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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Anxiety result to blood failure.
What is it that making you look worried. Is there anyone who can catch wind, absolute no, have you ever seen someone who came into this world without going back to where he/she came from I means heaven. No matter how Old you are, you cannot remain on earth. Why is it that people do forget they are like grass that always fade away. Remember whatever you do to yourself has some impact in your life. If you handle your life with care you will see it like that. Do not kill yourself because of mere post that would end one day. Remember that Jesus came to this world and at the end He lived a fulfilled life beyond reasonable doubt. Thanks my listeners. You will live your life with greatness in expectation and as the plan of God for your life. God bless you all. Try to amend your ways before God as from now. Bye. George Ayodele


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