Sunday, February 14, 2016

Topic: Wrong Ordination.
Text: 1 Timothy 5:17
Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour , especially they who labour in the word and doctrine.
It is meaningless to ordain under inactive roles that leads to destruction which prominently include bribe to create a fool indulgent. clear your mind in nominate  people in line with the proper gauge of the Holy Spirit.
First and foremost nominate people of good character not unaware babe with low sentiment of inbuilt nature different from the pattern that God has laid the foundation.
The ordination is not by chance but by God leadership in proper accessibility and improve structure according to the real value of God sealed.
Any man ordained but in his art is canal is better not to receive the ordination because if he or she accept that mean all what he or she does will be double , if  is a wore monger it will increase on him or her, if is a thief he will become Armed robber because he has received double anointing to become workers of God.
whomever that want to he elder of Deacon they must be someone that can handle his home in accordance of the Holy spirit leading without biased or prejudice .
Any ordained minister must he watchful in whatever they are doing in other words they may end up like someone calling people to board a vehicle without follow the vehicle.
Been an anointed one you must very careful in all way so that people watching will fall through behaviours and altitude if is otherwise . it is very easy for people to fall through the mistake of the minister of God. Be watchful all times so that you will not be considered responsible for the soul that sin through your mistake. It is also advisable for you to re- identify your immortal in order to know whether you are on the right way of the lord or be on track way to heaven kingdom.
Satisfy heart desire destroy the true Identity of God. Human confident sometime deteriorated because it lapses faculty of sense of belonging as real son's of God.
Allow the Holy spirit to envisage your life so that you will become perfect in all your ways.
In a nutshell brethren if God has not called you do not push yourself to it. But in the area Deacon, Teacher, Elder, worker the moment you accept Jesus as your Lords and personal saviour you are entitle to serve God as Pastor assistance.
If know you are not qualify do not involve yourself so that you will not end up in frustration. A life that sin shall die. Brethren the workers in the vineyards of God are not an easy task but you must devout yourself to it and get outstanding miracle and fruits of honor without limitation.
I imploy to stand as a real representative of God. I pray you shall succeed in Jesus name.
We shall meet tomorrow for another episode. George Ayodele Living Water Christ International Outreach Mission .

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