Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Lagos begins distribution of resident cards

The Lagos State Government yesterday began the
distribution of the Lagos resident cards to residents
of the state who had been registered in the ongoing
registration, which the government says is to aid
planning, budgeting and determination of the
number of persons that are to be provided for.
With the commencement of the distribution of the
permanent cards, the government said residents,
who had been registered and issued the temporary
cards could pick up their cards from the nearest
registration point to them.
Fashola, who spoke at the unveiling of the Lagos
State Resident cards, lamented the low turnout of
residents even as he hinted of a possible closure
of the registration exercise, "some time in June
2015," saying it was costing the state government
a lot of money, paying staff engaged for the
The exercise, which began last year, has not
recorded impressive response from the residents as
less than 3 million of the estimated 20 million
population have so far been registered.
The governor, who described the exercise as the
way of the future with lots of benefits including the
creation of reliable database, urged all residents
yet to register to do so in their interest.
"We have taken a big step into the future. This is
not about today but about tomorrow. I get
embarrassed when figures are read out that in
Nigeria we are 140, sometimes 160, sometimes
170 million depending on who is speaking. I usually
question how they arrived at those figures. Truth is
that if you don't know how many you are, you
cannot plan for them. This is about knowing
exactly how many people live in Lagos so that we
can adequately plan for them," said the governor.
He said because the registration exercise was
providing a database for every resident of the state,
it would help a great deal in tracking criminals
because of the availability of the bio-data/
identities, saying this was where the developed
economies had advantage when it came to
tracking crimes and criminals. "This is possible in
Lagos if the people change their mindset," said
Earlier, the General Manager of Lagos State
Residents' Registration Agency (LASRRA), Olayinka
fashola , who reemphasised the importance of
accurate data for planning purposes, said the
registration was for all residents of Lagos who had
lived six months and above in the state.
She said to make the exercise simpler and less
stressful, the agency had also created an online
platform where
residents could register online before taking the
print-out to their nearest registration centres in the

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