Sunday, January 18, 2015

10 Sermons Most Young Ladies Will Likely Turn Deaf Ears To
1. Do Not Have A Boyfriend
Haaaaaaaa !!! This is a tough sermon oooo. I remembered vividly when we held Youths & Singles Programme in my fellowship & the ladies were advised not to have to boyfriend not until they are of marriageable age. You just need to see the way the ladies were looking as if they should grab the pastor and tear him to pieces
2. Don't Allow A Guy You Are Dating Hug You
Haaaaaa I bet many young ladies will not like to hear this.. The pastor says NO form of hugging is allowed because
her bosoms has activating
power that could activate thoughts of a average dude... Funny right ?
3. Direct Your Toaster(s) To Your Pastor
So many churches demand a lady directs her toaster(s) to the pastor for assessment, that is, when a brother in the church approaches her, she dare not show green light, kindly direct him to your pastor for assessment. * ehhhnnn dis one use style hard oooo.. I guess every lady will only be willing to inform her pastor when everything is set but advising her to direct her toaster(s) to her pastors is a NO NO for many young ladies
4. Do Not Visit Any Guy You Are Not Married To
I have also attended a Programme when the host (pastor) condemned the act of a lady visiting her fiance. He urged them to meet him in the church, eatery, or when a third party will be present, else they should not go at all
5. Take A Friend Along With Going To His House
This sounds like the ladies are being protected from having sex with their lovers. Some pastor preaches against going on a visit when he's alone at home because he believes it should be the best measures taken to curb sex before marriage. This is most likely to go through the left ear & pass through the right ear of our ladies
6. Do Not Open Your Legs For Him
Since sex is what some ladies use to tie their men down, it will pass through the left eat and go out of the right ear the moment a pastor threatens them to stop the act
7. Do Not Wear Ear Rings
Most ladies in churches will change their facial expression when a pastor condemns the use of earringa at the expense of salvation. It takes a personal decision to do away with earrings & jewelry. Therefore, preaching against it will not enter the head of our ladies
8. Do Not Wear Trousers
This has been a serious debate for a long time. So many ladies don't believe wearing of trousers is a sin because there no Bible verse describing how a man or a woman's garment looks like
9. Any Attachment To Your Body Is A Sin
Hiaaaaaaan !!! No weavon, no make-up, no lipstick gloss.. 90% of Nigerian ladies will turn deaf ear to such a sermon when they know that is what ignite their beauty
10. Don't Not Consider Dating A Man Who Is Not Born Again
Let's not deceive ourselves. What is the percentage of men who are genuinely born again ?
Ladies will most likely turn deaf ears because they know it won't be easy & it might take them eternity searching born again dudes

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