My name is Capt--------, we are just less than 15 minutes away from the Murtala Muhammed International Airport.

(15 minutes later)

Welcome to our country.

A country where everything we do "America Will Know"

A country where stealing is not corruption

A country where 16 persons is more than 19 persons.

A country where 7 is the required decorum (two-third) of 26 members to impeach Speaker and Deputy Speaker.

A country where All Animals are the equal but some are more equal than the other.

A country where we can impeach the Deputy Governor for rearing Fowls while the Governor is speared for rearing Pigs.

A country where we distribute branded Match box, sachet water, bottle water, palm wine (oguro),  palm oil, kerosene, broom, cooked rice, salt etc as souvenirs soliciting for your votes.

A country where you must learn how to scale fence to be a politician, ask the guy who scaled the white house fence.

A country where the IGP is superior to the number 4 citizen

A country where the number 3 citizen can be SLAPPED and "nothing dey happen".

A country where the number 4 citizen will have to gate crash and other honourable members jumb fences to attend plenary sessions.

A country where the house of assembly is locked for 6 months and the keys to it inside the Governors pocket.

A country where the House of Assembly operates from the Governors Bedroom.

A country where Orisirisi is our daily buffet.

Enjoy your stay in our beloved country.

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