Sunday, December 15, 2013

If TECNO fit ping first before NOkIA --- who told u dt all ur mates weh first u start fit make am before u finish ?

If CIVIL DEFENCE fit carry gun first before ROAD SAFETY----who told u dt its by how far , na by how well !!....

If GARRI fit sell pass INDOMIE after all d adverts----- who told u dt u must dress nude or indecently dis Xmas to jst get married ?

If OgA JONATHAN weh no get even common shoe before , but now he wears 3 different shoes per hour --- who told u dt u will continue being poor ?...over hope dey jareee

If INSPECTOR GENERaL of POLICE fit comot police for high way and check points thereby stopping dia N20 rogger -----who told u dt Naija no go better again ?
be me talk am oo

If 2face fit finally repent and marry Anie - ---who told u dt ur current boifriend no go marry u ...stick †̥♥ him and dnt be distracted wit all d yahoo boiz
weh go enter villa dis Xmas

If ma street fit get light every (4-5am) ----- who tell u say hope no dey for constant light in naija by 2025 ?....ok naa

If Judas fit sell his boss Jesus ------ who told u dt ur bestfriend or lover no fit do worse than this? careful!

If them fit tie cow with rope upon all em size but must use chain to hold dog follow body, who be that wey dey tell you say you worth nothing?

Finally , I know u're gonna make it in life so keep believing in ursef for every man is made and allowed to thrive for purpose.

As we are about to end the year, May GOD opens a new gate in your Life..
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