Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Pregnant Lady Sending Love Message to Boyfriend While With Her Husband Exposed

These days, about 65% of marriages in the cities end in divorce but about 95% of marriages from our villages are still succeeding till death do them part. What does that tell you? Many of the girls you see in cities today are not ready for what is called "marriage". They just need a man who will put them in his house and be paying their bills and they use it as a cover (married woman), while they continue to sleep around like misguided secondary school girls who just got introduced to sex. Sigh!

Sincerely, in this present day, if you want to enjoy the essence of marital bliss, the best option is to go to a family that has inculcated life's values in their daughter. But if you just meet any of these girls who use flashy phones, long nails, artificial lashes, claiming 'I am a student or I am into buying and selling; and you say you have seen a wife you want to marry, my brother na sorry be your name oh!

In fact, if these category of ladies are pregnant for you it doesn't stop them from sleeping with other men. The same pregnancy they use in trapping you could even belong to another man. It's that bad!

Just imagine this scenario: A man took his pregnant wife out to make her happy, but at the venue she got herself busy sending text to a boyfriend, saying she misses him and can't wait to meet with him.

A guy who was sitting at the top seat above the couple saw the dirty messages she was sending and could not stomach it, he had to pass a note to the husband, asking him to read it when he gets home...'s the note the guy gave to the husband...he couldn't believe his eyes!

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