Monday, December 21, 2015

52-Year Old Woman Ties The Knot For The First Time In Nigeria… SEE Wedding Photos

Salvation Ministries yesterday on their Facebook page shared photos of a 56-year old man getting married to a 52-year old woman just to encourage all that God can never be late. And the photos have got people talking.  Nairaland shared the photos and these three comments you are about to read will get you thinking (how do people thinking?/Why you must never be desperate...). We also particularly believe that God is never late. See more photos and the comments right after the cut. Congrats to the beautiful couple.

1st comment: This is obviously an end time marriage

2nd comment: Congrats but God please I won't like to marry at 52.

3rd comment: Is really true God gives love and peace of mind alone, I think it is high time we ladies sit down and really think hard about our prospective about marriage? Are you getting married cos of pressures from friends or family or cos you have an idealistic view about marriage or cos all your friends are getting married? Till you have a realistic and factual reasons for getting married, you can never be happy. Dont marry out of desperation, its not a must to marry and I haven't seen in the Bible that it is a must.

Please allow me to tell you a true life story that happened in my compound, this girl got married to a man, she already have a child outside wedlock. Days after marriage, there was no peace as they fight day and night. To our shock, a highly materialistic celebrated marriage turned to the worst just 2 months.

The lady said she was tired and can't cope any longer, behold, we thought it was something that could be remedy but she left to her father's house and took poison and died. Yes, she did. Its no friction or joke, this is true life story.

Let's we ladies be careful, desperation will make us lose focus on our own God ordain husband. Marriage no be by force o. If I get married or not, that's not my top priority, all I want from Jehovah is happiness and peace of mind cos it far out weight everything

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