Prayers for mothers

HOUSEHOLDS PRAYERS  FOR MUMs  IN 2016 as I Declare that God will make you the mother of your children till your old age.  2. You shall not bury any of your children.  3. The death that snatches children suddenly will not know your abode.  4. As this year is moving fast it will not swallow you and your family by Gods grace!  5. You, your children and your husband shall be shielded from evil and its doers.  6. Your sons will not marry your enemy & their wives will be your best friend.  7. Your children's food will not be bitter in your mouth.  8. No ONE will dance your dance.  9. A minute of  silence will not be said on the day of your children's wedding. 10. Your last name will be great grandma. B Please send the prayer points to 15 wonderful mums & mums to be that you know

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