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Friday, March 18, 2016

Finally… Here's Your Chance to Change the World!

Do you have the passion and the skill to positively impact our world and leave your footprints in the sands of time? Have you always wanted to unleash your potentials to change the world in your own 'little' way using the right platform and working in the right environment? 

Now, here's your chance…


Needed: Creative and Goal-Driven Talents

A leading and progressive Abuja-based international business and lifestyle outfit urgently requires the services of avid and enterprising graduate professionals to help grow the vision of the brand and expand its reach.

1.     1.  Creative Writer: You must be able to write compellingly informative and readable pieces in ways that suggest that writing more or less comes naturally to you. You should also have an appreciable knowledge of current affairs, both local and international, as well as a good grasp of business and lifestyle fundamentals.


2.     2.  Digital Media Writer/Social Media Manager:  You will be responsible for the effective management of the magazine's digital presence and social media platforms. You must be able to grow the magazine's online followership and make the brand more attractive in its target market in the cyberspace.


3.      3. Business Development Officer:Your primary duty will be to expand the reach, network and visibility of the magazine in its niche market. You will also be required to generate adverts and patronage for the magazine while working on a target. You will be responsible for developing a good image, brand value and personality for the company, its products, services and affiliations through creative concepts and execution strategies.


4.     4.  Creative Graphic Artist: Your graphic design skills should be close to or at the level of artistic wizardry.  You must equally have cogent experience in quality magazine design, versatile in the use of the latest magazine design software, and flexible with design styles and templates.


5.      5. Professional Photographer: Can you take inspiring images? Do you have the expert photographer's inner eye to define the perfect angle and perspectives while shooting personalities, images and scenes? Do you have an amazing portfolio? Can you take pictures that tell a thousand stories and excite the eyes? Do you have a professional photographer's sixth sense or intuition to understanding when, how and where to take timeless shots? If so, please apply.


6.  6. Secretary/Receptionist: You must possess a charming and presentable personality. You must be as friendly as you are tactful, smart, loyal to company ideals, able to sustain an intelligent conversation that makes a good impression of the brand and to think outside of the box. You must demonstrate genuine knowledge and awareness of local and international current affairs, and a fair knowledge of a good number of other fields and subjects.


7.   7. Sales Agents (Magazine): Your primary responsibility is to generate progressively high sales for the magazine, increase its visibility and patronage on the streets and target sales points in major cities in Nigeria. You must also be able to find new and develop sales leads and successfully close profitable deals. You must show good customer service skills, persistence, communication skills and flexibility of working hours.


8.      8. Sales Agents (Real Estate): Your primary responsibility is to develop good sales leads, potential client relationships, and successfully close profitable deals while working on a target. You must also be able to create brilliant sales blueprints/proposals, develop a workable strategy and execution plans with visible results. You must show good customer service skills, persistence, communication skills and flexibility of working hours.


9.     9. Facility Manager: Your job requires effective management and maintenance of facilities and ensuring they meet health and safety requirements of people.

You must be able to demonstrate organisation, technical knowledge of building services; project management, procurement and negotiation skills; teamwork and IT skills, as well as problem-solving skills.

You must also have excellent spoken and written communication skills; excellent interpersonal, relationship-building and networking skills; time management skills; the ability to multi-task and prioritise your workload. 


If you fit the description and are equally enterprising, energetic and have a passion for changing the world via your innate potentials, then mail your COVER LETTERand CV to: youngmediatalents@gmail.com

Qualified candidates will be shortlisted in one week and interviews will commence immediately. Candidates should be resident in Abuja or be willing to relocate to and live in Abuja (entirely at their own expense) if employed. Applicants should also be between 22 and 35 years old and must be graduates in the requisite or related fields.

Be assured that we are an equal opportunity employer and will place greater emphasis on your ability to prove your skills, drive and capabilities during the interview.


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