Sunday, February 28, 2016

Topic : wealth transfer Introduction. There is nothing man has in the world that would not finished. No man came with anything and when the man goes home nothing will go with him. Brethren, it is better to understand the reality of life and we try to learn from those that have gone. Is good to understand the structure that God built on the solid platform which can not be comprehend by anyone. Dying on what we dot not understand,who can understand better than God? Have you ever seen any man created himself, what are we talking about? Why do we follow the rot of our forefather I mean the foundation laid down by them which negatively different from God principle. We all know that the legacy they laid down is not optimal. Brothers and sisters let reason together in order to accomplished the plans of God for our life. The issues of the topic I made mention early critically concerns all of us in the helping one another. Now, you are rich but you are living a life of nobody, why? Because do

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