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Basic six

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1.)  Write in words 698,217

(a)  six thousand nine hundred and twenty-seven

(b)  six hundred and ninety-eight thousand, two hundred and seventeen

(c)   sixty thousand nine hundred and eighty-two seventeen

(d)  six million, nine hundred and eight thousand two hundred and seventeen.


2.)  An example of a prime number is __________

(a) 25               (b) 3            (c) 16          (d) 14


3.)  Simplify 5 + 6 ½ + 2 7/10

(a) 9 1/5           (b) 14 1/5    (c) 4 1/8      (d) 41 1/5


4.)  Change ¾ to decimal

(a) 75               (b) 7.5         (c) 0.75       (d) 0.075


5.)  Convert 3 2/5 to decimal

(a) 13.5            (b) 3.4                  (c) 7.9                   (d) 3.5


6.)  Edet saves ¼ of his salary every month. If his salary is N4,000, how much does he save?

(a) N1,000       (b) N10,000                   (c) N100               (d) N10


7.)  Simplify 5 ¾ of 60

(a) 245             (b) 395                 (c) 345                  (d) 1250


8.)  Convert £14 to Naira, if £1 is N100

(a) N14,000               (b) ¥14,000          (c) N1,400            (d) £14,000


9.)  By selling a house for N900,000 which was bought for N1.5m. What did the owner made on it.

(a) gain            (b) loss                 (c) profit               (d) none


10.)         I bought exercise book for N250 and sold it for N400. How much profit did I make?

(a) N15            (b) N150               (c) N250               (d) N650


11.)         Increase 500 by 2 dozen

(a) 524             (b) 1200               (c) 250                  (d) 502


12.)         Find the simple interest on N100,000 for 5 years at 3% per annum.

(a) N5000                  (b) N15,000                   (c) N1,500            (d) N150,000



13.)         Calculate the area of these right triangle.






(a) 12cm2        (b) 9cm2               (c) 18cm2             (d) 36cm2


14.)         Calculate the area of a rectangle having 24cm length and 16cm breadth

(a) 384cm2       (b) 40cm2              (c) 290cm2            (d) 124cm2


15.)         What is 32/3 of 33

(a) 121             (b) 33                             (c) 21                    (d) 102


16.)         What is the time






(a) 20mins to 8                   (b) 5mins past 8   (c) 20mins to 1     (d) 8mins past 1


17.)         Taking 22/7 as Л, find the circumference of a circle of radius 3.5cm

(a) 2.20cm                 (b) 22.0cm            (c) 12.0cm            (d) 2250cm


18.)         A box in form of cuboids which is of length 40cm, breadth is 30cm and height is 20cm. Find the volume.

(a) 24cm3                   (b) 240cm3            (c) 2400cm3          (d) 90cm3


19.)         If the volume of a room is 24000cm3, length is 100cm and height is 40cm. Find the breadth.

(a) 6cm            (b) 60cm               (c) 600cm             (d) 14cm


20.)         Change 35kg to grams

(a) 3.5g            (b) 3500g              (c) 35g                  (d) 0.35g



1.)  Find the circumference of a circle whose radius is 2.8cm using 22/7 as Л.

2.)  How many 4litres buckets are needed to fill a tank holding 108litres.

3.)  Find the area of a rectangle of 100cm long and 140cm wide.

4.)  A bag of yam holds 2 ¼ kg. I take out 600g. How much does the bag now weigh.

5.)  Find the volume of a cuboids of 140cm long, 120cm high and 200cm wide.


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