Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Chat with Adewale Adeoye on 10 December 2014

Favoured divinely: Medical researches have shown that the Orijin drink contains a poisonous chemical known as BENZOATE.

Benzoate, a major contributor to all types of cancers known is a major component of the preservative used in Orijin. You may check the neck foil of the drink to confirm that it contains Benzoate.

The effect of this benzoate is inevitably cancer especially of the kidney and liver.

You can check the internet to look at the effect of benzoate on your health.

Pls stop using your money to buy death. Stop drinking Orijin.
Let ur Xmas be spent in happiness with your family and friends.

Be wise.
Asegbolu Bolujo: Are you sure
Asegbolu Bolujo: I mean this info in your broadcast

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