wrote:

People go to church oo, speak in tongues, observe all church doctrines, infact knows all the lines of the bible back to back, but Heaven and Eternity is minus from their agenda, they speak the word, but not with a consciousness of Eternity. I keep asking God please just hold my hands cos I can't hold that of God, let God be glorified in all that I do. Well most people are just christians in the church alone, the moment they get to the office, Jesus Christ is thrown away. Have you tried to preach in the bus and people find it difficult to say amen! Why they don't want to identify with their Creator outside church! It alarms me how we humans are ingrate! We want to enjoy all the goodies He made available on the surface of the earth, yet we find it difficult to identify with Him. Are you even identifying with Him in a mischevious way, you attend churches where ornaments are not used yet your heart is wicked, thoroughly brutal, you are filled with deception, tale bearing, slander, hyprocrisy, gossip, craftyness, am sorry for so many so called christians because they would be so surprised that at the end they have been on a fruitless journey. Do you pretentiously hurt people, revenge, lure them to immorality, or frustrate them to backsliding, lie about your self and feelings. Hehehe the bible says let you yes be your yes and your no, your no. Whether we like it or not, Heaven and Hell is real and we would spend eternity, either way we have lived our life.
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