A cocky prisoner has been showing off his luxury life in jail with
pictures of his 50in television, hoard of top-of-the-line trainers and
stacks of food.

Warren Tevlin is currently serving a 30-month sentence for burglary at
Forest Bank Prison in Salford, Greater Manchester.

The father-of-four then took to social media to boast of hosting
parties in his cell and relaxing in bed in front of The X Factor.

According to The Sun, Tevlin, 32, has an iPhone 6 worth more than
£500, £115 Gucci flip-flops and also enjoys sleeping under Egyptian
cotton sheets.

Despite prisoners often being banned from social media, Tevlin has
been on Snapchat and Facebook bragging about his life inside.

On snapchat, he posted a picture of his television and wrote: 'A bit
of X Factor in bed why not.' And on Facebook he said: 'Santa has been
to see mr t. loads of new clothes n foot where.'

Tevlin, who was previously jailed for a similar crime in 2011, has
posted pictures of his collection of Nike and Puma trainers and a
massive stack of food, including Kellogg's cereal, Ryvita and Tetley

His behaviour has been criticised by Manchester MP Graham Stringer,
who called for an inquiry.

Mr Stringer said: 'My major concern is he is using the internet and
posting things and that would allow him to threaten or abuse people.

'He shouldn't have access to the internet in that way. At the very
minimum he is boasting about the luxury of his situation which many
people will find offensive.'

A prison service spokesman has however confirmed that Tevlin has been
stripped of his privileges and could even face extra time added to his