Saturday, August 30, 2014

Relationship and You

when a man or lady is not married to you yet and yet he/she parades u to his/her friends and family,it could trap u down and keep u down if u are emotionally attached to how they feel. The focus is on u and your future and what u desire for yourself. Sometimes they hurt u,break ur heart and do this and that and when u feel like leaving,the family and friends will come begging on their behalf. It is a good strategy to keep u in the relationship. But how long will they play his/puppet and beg u to always stay? They are not the one feeling the pains and going through the things u go through and sometimes they don't understand and so it is easy for them to beg u to stay. But when really is it about them? If the person they are begging for hasn't changed and isn't changing,then how long will this go on? Till marriage? Then u are finally trapped!! I am not easily influenced by others,not even my own family. If I know this isn't right for me,NO ONE can make me stay cos I alone know and understand how I feel and what I am going through.

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