Wednesday, April 1, 2015




1) Don't come-up with any 36-point agenda. Just give us Light and ‎security. Others will fall in place
2) You said you would make dollar N1. Hurry o. 
3) Remove petrol subsidy‎
4) Make Fashola a minister with 10‎ portfolios. He can handle it. You can make Ambode his assistant. Just remove them from Lagos. ‎
5) Keep Tinunbu away from your wallet. And our wallets, too. ‎
6) Baba, in the spirit of 'going back to your first time', the number of fish in each tin of Titus sardine used to be 8 in1999. Please do something about‎ it.‎
7) Shut all borders. Our jail candidates must not be allowed‎ to escape to Cotonou.‎
8) I see you watched the results on a small Nulec tv, let your taste stay that way. And use Kia Rio as official car. Infact, promulgate a law for ALL public officers to use only Rio. ‎
9) Don't use N1billion to eat.‎
No be food we say make you go chop.
10) Your campaign promise to provide jobs for graduates is sacrosanct. 
11) Please arrest that lady that says 'your call‎ credit is low please recharge'!‎
12) Like the Rio, stop jumbo salaries for the politicians. Pay them like civil servant to discourage rogues from our
13) Don't use all our money to buy‎ shoes and private jets. Use your old‎ military boots and put jerrycan in the Rio if‎ necessary.‎
14) MTN must be stopped! All those unwanted text messages. They should pay for every unsolicited sms I receive. 
15) and DSTV! Why should I pay for the time I am not watching? Baba, I know you don't see it on the Nulec, but do this for me. .‎
16) For you and other Nulecites, we want NTA to be clear like CNN, BBC, Aljazeera and so on.
17) Tollgates at Lekki must be stopped, let them remove the toll from our already inflated taxes.

This is an 'open' letter, feel free to add your message to Baba.  #SaiBaba #SaiBuhari
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