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How Nigerians Develop Dubai Economy

Nigerians literally troop to Dubai for almost all imaginable purposes. And most importantly they spend more than any other people in shopping spree for exportation. As they also spend a lot in medical, academic, tourism and real estate etc.
What particularly explains how Nigerians troop to Dubai is the frequency of the daily flights that operate from various Nigerian airports to Dubai. Emirates Airline alone maintains two flights a day between Lagos and Dubai. This is apart from the other airlines that operate on the same route, and also those who operate from Kano and Abuja to the same destination frequently. Interestingly enough, Nigeria does not have a standard national carrier at all, let alone think of competing on these highly lucrative routes.The cluster of retailers in Dubai, shipping companies and other logistics firms compete intensely to get Nigerian customers, for they get not only bulky sales but continued patronage, given Nigerians' attitude of preferring specific su…

Twitter exploit

Hulala! Twitter Is The Next GoldMine That Many Nigerians Are Still Blinded To! I want to hold my first exclusive down to earth seminar this year by next week on "Twitter Money Cranking Exploits That Will Give You Over 1000% Returns On Investment....Investment Begins From N1,000 Only". Twitter is still a virgin in the money making industry and 10 people will have a chance to discover wassup with it. Just last week, a client paid N23,000 for a twitter service and i spent only N2,000 to carry out the service. N22,000 was my profit. Guess what, there are over 10,000 Nigerian prospects on Twitter. Come, and lets make money together as i can't do all. I am not doing ebook on this. Only seminars so that you can learn first hand. The training will take one day and will cost only N5,500 shikini money. This is to cover for the time i will spend teaching you the whole exploits as i will be taking that day off my work completely and you don't expect me to end the day without get…