Sunday, September 28, 2014

Airtel Andriod data plan

Airtel Nigeria recently  launched a new data plan which designed to help you get more from your Android device.. The airtel android  bundle gives you monthly  access to BBM, Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook And all other apps running on your android device just for a token

Airtel android data plan just like the dedicated blackberry  data plans is  exclusive to Android devices only.Without beating around the bush here, there are currently three Airtel Android data plans and they are:

2GB : N2000
3GB (Night plan) : N2,500
4.5GB : N3,500
Airtel Nigeria Offers Unlimited Whatsapp access at N100 Monthly access Fee

The  three Airtel Android data plans/bundle all come with a one month validity period and they are all  billed at 1.5K/KB (As opposed to 1k/kb on regular data bundles,and as opposed to Airtel BB subscriptions billed @ 2k/kb when used on non bb devices ) and between 10pm and 5:59am, you will be billed at 1k/kb.

How To Activate/Subscribe to The Airtel  Android Plans/Bundle
To activate  any of the  airtel android plan,simply recharge the needed amount,and dial  *141*1# on your phone,You will be presented with a  list of Data plans for different phones. Select Android by Replying 2 ,you can then choose from the list of android plans available.

Alternatively,you can use the short codes below to activate/subscribe to any of the android plans

To activate the 2GB Android bundle @ N2000 for 30days, simply dial *437#

To activate the 4.5GB Android bundle @ N3500 for 30days, simply dial *438#

How To Check Balance of Airtel Android Data Plans
To check the status/balance  of your android plan,simply dial *223# and wait for the response.

While some people still see this as a rip off,i  sincerely wish to say its far a better option compare to normal data plan and the airtel bb plan on non bb devices,what do you think?
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