School Teacher tries to rape student, Neighbours come to the rescue!

This shameless school teacher, Benedict Ekpenyong, recently locked up a female pupil in his room at Ogunfunmi Street, Akobi Crescent in the Surulere area of Lagos and attempted to rape her.
The 14-year-old pupil, identified only as Blessing, had been lured by Ekpenyong to his apartment at about 12pm, after which he bolted the door to the suspicion of his neighbours, Punch reports .
It was learnt that Ekpenyong, who was a teacher in Akintan Grammar School on Akintan Street, Surulere, and Blessing, also a pupil of the school, were in the room for a few minutes before a mob surrounded the house and tried to force the teacher's door open.

When the door was forced open, the mob observed that Ekpenyong had allegedly attempted to have sex with the pupil, and they began to beat him.
The teacher was reportedly beaten by the mob before he and the pupil were dragged to the Alakara Police Division at about 1pm.
A resident of the street, said the police had visited the teacher's house to collect exhibits, adding that the neighbours became angry because Ekpenyong allegedly had a habit of bringing schoolgirls and locking them up in his room during school hours.
He said,
 "I do not stay on Ogunfunmi Street but I knew when the mob went to the house. For several minutes, people gathered in front of the teacher's room and asked him to open the door but he refused. Then, they forced it open."When they did, they found evidence that Ekpenyong might have attempted to rape the girl as the pupil was not the first person that would be brought to the teacher's room. So, they began to beat him up. It was a major scene on the street

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