Have u taken down a note of what u hope to achieve this year?
If you haven't,then u aren't really living for a purpose.
Every year u should take down a list of goals you wish to achieve or attain.
Write them down and work towards it.
Once you have a set target or goal,your mind will be fixed on it and you would channel your energy and resources towards that. And when someone or something isn't part of that goal,you know what u have to do immediately to avoid being derailed.
Some of us are still the same,year in year out.
Nothing new. Same desk. Same us. Same ways. Same plans. Same pattern. Nothing to look back on and say "I have actually done this,it remains this".
What is your purpose?
Getting the latest shoe? The latest phone? The latest car? The latest make up kit?
I can't marry a person without purpose and goals/targets for their life.
Such people will end up discouraging u to achieve yours or probably kill yours.

"I dey behave like mumu now,but wetin I wan do dey my mind"
Courtesy of Charles Awurum words in one of his movies.
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