Thursday, October 1, 2015

What Nigerian Flag Designer Wishes For Nigeria At Nigeria celebrates its 55th independence anniversary today, October 1, one name that would keep resonating in the minds of Nigerians is Taiwo Akinkunmi, the man who designed the Nigerian flagage 25, Taiwo Akinkunmi, was an undergraduate, Agric Engineering at Norway Technical College, London, when he designed the Nigerian flag in 1958.

Few months ago, it was rumored that the octogenarian had passed onwent on a fact finding mission to ascertain the true state of the Nigerian forgotten hero and can authoritatively report that Taiwo Akinkunmi is still alive.

Locating his historical residence (Ibadan, Oyo state) elegantly painted in green and white was not an easy task due to the dilapidated state of the access road.

When our correspondent got to his house, the first point of contact was his first son, Akinwumi Akinkumi, who confirmed his father is alive though ill.

Akinwumi attributed his father's illness to old age contrary to the impression that Pa Taiwo Akinkunmi was down with stroke.

Pa Akinkunmi, who was sited on a wine coloured couch exchanged warm pleasantries with our correspondent.

When asked to recall his experience when he received the cash prize of 100 pounds for designing the Nigerian flag in 1958, Akinkunmi politely declined stating that as much as he would love to speak, he is deterred by his health condition.

Though it was a short conversation, the octogenarian eventually mustered strength to interact with by stating his wishes for Nigerians at 55.

Speaking exclusively with Pa Akinkunmi as he is fondly called stated his wishes for Nigeria at 55.

"I wish Nigerians happy independence. God bless Nigeria. My wish for Nigeria is for it to be great and it is my prayer that Nigerian will continue to witness prosperity, peace and progress."

Our correspondent learnt the original flag designed by Akinkunmi was a vertical bicolor of green and white inscribed with the Nigerian coat of arm. The two green stripes represents Nigeria's natural wealth; lush green forests and agricultural wealth of the country while the white band represents peace and unity in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Flag was officially adopted on 1st October, 1960, after the independence of Nigeria from the colonial rule of Great Britain.

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