Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Topic: Who is too strong to catch?
There is no one above the great and mighty God. The one and only who has d best principle that the world could not comprehend, d one and only who can kill and resurrect. Isaiah asked, 'Is there anyone greater than God?' No one and we can never see.
Now, who do u think is greater than God, is it Satan and all his entourage or who do u think? Ask urself that wonderful question. Brethren, remember the day of d Lord is at hand, very soon Jesus shall cum. Prepared do not say u re free no matter how when He cums, re u faithful to rapture wit m, ask uself this questn remember that small lie, jilt, bribe, fornication, whoremonger, selfish, u know these have not totally erase frm ur life. Devil is very cunny. He knows ur weakness, try to understand today, u know how much u love money rather than ur God. Do u even have time to pray to God, wot of evangelism, do u, or re u saying is only Man of God are legible to do it not u?
Heee!!!! Anything u do, remember heaven is recording it. Start doing it as frm today. God bless. Jesus loves u. Bye.
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