Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Who should be blamed

No b small fight for my area today ooooh . A nursery 1 pupil in a Danfo bus from school was reciting d day's lesson at school: . "If my dad is a cock & my mum is a hen, I'll b a chick! . ""If my dad is a lion & my mum a lioness, I'll b a cub! . ""If my dad is a king & my mum a queen, I'll be a prince! . "The danfo driver was irritated by the noise and told the boy to stop but he didn't.......Then the driver shouted, "What if ur mum na prostitute & ur dad na armed robber?"........ . D boy replied, "I'll be a danfo driver!........... and that was how the fight started! Who first find trouble ???

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