Thursday, September 10, 2015

Please, Advise Poor People to Stop Bringing Innocent Children to Suffer on Earth

Post written by Orikinla:
I still cannot understand why very poor lovers or couples will want to have children in horrible and miserable conditions that will only make the innocent children to suffer.
No child asked to be born poor and unhappy. 
Must you have children? 
You cannot even feed well and don't really have any comfortable place to lay your head and yet you will get pregnant and bring an innocent child into a horrible environment tosuffer abject poverty. 
Then you begin to harass others to help you feed, pay house rent and pay school fess for the poor child or children who never asked to be born poor. 
The most heart breaking plight of the poor for me is the pathetic sight of their miserable looking children in the slums. They are just suffering the misery of the abject poverty of their intellectually re-tarded parents who breed children they cannot feed. 
Majority of these poor children grow up with frustrations and often drop out of school, because their parents cannot afford to send them to secondary school or higher institutions. The females among them end up as housemaids and prostitutes while the males become antisocial miscreants, touts, thugs and outright criminals in their desperation to get out of poverty by all means and at all costs. And they often unleash their anger on innocent people they attack, rob and even kill every day in different crimes. 
These are the causes of the delinquencies and crimes plaguing our society today.
The rest of the poor continue to breed children they cannot feed and continue to worsen the socioeconomic and sociopolitical consequences of their terrible mistakes. 
How many children of the political leaders are political thugs used and wasted in bloody political riots? 
How many children of the ruling class have you seen paraded as criminals by the police? 
How many of them are used for housemaids or sex trafficking? 
Can you please, sit down and think twice in that your hovel and think first about how to get out of poverty before getting pregnant and bringing another innocent child into this world to suffer the nightmares and ravages of your precarious life in a world that is a battlefield?  
How can you be happy and sane to breed like dogs and bring children into the world to live like dogs? 
Please, don't preach any sermon on children who were born poor and later became millionaires or billionaires?
How many of them got lucky?
How many of them got benefactors and sponsors? 
Only an insignificant few and that is why more than 6 billion of the over 7 billion people in the world are miserable poor masses still suffering and dying in poverty.  
Poverty will end when poor people stop worsening the state of poverty by having children in horrible and miserable living conditions.
Innocent children should not be born to suffer poverty. 
There are more than enough nightmares in the world today, please don't increase them.
A stitch in time saves nine.
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