Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Not all that is good

Not all love is good.
There was a time I was in a relationship where the person loved me to the point of addiction.
You know that kind of love that makes them act as if they are not normal anymore.
I meant the kind of love that they are willing to do anything just to make u happy even when they are sad.
Any love where it seems the person is addicted to you is a very bad kind of love.
Any love where the person's existence seems to center around you alone is not healthy.
That love where the person has lost himself or herself in you and don't live for themselves anymore but living for you,is not a good love.
I heard someone tell my ex "if u leave me I will withdraw my admission in the school"
3 days ago I heard a guy say "if she leaves me I will kill myself"
That has gone beyond love,it is addiction and it is never healthy for anyone.
That kind of addiction push people to do crazy things to you or themselves when it doesn't work out.
In loving someone,you shouldn't loose your own identity.
If you find out that you can't stay,live or do anything without someone,then you are in the lane of a bad feelings of love.
Love should make you better,not wreck you.
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